Sunday, December 7, 2014


Have you ever stepped foot onto the USS Arizona Memorial?
We have, and it's a feeling I will never forget!
We thank those who served and remember the friends and family that were lost on this day back in 1941!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Repeal Day

Happy Repeal Day!
On this day, 81 years ago, Americans regained one of their freedoms!
Celebrate responsibly!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome to December

Happy December Friends!
Who has plans to make it to a warmer climate this month? Heck, who has plans to make it to a cooler climate this month? Any beer based adventures in your near future?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Good Morning 11-24

We love Mondays! We just wish they didn't start so early!

Your week has as much potential on a Monday morning as it is ever going to have, so get up, get out and do something positive!

Have a great day!

Good Morning peeps! Who wants some Cuban Coffee to get the week started right? The world famous Cuban Coffee Queen in Key West will get you moving in the right direction!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Swag giveaway

We make no bones about it; Papa's Pilar Rum is our favorite spirit on the market! Not only is it amazing rum, but it stands for everything we support! Adventure, freedom and fun... Just like our fictional pal, Buck Reilly.

That makes this the perfect pair! Enter to win and you could be rocking some sweet swag and reading the best adventure series around.
You could win The Buck Reilly Adventure Series Holiday Gift Bag and avoid Black Friday shopping!
The prize includes:
-$150 Amazon Gift Card
-Signed copies of the Buck Reilly Adventure Series includes Red Right Return, Green to Go, Crystal Blue and Second Change Gold 
-Papa's Pilar Rum Messenger Bag, Luggage Tag and Money Clip/Swiss Army Knife 
Open to U.S. residents only. Must be 21 to enter. But if you're under 21, you probably shouldn't be here anyway! 

Check it out and enter HERE: John H. Cunningham giveaway

Ready for another Beach Day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brewsees sunglasses

Every solution has a problem.

That’s what I thought when I first saw Brewsees sunglasses. If you haven’t seen them, they are sunglasses with a built in bottle opener.

 I mean, doesn’t everyone wear a wedding ring for opening their beer? And how good could sunglasses be that open a bottle without breaking?

As I followed Brewsees on Twitter and Instagram, I began to see the uniqueness of their product and began to think that it may not be just some stupid gimmick.

When their new wrap around style came out, I decided the time had come and contacted the people at Brewsees.

The sunglasses show up in my mail box, well packed and ready for action. But what hid inside that cardboard box was more than I expected.

In this day and age everything is getting smaller and lighter. Some sunglasses are so light and fragile that I’m afraid to put them on my face for fear that a good hard stare will break them in two.

Not the case with Brewsees. These glasses are truly built to open bottles with the built in opener at the end of each bow. They are steel reinforced and feel quite heavy and well built.

But let’s be honest, you wear shades for protection from the sun, not the freedom to open bottles at will. If you wear Brewsees, you get a 2 for 1 deal here.

The polarized lenses block 100% UV rays and make the world look crisp and clear. Glare is a thing of the past, but you will have to hold your head at a funny angle to use an iMac, as the polarization makes the screen disappear. (Cool but useless fact) That is, if you are the sort of guy or gal that wears sun glasses to work at your computer.

As for their ability to stand up to repeated bottle openings? As long as you follow directions, I think you’ll wear out long before your Brewsees eyewear.

These do take a bit of getting used to, as they don’t wrap the back of your ear like the shades I usually wear, but in a day, I was good.

I also found that their slim style makes them fit my fat head (7 5/8 Hat size) a little strangely. It takes even longer to get used to people asking you about how you are opening bottles for everyone with your sunglasses. EVERYONE takes notice of your new found talent.

With a sleek modern design, everyone looks good in Brewsees, but bald guys especially highlight the design on the ear pieces, because everyone can see it... Let’s face it, bald guys just rock.

Check out to get you own pair and check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. #pryfarer

You’ve never looked so good opening a beer!

The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
with the Buck Reilly series