Friday, April 10, 2015

Not a DRONE!

I have long been a proponent of the term “Words Mean Things!”

That is not to say that I am a master word smith, but I believe that certain people tend to use words to evoke fear and other emotions to promote their cause.

My new cause is the Quadcopter platform for photography and video! You may call them “Drones” but I’d prefer that you didn’t!

In my mind, Civilians have no need or right to operate a “Drone.” In my mind, a “Drone” is a military aircraft operated from the ground. It is used for surveillance and to engage dangerous targets without risking a pilots life.

Unfortunately, the quadcopter industry has picked up on the term and run with it. They must believe that the marketing is worth more than the damage that is done to our freedoms.

As long as we call these things drones, we will have more than a few people ready to stop us from flying them!

Today’s high-tech quadcopter is no more of a military style drone than the old RC planes that many of us had in the 80’s.

If you attach a weapons system to it, then yeah... It probably warrants a closer look, but I don’t have guns on any of mine, and they are not used for surveillance... except to check on my cows once in a while.

This is an issue of freedom of photography, and as long as you are not using your quadcopter to invade someone’s privacy, then I don’t give a damn what you do with it. I don’t care if you fly it in a national park!

Using a quadcopter to harass wildlife or peek into a window is absolutely unacceptable, but so is throwing rocks. Using some common sense around FAA Controlled airspace is a must!

Obviously,  I don’t think you should fly your quad at DIA, or around the military bases.

That said, as A pilot and a photographer, I would like to be able to work with local aircraft owners and be allowed to shoot photos and video of them landing at our class G airport.

I think that this is another example of a few idiots ruining a hobby for the rest of us!

If you should choose to buy one of these things, use it with some common sense and don’t create problems!

Enjoy this video of a few of our first flights with the DJI Phantom 2+ and have a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Top 50 breweries of 2014

As if we didn't know that some of these were bad ass brewers, the Brewers Association has released it's annual list of the top 50 breweries in the country.

“The companies on this list include the vanguard of the craft industry,” said Bart Watson, chief economist, Brewers Association. “They are exposing new beer lovers to craft, opening new markets and creating opportunities for the entire category. As they continue to grow, so will the availability of innovative and high-quality beers produced for all to enjoy.”

Thursday, March 19, 2015

There are a lot of things in our life that make us want to sing!
Some of them make for great songs!
Here are a few of my favorite "Product inspired" songs, but I'd love to hear what makes you tap your toe! Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +

Have a great weekend peeps!


Monday, February 9, 2015

To Skate on Thin Ice

Discovering new styles.

I have to admit that I tend to have some eccentric qualities that some people may find difficult to deal with.

My attention span only has two levels, on or off.

When something grabs my attention, it gets my full attention for a period of time, but when I lose interest it drops to absolute zero! This often makes it difficult for me to "get into a book." And even those that I do dig, I often drop in short order.

I cannot tell you the last book I read that wasn't a Caribbean themed adventure / mystery... Until last week.

This up and coming author has completed his novella called "to skate on thin ice" by Jack Terry.
The novella is available in PDF for free just by CLICKING HERE. You can download the book, read it online, or take it to your iPad or Kindle.

Author Jack Terry
To skate on thin ice is a story of a pop star determined to live in the country with the love of her life while trying to make plans to scale back a hectic music career.

There is no murder, no steamy sex scenes (Thanks Jack!) and not a palm tree to be found.

I once thought these to be prerequisites for interesting reading, Terry has proven that theory wrong.

An easy reading story of faith and love comes together in surprising fashion and contains a good bit of reflection on life and love.

The story is short, and presumably a primer for a full novel.  It is anything but a time commitment. Reading a few pages per night on one of the busiest weeks in recent memory, I was able to finish it in less than a week. A few hours on Sunday would also do the trick.

I see great things coming from this author, even if it may take me some time to get through a longer novel, so if you are a reader, and if books make you happy, I'd certainly suggest that you hop on board with this boat before it sails.

Thanks for checking in, and have a great week!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Funny Man!

I like to consider myslef fairly creative, and some of my friends even consider me to be fairly funny! Unfortunately, I must bow down to Jimmy Fallon today!  The man is a genius... and a fairly good singer / rapper too!

Monday, February 2, 2015

The redneck weekend!

Many of you have asked me how my salty soul survives the harsh Colorado Winters?

Well, first, Colorado winters are not really that harsh. We hit 70  a few days ago... Not bad considering Key West was only 68 that day.

Secondly, you take your escapes as you can. The most Important point I can make is that not all escapes need to involve airplanes and rental cars, beaches or islands.

With both kids full swing into Basketball, we have been running many different directions at once lately.

After late night basketball practice on Thursday, followed by birthday dinner for my daughter, then basketball camp and 3 basketball games on Friday, one blown tire (that took till LATE to fix) followed by early morning games for both kids (30 miles apart) on Saturday and keeping the office and ranch together, I'd say we have been a tad busy of late.

When the opportunity for 36 hours of rest and relaxation presented itself after the second game on Saturday, we did what we always do... Go like hell!

But no beach vacation is planned and we damn sure were not headed to the Super Bowl. So what's a Kahuna to do?

Head home, pack a backpack, grab a few dollars off the desk, book a room online feed cattle, water the cat, check the dogs and head to town!  Less than one hour from no plans to rolling!

Because we live a long way from big cities, a town like Colorado Springs makes a nice getaway, but even if you live in a city, you can just go to the other side of town! The fact is, escapism doesn't take a small plane or Jimmy Buffett's credit card! Although that would be nice!

We took the kids out for dinner at a “sit-down restaurant” and then hit the Holiday Inn for some swimming. Believe it or not, the end of January makes a swimming pool feel a lot like the Beach to a bunch of rednecks.

When the kids realized that we had a microwave in the room, they talked their way into a can of Chef Boyardee and some TV.

I know that people think I'm crazy, but craft beer pairs really well with Junk Food!

Two of my favorites are IPA and Twinkie's and Gueuze with Fruit Pies! But on this night, it was 2014 LaFolie and Spaghetti-Os

With an early start, and two kids that play ball like crazy, you knew dinner and a snack wouldn't last long... Enter the worlds greatest app!

Did you know Dominos delivers right to your motel room, even at 10 p.m.?

Pizza delivery is Another great treat for a country kid who lives 15 miles (one way) from pizza that doesn't come out of the freezer.

Pizza is Italian food, Italian food calls for wine! Wine calls for a cork screw and that brings me to the second most important point of this article.

Always carry a corkscrew... ALWAYS!

I Normally carry two when we travel, but the backpack is my carry on bag and TSA acts like they have a contract with the makers of twist top bottles... Therefor I had no such device. Unfortunately, neither did the front desk, the pizza guy or the convenience store near by.

Cork screws are cheap! Buy a half dozen and stash them randomly in your life. Glove boxes and toiletry bags are prime locations.

Even without a glass of wine, we had a great time and proved that, again, we can entertain ourselves on quite a tight budget and without going too far from home.

We hope you get a chance for some low-cost fun sometime soon. Let us hear about your adventures!

Have a great week everyone...


Friday, January 30, 2015

To vape or not to vape! What was the question?

Everyone knows what an E-cig is. The little battery powered metal cigarette looking gadgets that some people use to help them quit smoking.

I would assume that almost everyone has even seen the vapor pens that produce a ton of vapor and are usually used more recreationally than as a “stop smoking” aid.

There are many options for batteries.
 There have been a lot of states looking to regulate the electronic cigarette and vape (Short for vapor) industry lately.

I cannot help but laugh that the states with the most liberal marijuana laws are the states most actively seeking to outlaw e-cigs.

Obviously, they are not good for you, but people who choose to use them are smart enough to know that. Just like alcohol or tobacco, nobody is pretending that it’s carrots and apples. We are adults and weigh the dangers and either decide to use a product or not.

The industry already self-regulates to keep products out of the hands of kids and often provides warning labels akin to “This product is not a safe alternative to cigarettes!”

I’m going to avoid as much politics as possible and just be blunt about it, I don’t want the government regulating any more of my life than they already do.

Not unlike cigars and Pipe Tobacco, I LOVE the flavors of vape juice available. Most are sweet and fruity, but I have a few tobacco twins that are very enjoyable once you realize they are not going to taste just like a real cigar.

"Cleartonomizers" are cheap and ready to use.

If you are confused about the whole vape scene, I’m gonna give you a very quick primer.

You need a tank, a battery and juice. That’s it.

You can keep things very simple and spend less than $30 to get going, or go as complex as you’d like and spend hundreds of dollars. I started with an adjustable battery and a few “Cleartonomizers” The tanks and cartonomizers all do the same thing. They hold your juice and feed it to a heating coil with a wick. They are not as complex as you would think, and most of them come assembled and ready to use. There is an exception!

You will hear the term “Sub Ohm” or “Cloud Chasing” on some of the sites. This is simply feeding a LOT of electricity to a huge heating coil in a tank called an RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) to produce an enormous cloud of vapor. It looks cool, but these devices can be finicky, difficult to maintain and usually require a little bit of craftsmanship on your part to put them together. Something I’m not very good at, therefore don’t usually mess with it.

"Tanks' and "RDA" units are more expensive.
Simply fill your tank, allow the wick a few minutes to soak up the juice and attach it to a charged battery. Boom! Your vape is ready to use.

I will reiterate, nobody is saying this is a good idea, but neither is doing shots or adding fruit to your beer. I profess it is at least marginally better than cigarettes.

Vapor Chef is 100% Kahuna Approved!
I will warn that skin contact with nicotine juice can be very dangerous. I had one break in my pocket and I ended up so loopy that Kahuna’s Chick thought I was drunk. Use Your Brain People! Keep this stuff off your furniture, away from your kids and pets, and enjoy it like an adult.

IF you decide to give “Vaping” a try, I will make but one recommendation. It is worth your time to try a juice or two from The Vapor Chef. No, they are not paying me for this, and no, I’m not friends with the guy. It’s just the best product out there and they provide customer service like few companies you will deal with.

Enjoy whatever it is you do, and do it responsibly.

The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
with the Buck Reilly series