Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I HATE IT When That Happens.

So a friend of mine sends me this picture this afternoon...while I'm at work no less...So I've been thinking about a beer all afternoon. I received my Carbonator Cap from AHS today, so when I got home I had "OTHER" things t do than pour a pint. I carbonated some milk for the kids....Don't...Don't even ask!
When I finally get around to a beer at 10PM...I decide to try my Sour Peach. It's a Lacto soured Peach Blond ale that was made in Early September. I'm thinking it could be good by now...Maybe?
Well...Upon examining the bottle, the thing that is most apparent is that I should have given this beer 2 weeks in a secondary to finish clearing! There is so much crap in the bottle that the marginal over carbonation has roused about 60% of the crap in the bottle. It is surprising how sour it smells, somewhat like socks....NICE!
I actually have chunks of granulated yeast sediment floating in the glass, not that you can see through it with the pectin haze. I like the cloudy appearance, and will pursue that in the future, but this is a bit much.
The flavor is pretty sour, giving way to the peach, giving way to the sour again. I am a man that knows what I like...usually....but I can not put my finger on this one. It's either terrible, or fantastic! I am pretty new to sour beer, but I'm a fan for sure. I can't help but think this will get better....maybe I'll freeze the bottom of the bottles.

This brings me to the current glass.
A store brand extract Fat Tire Clone.
It's beautiful! Brewed by SWMBO...Ok, Me with her help, she refers to it as Her Beer. It came to life on Feb 17, so it's got 8 months on it. It's pretty in the glass Wiyh a nice DARK amber color. It is crystal clear, and a beautiful white head. Sofar, it's looking a bit under carbonated, that actually took a very aggressive pour to achieve.
The smell is of mild Carmel and grain husks there is a bit of simple Co2 smell providing a bitter smell.
The first taste is nice, definitely extract. The flavor is malty, but flat. The caramel undertone is nice, but very one dimensional. This is the depth that I would expect from a Coopers Can kit. There is a nice hop bitterness, but it's over powered by the Alka Seltzer flavor that I am going to attribute to "Extract Twang". The twang is much less apparent on a really big gulp of the beer, but it's still there, right on the back sides of the tongue.
WOW, That sounds like I don't like this beer. It's really very good, and I'd say that if it were not for that twang, this would be a dead on clone. I'm not an expert on Fat Tire...I've had a few dozen of them though, and this is pretty close. I would like to convert this recipe to an All Grain and see how it goes.

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Joe Skaggs said...

Hey, BK.
Incidentally, the barleywine in that glass was REALLY good.

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