Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Plastics and the Economy!

It's no secret to those that listen to me rant about glass that my preferred carboys are glass.  I love the old time feel of glass, the connection to a time long since past.  I am a fan of the ways of our forefathers and have a ToN of respect for  the time effort and dedication that they committed to everything they did. HOWEVER, they had a lot more time to do things back in the day.  I don't think my Grandpa ever had to drive 100 miles to watch the kids play football, make it home in time to watch House, get laundry done, chores, cook supper, do dishes, homework, answer e-mail, watch the news and then bed!  WOW!  Sounds hectic Right!
I'm no able to do everything like my Grandpa did, but Glass carboys are one connection to the old days of brewing that I can still manage.  I love them.  I love the way they look, I love the way they feel, I love how easily they clean up....I love everything about them...except they are heavy, they break...VERY EASILY.... and they are getting more expensive every day!  
So Today I will order a better bottle.  Austin Home Brew supply has the 3 gallon size glass in stock for $25, so I'm hoping to find the plastic for less. I have a coupon for free shipping, so it may be glass anyway.  
I love the 3 gallon size for mead and juice wine.  I like it for experimental batches....because it affords enough end product to be useful, but not overwhelming me with bottle after bottle of failed experiment....and let's be honest...they are not all award winning!
I am lucky enough to have access to #1 PET Water Bottles that I ferment things like Apfelwein and some beer in, so I'm not that interested in the 5 gallon Better Bottles.  I do like Ale Pails, and have used them for years, and I'm not really that concerned about the oxidation factor, so I do not see any reason to be unhappy with the Better Bottles.  I guess time will have to tell!
I am not converting by any means, and I will continue to try and purchase all of the glass carboys I can find, but I'm not going to ignore the plastics solution.  They are now cheaper than glass, and with the economy the way it is, I'm very careful about what direction I throw my brewing budget! They are non breakable, do not chip, and they weigh considerably less than glass.  I suppose they are the coming of the brave new world of home brew.  I am going to be embracing the new, while honoring the past.  I will use both glass and plastic, side by side, in harmony and brewing all the crazy stuff I can think of!

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the_Bird said...

I was moving to the BB side even before glass carboys got to be so damn expensive. Can't see a downside, especially hearing more and more that people have had absolutely no problems with BBs even over very long periods.

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