Sunday, November 30, 2008

In a world of Beer, is there room for other Libations?

But of course there is!
We love to drink some beer! I enjoy it for what it is, and what it may become. I try to find something to appreciate about EVERY beer. Even if it's not particularly enjoyable, it's an experience that not everyone is willing or able to enjoy. I do love the malt and hops, so it's easier for me to enjoy the tasks of identifying flavors, or examining the balance (or lack of balance) in beer. I think that I am gaining a more refined palate every day, and am able to enjoy things that some people don't.
Just as a full bodied full flavored big red wine just tastes muddy and hot to an unrefined drinker, big beer can surely confuse and offend the scenes of a novice drinker. I say novice with the utmost respect, as we were all there once. The only shame for a BMC drinker comes from an unwillingness to learn to appreciate the rest of the beer world.

On this note, I am as much a fan of mead as I am a fan of beer. The possibilities of honey and water and yeast are simply endless. I was drug swiftly into the mead world by the Meadery of the Rockies. They are located in Palisade Colorado, and they produce a very nice mead. It is a grand example of simple complexity. They use California Orange Blossom honey exclusively, and masterfully convert it into several variations. They produce 4 standard "SHOW" mead variations:
King Arthur (Dry) Lancelot (medium dry) Guinevere (semi-sweet) Camelot (sweet) as well as a host of fruit blended mead and even a Honey Sheré.
The show mead is what hooked me. It is simple enough that the inexperienced mead drinker can simply say "Oh That's good" but complex enough that you will eventually fall in love with the complexity of the bouquet and the flavor that screams honey from every corner of the glass!
Mead is hard to find, easy to make, and wonderful to drink. It goes with EVERYTHING, and can be as simple as a show mead, containing only honey, water, and yeast, or as complex as a braggot, blurring the line between wine and beer!
Either way, I would encourage every beer drinker out there to expand your tastes. Learn to appreciate other beer. Don't limit yourself to what corporate beer giants like InBev think you should drink. There is a world to be seen....just look through the glass!
If you've expanded your view, look to mead! It is the drink of the Greek gods, and my wine of choice for any occasion. Not unlike beer, if you find one you don't like, don't abandon your quest. There are many variations, some good, some NOT, but all worth giving a try!

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