Monday, November 3, 2008

Skunked Beer!

Sunday Night.  
I do Love Sunday Night. The wife puts the kids to bed early in preparation for the week ahead, and often times I have a new beer to try. These simple pleasures of marriage are the ones to treasure.  
This particular Sunday, I had been so lucky as to visit the Powers Liquor Mart on Saturday while we were in Colorado Springs, so I have a hand full of new prospects.

Tetleys English Ale...In a can...with a widget!
I don't know how they work, but the widgets sure are fun. This one is affixed to the bottom of the can, and does a fine job, as you can see, of producing a creamy head, and nearly flat beer. I don't know why these malty gems are so thirst quenching, it would seem that they should be thick and heavy, but really, this is very light, very drinkable ale. I can't wait for the colder days of winter to crack into one of these bad boys to ward off the late afternoon Chill. Despite the 3.9% alcohol content, this gives a nice little buzz when quaffed before dinner. I can see why the English like to stop at the pub after a days work and have a few before heading home for some Kidney Pie.

Next on the list for the evening was a Fullers ESB. Seeing as how I have 10 gallons of ESB ageing in the basement, I'm thinking I should try an industry standard...just to educate my taste buds. The Fullers was a nice looking beer, and with a pint glass and only a 12 oz bottle, it affords me the luxury of a very aggressive pour for a nice looking head. Unfortunately (for me) that head dissipated very rapidly and there is minimal carbonation. The taste is pleasant, and I am sure that I 'll be an ESB fan for years to come...but then it happened.

It was a nice 78F for a high, so we had all of the windows open. By November second, your days of open windows are limited in Colorado. Because of that, and even though the outside temperature had dropped into the mid 60's, the windows were still open. That is what ruined my beer drinking for the evening.

As the dogs came barking toward the house...which is an odd occurrence...usually they run from the house barking at the dark...The foul, Nose hair curling stench of freshly sprayed skunk came drifting through the windows. I jumped from my chair, and ran to the kitchen hoping to get the windows closed but it was too late....Boogy Dad Boogy Dad!  

As I tried to finish my beer, the smell kept getting worse and worse (mostly a mental thing that happens to you when skunk gets "in your Nose") but either way, the beer was totally unenjoyable, and I just had to give up and go to bed.  

Perhaps my Stone line up of Levitation, Arrogant Bastard, and Smoked Porter will fare better tomorrow.


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