Monday, November 17, 2008

What Just Happened to Me?

A Quick and innocent trip to the liquor store while the wife was doing some clothes shopping...that's all I was after. I didn't intend to fill the bed of the pickup with goodies. I didn't intend to buy 2 of everything I got....but I did!

Meadery of the Rockies King King Arthur, Evan Williams Egg Nog. 6 pk Dead Guy, Ruination x2, Double Bastard x2, Melbourne Brothers Apricot Lambic, Trappists Rochefort, Melbourne Brothers Strawberry Lambic, 12 pk of Sierra Nevada Celebration, topped with Kona Brewing Limited Release Wailua Wheat, Sierra Harvest Ale x2, Chimay Grande Reserve, Decadent Imperial IPA, and a 6 pk of Breckenridge Christmas

I have already cracked into the Dead Guy. Considerably sweeter and more malty than I expected. I guess I've been sampling the stone line lately, and forgot that not everything has to be hopped to high hell! It's good, but could have used some dry hoping. ;)

I have also tried the Christmas ales, and the Breckenridge version gave me an idea. I've got a full basement...let's just call it a cellar from now on shall we!
I suspect that the Double Bastard and the Dead Guy and the Breckenridge Christmas Ale will Age VERY well. Some of the others will not. The Sierra Nevada Celebration has a very nice hop nose that surely will fade into the background in time, and you never expect an IPA to age well, but I'm still going to stash some of that ruination for comparison in the years to come.
I will have to invest some serious money in this project, but some day will be able to offer up some astonishing vertical tastings to those Lucky enough to be around.

Anyone want to be my friend?

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The adventure never stops
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