Friday, May 22, 2009

The $7.00 Conundrum

Well, This story starts off with a spur of the moment trip to "The City"! That's Colorado Springs for those of you that didn't know.
You see, We live in BFE, and can not get much other than Moose Drool, Killians, Fat Tire and BMC without a 85 mile drive.
So after dinner and before the obligatory trip to Wal Mart, I asked SWMBO if in honor of our recent acquisition of our GABF tickets, she minded a stop by the big liquor store. She lovingly agreed, and we were off.
Once inside, As usual, I was suffering a panic attack from the variety of beer to choose from.
Because she so willingly agreed to let me stop, and then decided to wait in the car, I figured I'd do her the courtesy of being as quick as possible. I have spent over an hour wandering around a good liquor store gawking at the selection, but not today. Strait for the Belgian section and Bombers.
I was shocked and amazed to see New Belgium Lips of Faith Dark Kriek in bombers, 2 please! Then I spotted the Omegang Abby, and the Rochfort. 2 Omegangs, a Rochfort 8 and a 10. Flying Dog Horn Dog Barley wine in a 4 pack! Every bottle (and the 4 pack of Horn Dog) was between $7.00 and $8.00
While this is a nice haul from the store to be sure, it is a full 2/3 short of a planned trip to stock the fridge and add to the cellar. I didn't go overboard on anything (again, SWMBO is waiting in the car).
On the way out, I spotted a 12 pack of PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) in the cooler for....You guessed it....$7.50!
We had been talking about PBR recently, and since we can't get it at home, into the cart it went.
Once home, and putting the stash away, I had one of those deep, profound, really self actualizing thoughts cross my mind: "What if I only had $10 to spend on beer...Would it be the 12 pack of PBR, or A...One...Single bottle of a better beer?"

PBR is, in my not so humble opinion, the king of American Lagers. While not my #1 choice of style, sometimes a can of something ice cold and very light bodied is much appreciated, and I'd just rather have PBR than any B,M or C!
I suppose if you are after the BUZZ, the answer is EZ! Get the PBR! But since I'm not a big fan of being DRUNK! That isn't much of a consideration.
With most of my favorite things in life being BIG, BOLD, STRONG, and most of all...FLAVORFUL! I'm thinking that the pungent, aromatic and flavorful nature of the much stronger Belgian and Craft Style beer will win out every time!
Now if I only have $30 to spend on beer, I'd take 8 or 9#'s of 2 row, a few oz of hops, a few adjuncts and I'll make my own damn beer....and have about 5 gallons of it to share!

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