Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't hate me because I smell like Rum!

Here I am, coffee in hand sporting my RumShopRyan ball cap and Team Cocktail sweat shirt on a cold Wednesday morning after the first snow of the year.

Well, there we have it! I am a full on fanboy of Team Cocktail and all that they stand for!

Team Cocktail is a group of people that make a living selling high quality apparel with beach inspired slogans!
Their motto: Travel Global and Drink Local!

How do you beat that? I don't!

Whether I'm drinking a Daiquiri or a Mai Tai, a Craft Beer or a Home Brew, my heart is some place closer to the ocean!

I have what some call a salty soul... for whatever reason, I'm drawn to the call of the ocean. I love to swim in it, I love to play on it, an I spend huge sums of money to make sure that my kids get to see it every year!

The ocean is a damn long way from Colorado, and it takes a lot of hard work and planning to get there! But with friends like Shawn Martin who lives and works right next to and on the ocean, Lyndsey from Team Cocktail, Ryan from and Mike from and Carl from Conch Republic Bikinis, I get to take a few minutes each day to escape to the ocean from my land locked life and have something to look forward to!

If you don't understand what I mean, Put your wife in a bikini from Conch Republic Bikinis... If your evening doesn't go well, You might want to reconsider your life!
Maybe I'm odd but the less my wife wears... The bigger my grin!

Still don't understand? Wear a Castaway hat to the bar this evening and try to hear the rhythm of a steel drum. Cast aside the chill of a Colorado winter eve and feel the glow of the sunshine reflecting off of the surf and white sand... You might even be so happy that a Corona will suffice... Or Not! (Note: The Big Kahuna does not support the drinking of crappy beer regardless of where you are!) RumShopRyan will take you to the tropics and leave you wanting more!

If you don't see a beer that you like, Try Rum!

"But Kanuna... How do I learn about rum," you ask? Start by following the blog at! Mike is a true aficionado of fine rum and is working every day to promote rum and educate people on the craft rum movement.

Carl over at Conch Republic Bikinis is more that a purveyor of really.... REALLY small bikinis! He is also the brain child behind the blog Coastlines and Tanlines. A blog that I honestly check every morning!

There is content ranging from rum to travel, and all of it first hand! Like Mike from Rum Connection, Carl is a true gentleman with a passion for rum, but he knows his beer too! Carl introduced me to two of the best beer bars in Key West, and even bought our group a round of Smashed Blueberry from Ship Yard Brewing! Now that's taste!

I don't know how we end up where we are, but I do know that I have kindred spirit living closer to the sea!

If you want to learn more, Follow these great people on twitter and read their blogs at:
@Conch_Bikinis Coastlines and Tanlines and Conch Republic Bikinis
@SmdMartin just to follow a guy by the sea!
@RumConnection and
Cheers beer folks! I Hope you enjoy all that you do!

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The adventure never stops
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