Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First world problems and the limitations of a beer guy!

First World Problems! More than just a hashtag on the twitter. These are the silly little things that drive us nuts! Yes, I do know that there are people starving in Africa... Well... In OUR country for that matter, and yes, I know that there are tribes living without clean water or electricity... well... that happens here too... either way, their misfortune does not make me feel any better when I'm downright frustrated!

I recently tweeted that I had picked a drink for the evening based solely on the available glassware. #FirstWorldProblem to be sure! But still, this is an issue at my house! If all of the glasses are clean, there isn't room in the cupboard for them. I have beer glasses, Wine Glasses, Rum Glasses, Scotch Glasses, and of course the plastic cups for the kids! (And me)
When it's time to have a drink, I am usually meticulous enough that I will avoid a drink if I don't have something close to the right glassware!

I will drink a beer from a wine glass, and I will drink a Daiquiri from a shaker pint, but I'll be damned if I'm going to drink a Sour Ale from a rocks glass or pour a Vodka Martini into a beer stein! Of course there are the times when I pop a bottle of Red Stripe, take 2 hard swallows and top it off with the first rum in the cabinet before hitting the couch, but that's not the point here!

When it comes to brewing, I am limited not by my imagination but by something quite intangible! Some guys are limited by space, either in the house or just lack of fermenters. I have been brewing and collecting brewing paraphernalia since I was 21... fermenter space is NOT a problem. I could probably brew every weekend for a year and not run out of carboys and buckets.  Some guys are limited by space for the final product.... I have 4 taps an unfinished basement and fridgerators dedicated to beer and at least 20 different beers chilled and awaiting a glass. So that isn't the problem either. What I don't have is a lot of time. Between flying, kids, cows, work, trying to have fun with the Mrs. or just doing NOTHING, my weekends are booked! When I do have the time, I can't get off my lazy ass to strike a match! I know... #FirstWorldProblems

As I started to complain about the lack of selection of good rum in Colorado today,  I realized that I have three different bottles of 151 rum not counting the white overproof, a few bottles of discontinued rum that will never be available again, two bottles of rum that were produced less than 150 miles from my house and bottles representing Jamaica, Barbados and St. Croix along with several others... what was it that I was going to bitch about? #FirstWorldProblems!

When I think of all of this, I realize how lucky I really am. Living in Colorado, I have a great availability of very good beer and spirits. Maybe not the tip top bottles that are available to those who cruise the islands or the hippest trendy beers spanning the nation, but an honest selection that would make 99 percent (No Pun Intended) of the country very happy!

So to all of this, I say, remember to be humble, and take stock of what you have. I'll bet your #FirstWorldProblems are not all that you have yourself believing that they are!


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