Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good People Revisited... Already

On Thursday I mentioned that I think Beer People Are Good People!

Today I want to talk about that a little more.

I have written several times in my real life about how I dress, because I am somewhat of an outcast in our community. I wear short pants most of the time, even when it's snowing, I wear Aloha shirts about 50 percent of the time and I usually don't wear anything that qualifies as a shoe. In my world, it's not bad having the buzz of the old guys at the coffee shop talking about you. But one thing is for sure, when it comes to your product... You better bring it!

Unfortunately, many "Non Beer" types will likely dismiss many a brewer because of their outward appearance. Brewers tend to look more like an outlaw biker gang than savvy business types, but that is often just what brewers are and when it comes to their products, they definitely "BRING IT!"

New Belgium is a Colorado brewery with an Eco-conscious business plan
Many breweries, most notably New Belgium in Ft. Collins are turning to "green" technology. They recycle water, glass and aluminum. They send their spent grains to local ranchers that feed the grains... which is a travesty in my opinion! Spent grains should go to a bakery and fresh bread should be delivered to my house daily! Solar panels decorate the roof of the brewery and an in-house water treatment facility ensures that the brewery gets the most from every drop of H2O!

All of this is great because it helps serve and protect the environment. A worthy effort to be sure, and an issue that is paramount to many of their customers. But just as importantly to me, they are helping to control costs and keeping many of the expenses in-house! A wise business decision that helps to ensure that I will be able to keep enjoying LaFolie and Hoptober for years to come!

Keep up the good work brewers! You truly are "Good People!"


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