Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would venture a guess that most people get to dig into a Thanksgiving day feast at some point during the four day weekend. Obviously there are those that don’t or can’t, either by choice or circumstance, but the majority of us will chow on some turkey or ham and eat enough pie to ensure hours of lethargy and naps.

I, on the other hand, will do this at least three times.

At our house, we like the leftovers almost as much, if not more than the original meal itself, so we cook a turkey and make gravy.

But wait, there is more! One of the many joys of being married are the outlaws...err.... I mean.... In-laws. If you are married, you have them, and if you have them, you’re going to spend some time with them!

Everyone has an opinion about their in-laws, some good, some bad, but none as optimistic as my outlook.

You see, your attitude and life view have a profound effect on your enjoyment of any situation.

As far as I am concerned, the term in-law is just Latin for “Turkey sans dishes!”

A few of my favorite family memories center around Thanksgiving.

One in 1994. We had planned a vacation without regard to the holiday which left us in Key West, Fla. on Thanksgiving day. Being a tourist town, nothing was closed down and the weather was perfect. In an effort to do something special to commemorate the day, we ate at Benihana’s, the Japanese steak house. (Funny that we just ate at one in Denver a week ago)

This is about as far from traditional turkey dinner as I can imagine, but I learned that it does not matter what you eat or which traditions you abandon, it is the people that you choose to spend your time with that make the holiday special.

The next memory is so fresh I can still taste it! (Yes that was my attempt at a pun!)
We were having dinner at my sister’s house in Colorado Springs.  The big city is still a marvel to a country kid like me.  When I forget things like flour or chicken stock on a holiday, there is no store to run to. You either borrow from a kind neighbor or do without. But in the city, you have access to everything all the time, and I can throw a baseball and hit the supermarket from my sister’s house!

So when we discovered that there was not a spot of flour in the house to thicken the gravy, what do you think we did? Walk to the store for a bag of flour? Check with any of the 2,500 neighbors within walking distance? NOPE! We used Belgian waffle mix to thicken the gravy!

Sweet and starchy don’t even begin to describe the flavor profile of that pot of turkey drippings, but it looked good and I ate it anyway.  Thank God that it is the people that you spend the time with that make the moment special.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful Holiday Season!


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