Friday, November 11, 2011

Tinkering with gadgets

Happy 11-11-11!

I think you all know how I feel about gadgets. I LOVE THEM!

Flying has only served to increase the breadth of my gadget addiction to include video to allow me to share the magic with friends and family!  This video was shot entirely with a GoPro Hero camera. While Colorado isn't exactly lush this time of year, it has it's beauty.

I hope you all enjoy.


Dave Butler said...

Nice video. That must be fun being able to fly a plane around. Never knew you flew.

What's your overall impression of the Go camera? Great for most all situations?

I'm in the market again for another video cam. My old Flip cam just doesn't cut it for me and the new Flip HD cam I bought a while back stopped charging (and they don't make it anymore).

BigKahuna said...

Hey Dave. Thanks for all of your kind words!
The GoPro is a fun toy, but I think it's too small to be useful for most video situations. It really is targeted more toward action sports where a shaky picture is not a problem.
I also have a Sony handycam that works well!
The Sony would be far superior for filming an interview or doing video beer reviews.

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The adventure never stops
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