Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Shopping

This weekend I am spending a few days in Denver with the family.

We have a pretty full schedule, but I am hoping to make it to one or two of the bigger liquer stores and knock a few items of my shopping list.

Of course it is time for Christmas shopping, so if I see anything that would make a great gift I will be picking that up.

My #1 Item on the list for the weekend is Celebration ale by Sierra Nevada. This is one of my all time favorite seasonal brews. It is always crisp and refreshing but more than that, I am, and have been stashing boxes of it for the last several years.

While not a traditional candidate for a cellar beer, it is one that I have chosen to build a vertical of. It is just as educational to see how an American Pale (or light IPA Whatever you want to call it) ages.

This beer really seems to age better than you would expect. The hop aroma of course fades but there is sufficient malt background to support the bitterness and it becomes very interesting!

Another item on my list is Denizen Rum. Both Carl at Coast Lines and Tan Lines and Mike at Rum Connection have been blogging about this great rum. Bahama Bob added this rum to his Rum Lab and came up with some great cocktails, so I must find myself a bottle. Thanks to these guys this rum already feels like an old friend!

If you have any special beers that are on your shopping list I'd love to hear what you're after!


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The adventure never stops
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