Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Book Review for the masses!

OK, So I'm not my Mother... Mother in law... Wife.... or Best Friend's Wife. It takes me 2 weeks to read 100 pages of anything.

Those ladies I just mentioned... 100 pages takes them less time than it takes me to make a margarita, and they are wondering why it took me so long.

That is not to say I'm illiterate! For crying out loud I'm a publisher during the day! I read plenty... and sometimes for fun! But that is usually in the form of around 2,500 tweets and about 300 Google + Posts per day. Oh... And the weekly paper.

But books... Meh! It's hard for me to be any more indifferent about anything! I just don't like them. I like the idea! I love the thought of settling in with a good book, but the fact is, when you are a manly man with hair on your chest, there are not many "Good Books" IMO. (Notice I don't say IMHO... )

Most books are BORING! Don't care about snow covered whatever and your lusty romance in the hills of Whogivesacrapistan! I want easy to read when I'm drunk or tired, interesting, action packed adventure and general attention to detail! Those just don't exist.... very often!

There are exceptions, and that's what I'm here to tell you about today.

Red Right Return, by J.H. Cunningham is, what I would call, a good book. Not because it follows along in the first person like I write, or because it is set in Key West, or because it has rum and airplanes and FBI and on and on and on...... OH! Yes... It is! Exactly! For every single one of those reasons! And because it is real.

In the first few pages, I found a typo! That doesn't happen to me! But because Cunningham puts enough time and research into his product, the details in this book are so accurate that only a short few SCUBA divers will notice that the 19 PSI tank that is used in the book should be a 19 Cubic Foot tank. I know this seems silly, but this shows me that Cunningham really poured a lot of time, effort and research into entertaining me! Job well done!

I like books I can follow. I am not stupid, I'm capable of reading complex things, but when I read for entertainment, I do not want to take notes just to keep from getting lost!

I don't do well with Steven King books that take 500 pages to link chapter 1 to chapter 3,967.  I want page 1 to lead to page 2, Chapter 3 leads to Chapter 4. And I'll be damned if this book doesn't do just that!

As I read, I put faces to names, but this book is set in my minds eye. The places are real, the writing is compelling (as in, Compelling you to turn the page!) and the style is simplistic! THANK YOU J.H. Cunningham! This is exactly the book I would write if I could keep my mind focused on one thing at .... Look At the pretty flowers.... Oh! Sorry... One thing at a time!

There have been very few books over the years that have caught my attention the way "RRR" has.  Jimmy Buffett of course, can capture my imagination without even trying. This book, in much the same way, takes me away to the places that I love with people I have met and circumstances that I've endured... at least to some extent.

A tropical escape for anyone who has ever looked at the sky, yearned for a beach, gotten drunk on rum, smoked a cigar or wondered what was under the waves, Red Right Return is a book that you will not regret spending $3on. Heck, it's less money on than a McRib! (Which I hear is back?) Get the E-book like I did for a few dollars, then be ready to order a dozen of the paper back versions for stocking suffers!

Check out Red Right Return on E-Readers or Paperback here: John H. Cunningham

It is worth noting that if someone ever gives me something as compensation for a review, You will be made aware of it ahead of time. 
I purchased this book without prompt from publisher or author, although I do follow the author on Twitter.  This is my honest opinion and anything less would be dishonest of me! I won't always say what you want to hear, but I will always be honest here at Big Kahuna Brew!

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Anonymous said...

A fellow beer enthusiast here who loved Red Right Return and can't wait for the next in the series! My wife just finished it too and said it's the most fun she's had reading in a long time. Good stuff!

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