Saturday, December 31, 2011

Creating Criminals

Men have lived and children have died over this simple product. Families have been supported and babies fed from the money made off of it. Marriages saved and marriages lost from a natural chemical compound (C2H5OH) that happens in nature whenever wild yeast in the air gets its grasp on the simple sugars in fruits or sprouted grain.

Hailed by many but cursed by a (very vocal) few, alcohol comes in many formes. Beer, wine, mead, whiskey, rum, vodka, absenthe, ouzo, Tequila, moonshine, bitters, brandy, Scotch,  and Liqueurs of all shapes and sizes, and even ready-to-drink hard lemmonaid is all derived from, and consists of, the very same thing. The byproduct of Yeast eating Sugar.

When Yeast eat sugar, they Fart Co2 and pee C2H5oH. It is that simple.

When the sugar that the yeast eats is from grain and hops are added, it's called beer. When it comes from grain and no hops are added then distilled, we call it Whiskey. If whiskey is made within a certain Kentucky County, it's called Bourbon! Make it across the Atlantic, next to the ocean in a certain country,  age it for a minimum of 8 years and you've got Scotch!

Let the yeast get hold of the molasses or sugar in your baking cabinet and concentrate the alcohol from that, and all the same ingredients that make your sugar cookies and gingerbread have been turned into Rum.

Let the yeast attack grape juice and you've got wine. Distill your wine and you'll have brandy. Make your wine in a particular region of France and carbonate it.... We will call it Champagne!

Do you see how stupid this is? It's all about words that may... or may not mean things. And when they do mean things, it's a subtle, regional variance in detail about a product that does not differ greatly (at least from a legislative standpoint) from the one next to it.

When the government allowed us (Thanks for granting us permission to do something that happens every minute of every hour, wild, in nature....) to brew 200 gallons of beer or wine, we have been allowed to make alcohol. If it's an 8% beer, you are going to produce 16 gallons of alcohol. If you make wine that weighs in at 14% ABV... You could make 28 gallons of pure alcohol.

Here is the kick in the  nuts: IF you remove 1 iota of the water contained in your beer or wine, via ANY means, including freezing or distilling, you are a no good law breaking criminal and you will do time!

(I hate this phrase, but it seems to fit!) WAIT.... WHAT?

How the HELL does that work? Take the water out of something... and go to jail? Sell Pot in Colorado... Get rich as a Congressman and be on the news promoting your store every other night!

At what point did we decide this was OK?

I don't know either! But I'll tell you what I do know! 2012 is the point at which we say "THIS IS NOT OK!"

It is time to stop the pissing match about 75 year-old liquor laws and let homebrewers distill a portion of their products without fear of impending jail time from their government!

This is America, and I understand that it takes money to keep our country free. Distillation laws are purely a tax issue! Don't forget that Tax evasion is what brought down Capone! But homebrewers are not going to put the country in a budget crisis by making a few gallons of liquor at home. Just like beer, we are going to buy commercial examples, and pay our taxes.

I am not talking about allowing unregulated commertial sale of moonshine, I am talking about home distillation.
And I am saying that it is time to LEGALIZE IT!


Anonymous said...

bravo sir,home distillation is an idea whose time is coming,in the UK its very much underground and illegal!!,but many homebrew shops sell both the equipment and the essences etc to make very good flavoured spirits,in this case the law is an ass!

Anonymous said...

p.s great photo of Popcorn Sutton,an inspiration to all.

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother! New Zealand is ahead of us on this issue.

Sloe Gin Cocktails said...

That's why we call it Champagne! We distill with grapes our wine and many people have this brandy.

Oskar Glauber said...

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