Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Distraction

Well, I don't have a brewery tour to share with you, and I don't have any wonderful tasting notes from an exotic brew fermented in the wombs of Maltese Elders while chants of fertility are sung by monks!

What I do have is a minor success.
After hearing all day about how the Father-in-Law had a beer from Canada... "You know, the reel good kind that's supposed to be kept in the frigerator but ya gotta let it warm up buffor you drink-it? Man that was NASTY! Spit it out right then and there! Dumped the bottle too!", I was about finished with beer for the day.

But as luck would have it, we were in town long enough to eat a second meal. Fortunately, food is usually something we can all agree on, and we landed at the Edelweiss German Restaurant! MMMM! MM!

The place is nearly food mecca for a fat guy with German heritage! The food and bread and beer and atmosphere and the waitress who speaks English nearly as poorly as I speak German.... MECCA!

There will be a post some day from the same block, as Edelweiss is litterally 2 doors down from Bristol Brewing. LOVES ME SOME BRISTOL!

When we ordered our beer, I opted for the Warsteiner Dunkel.  (Untappd Check in here: ) and advised the FIL to try the Spaten Pilsner. How the hell do you go wrong with Spaten right? Especially on tap?  In this case... You don't!

He tried it and loved it. WO-Fucking-OT! FINALLY! This is, after 10 years of trying, the first time I've seen him enjoy a beer other than MGD or Old Milwaukee.

Here's a toast to the hopes that it can expand from there! Every one of us had a beer that showed us that it can be better right? Well... Let's hope that this is the one for him!

In other news, I got to fly on Thursday evening. The pumps were down and the wind was much higher than expected, although not any where near my personal limit, but it turned out to be a really nice flight.

I didn't do anything with it... other than edit out 45 minutes of the super boreing crap, but here is 11 minutes of video from a Go-Pro cam hung off the left wing strut. If it bores you, just fast forward till the landing!

Have a great weekend!


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