Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A glimpse into the future!

As I sat staring into my beer fridge (Yes, there is one dedicated to beer) I realized that I am simply bored with the things that are in there. I’ve been looking at the same stuff for months now and often resort to a rum or cocktail because I’m simply not digging what I see.

I am not saying that there are no good beers in that fridge, just nothing that I’m excited about. It’s a lopaloosa batch of unorganized craft beer at best. There are beers from several countries, the best beers Colorado has to offer, sour beers in three or five different variations, lawnmower beers and Imperial beers. But really... Nothing exciting!

Poor Kahuna! I know!

But this, as with most things, presents an opportunity. Realizing a problem only serves as the first step to fix it! So as I was par-oozing Applejack Wine and Spirits the other day, looking for some inspiration, I found something so simple, so obvious and OH SO TASTY!

I found the Yeti! Well, actually, several variations of Yeti to be more specific. I grabbed the original Yeti, Oak Aged Yeti, Espresso Oak Aged Yeti and a Belgian Yeti! I have had the original and the espresso and loved them both! I have been a Great Divide fan for a long time, so I’m excited to try the Oak Aged and Belgian!

I was glad to see some Lips of Faith in the cooler as well. Cocoa Mole is one I’ve been wanting to try (not that there is anything New Belgium does that I don’t want), but the real treat of the day came when I got to the warm bottles.

2012 La Folie! Sssshhhhh! Hear that? It’s angles singing!

Completely caught off guard by this fantastic discovery, I quickly snatched up five bottles to add to the stash! OUCH!

The best advice I can give when buying La Folie is to not look the cashier directly in the eye, don’t look at the screen, hand over your credit card and try to remember how wonderful it is!

Anyway, all of this to say that we have some interesting beers to look forward to here at BKB and you know I’ll be doing my best to help you experience them with me weather you get to have a bottle or not!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Great Weekend

Today we have a video that will give you a short review of our weekend in St. Thomas USVI

Fun, Sun, Beer and Rum... Sounds familiar doesn't it? Well, we had all four and it made for the best weekend in recent memory. Good people, good food and good drinks, you just can't beat that!

This video and the photographs were shot at Bolongo Bay, Magens Bay, and the Charlotte Amalie shopping district. The music is Barefoot Davis, a local Trop-Rock hero that played Iggies Beach Bar on the Saturday night we were there.
Take 5 minutes and relax with me!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Island Summer Ale

Traveling is a learning experience... or at least it should be!

When we travel I have two main objectives. First and foremost, I want to relax. But my style of relaxing is perhaps a bit different than some. Sure, I like to sit on the beach and do a whole lot of nothing. In fact I love it! But it usually doesn’t take long before I’m either in the water or exploring about. Which brings me to my second objective, and that is to experience what the local culture has to offer.

While in St. Thomas with the RumShopRyan Winter Beach Bash, I almost immediately found an island treasure in a brown bottle. Arriving at the Bolongo Bay Resort, we were treated to a rum punch which did little more than remind me that I was starving. Iggies Beach Bar is located a few hundred yards from our room, just a short walk down the beach.

I had but one question for the waitress, “What kind of local beer do you have?”
Without hesitation she said,  “We have Island Summer Ale from St. John Brewing.”
I opted for the Island Hoppin’ IPA that first night, but early the next day I gave in and tried the summer ale.

A filtered blend of wheat beer and pale ale, this little ray of sunshine is smooth and refreshing. The blend is a perfect balance of flavor and refreshment.

There is a certain flavor that beer has in the lower latitudes and I can’t place it’s origin. Usually I would say that water or temperature has the main effect on it, but the label says that this is “Brewed and bottled by Shipyard brewing” so I don’t think it’s the water.

Whatever it is, it makes for a unique profile that I quite enjoy. This summer ale goes great with the scent of salt and suntan oil.

For those who are lucky enough to live in one of the seven states, the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico where St. John Brewers beer is distributed, you are in for a tropical treat with this solid line of craft beer.

My friend Carl Grooms from Coastlines & Tan Lines caught up with the two crazy fellas that started St. John Brewers back in 2011 and made the video at the bottom of this post.

If you are ever in the southern latitudes and find yourself in need of something refreshing, the Island Summer Ale is hard to beat!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Colorado Ice Wine

I have met beer snobs. I usually do not care for their company. Too much pissing and moaning about how much better their last beer was than this beer, or how their next beer is going to be so much better and on and on and on.... SHUT UP AND DRINK IT ALREADY! I much prefer “Beer Enthusiasts!”

I have been around wine snobs and again, too much of all that I hate and not enough drinking the wine! If you’re too good to drink wine from a box in a fancy glass, or fancy wine from a mason jar then we probably shouldn’t try and co-host a cheese pairing.

I have spent some time around Rum XP judges. I typically find them to be about as much fun as... you can possibly have! Sure they geek out and talk about copper stills vs. stainless and American Oak vs. French. They get to know blenders and distillers the way Beer Geeks know brewers, and they sample with great attention to every detail of the process.... But then, once the judging is done and we’ve decided it’s good rum, all bets are off! Mix it? Yup! Shoot it? Yessir! Want a glass with a few ice cubes and a slice of lime to sip while smoking a big ‘ol caribbean cigar? Let me pour one for myself!

So, as I expand my palate and try new things, I will be approaching everything like I approach beer and try to work some of the style of the Rum XP into the process as well.

Today, we have Vin De Peche from the Maison La Belle Vie Winery in Palisade, Colorado.
This a true Muscat ice wine, made with fresh Colorado Peaches. I found this little (And I do mean little) gem last summer when we stumbled upon a wine festival at the Northfield Shopping Center in Denver. The head brewer (Vinter?) was on hand to answer every intelligent question I could muster and most of the really stupid ones too! That is refreshing! So as it turns out, he’s one hell of a salesman! I ended up leaving with six bottles of this dandy nectar, and I’m finally getting into one just so I can share it with you!

Packaged in a 375 ml bottle, tall and thin makes optimum use of real estate on the shelf. The bottle is scarcely two inches across, so a lot fit on a shelf!

Golden as honey and water, this wine looks beautiful both in the bottle and in the glass. It swirls in the glass with great viscosity, giving hints to it’s sugar content.

The smell is of white grapes and fresh peaches with a notable alcohol smell.

Sweet and mouth filling, the peach shines in this wine. Just as I remembered from the tasting, but with something I didn’t remember. There is a bitterness that helps bring back some of the sweetness and make this dessert wine very drinkable.

The 16.5% abv is all but hidden behind the sweetness with nearly no throat burn.

According to the Winery’s web page, the wine is aged on leaves from peach trees. That would explain the vegetal notes in the finish and the bitterness.

The finish is the best part of this wine. You can almost see the sun setting over the Monument while Mt. Garfield glows beside you. They have done a great job of  packaging the Palisade wine experience into this one little bottle.

If you have never had an ice wine, you need to try one! If you’ve never had this one, you need to try it!

It’s Colorado Sunshine in a bottle!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Got Rum? Ya do now!

Established in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, Bacardi is the largest privately held spirits company in the world. Chances are good that if you live in any one of the nearly 100 countries where Bacardi is sold, you’ve had one. Either a rum and coke, shots or in some fruity boat drink, you’ve likely had at least a sip from one of the 200 million bottles that they produce every year.

Bacardi has a relatively new offering in the market of spiced rum. As a direct competitor with Captain Morgan, I thought that Oakheart was doomed from the beginning. I figured that with a sticker price less than 4 gallons of gas there had to be something amiss!

I was wrong!

This flavorful treasure from the front of the liquor store was a great surprise to this beer guy! The medium golden amber color looks great in a glass, and it’s way more complex than Captain Morgan. There is creamy vanilla front to it that tastes like it actually comes from oak, instead of a chemical that is supposed to taste like oak and vanilla.

There is a lasting burn that I first attributed to the fact that I was drinking the rum neat and at room temp. But weighing in at only 35% abv I didn't expect too much burn!

Paying a bit closer attention to what my nose was telling me, I quickly recognized pepper as the best descriptor. I once loved Punch Grand Cru Cigars because they absolutely dripped black pepper from every leaf, and this little spiced rum has many of the same attributes. It would go great with a cigar!

The picture is my thousand words today. This rum would be a great candidate for mixing. It’s well priced and should play well with others.

It’s price range means shot range! When things go shit house loco and shots of rum are in order, I’m saving my Vizcaya and breaking out the Oakheart!

Sipping, neat or with ice, this rum is up to both tasks. It doesn’t have that harsh chemical flavor that many cheaper rums have. It is greatly more sophisticated than Bacardi’s typical offerings, which I almost consider to be mixer only quality.

Need a little something in your vest pocket? You can’t take beer with you, but the Oakheart fits nicely in the pocket flask and will serve you well through the evening!

Remember people, we can’t live on beer alone, and when we are due for a change, I’m going for the Oakheart!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good idea, BAD execution

I am about to be getting on the airplane bound for 9 or so hours of ass numbing travel in a seat built for someone half my size and a third my weight.... But so what! Headed south for some fun with the wife and a few friends!

Trips like this always make me question my sanity, and I hope that some of you are in the same boat.
That was the thought process that lead me to ask: What are some of your really dumb ideas... or good ideas that went south like a beach bum looking for the sun?

This is one of mine... Hop Extract!

You’ve probably made vanilla extract by soaking vanilla beans in vodka. If you’ve never done it, I almost guarantee that you know someone who has... Me for example!

Well, what’s good for the goose right? Hops are high dollar and more that once I’ve been left  wanting to add a little kick to a less-than-stellar beer. A hop vodka would fit the bill nicely!

Good idea, bad execution!
I used hop pellets and filled the flask bottle half full then added the white likker POOF! Within an hour, the pellets had swelled (Just as you’d expect) into a thick paste that filled my little bottle like a jar of peanut butter!

Every once in a while, a layer of oil appears on the top, but it’s not hoppy goodness... it’s just goo. Leaf hops would be a better choice, and are a definite candidate for a future experiment!

The good news, and the lesson to be learned here, is that for every great idea there is potential for great failure.

The way I see it, if you are not failing, you’re not trying hard enough to succeed!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Forgotten Christmas Presents

One day while shopping for Christmas presents, I found a little treasure waiting on the shelf for me. A Bristol Christmas Ale.  I don’t remember which shopping trip this came from, but I buried it in the back of the beer fridge behind all of the IPA style Christmas ales I had. 

When it sprung up, I was pleasantly surprised, but why did I only get one?

Bristol, a Colorado Springs brewery since 1994, has been a rare guest in my beer fridge... for no good reason at all. I love their beer, I order it on occasion and it’s usually available. I don’t know why I don’t buy it.

I am going to do something I usually wouldn’t, and that is bludgeon you with raw thoughts. I didn’t particularly like this beer, so I’m just going to show you what I was thinking at the time.

Nice dark pour with a caramel colored head. While photographing, I see that it’s a super dark amber color instead of the typical black stout color.
Very light spice nose. Initially, I smell nutmeg, which of course leads me to say cinnamon, but it’s more like ginger and rum. Smells more like a cookie than beer.
Light body is almost crisp very dry. That’s odd... I expected SYRUP! At 5.6% I’d almost like to take a gravity reading to see  how dry it really is!

The rum smell is from an obvious molasses background upon which the nutmeg and ginger build. I know that there is some malt in there somewhere... it’s like the flour in a cookie. You know it’s there, but can’t taste it.

As the beer warms up a touch, there is a very light hop bitterness just as it passes the back of the throat.

While I didn’t love this beer, it was refreshing and the spices were reminiscent of my favorite cookie. The whole thing was just too laid back for me. I needed more body, a richer flavor and more of the spices. I certainly drank the whole thing, and I really wish I had another to keep for a year.

I am glad I tried it, and I’ll get two next year, but not much more than that!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

You sure vacation a lot!

When you die, what will your regret be?

Will you be ever so unhappy that you never got to the next level of Super Mario Brothers... or Xcombat or HitMan or what ever the new video game is?

When traveling, catch the sunset!
Do you suppose you'll be thinking "Damn! I never did get that new Lexus!"

Well, I hope that I am never in that boat.... actually when I die I hope I am thinking of boats! I want to remember the good times I've had and the great things I've seen and done. I never want to miss a sunset, or a sunrise, because that is something I will regret.

I travel because I believe that there is a LOT of the world to be seen and experienced that is nowhere near my back door!

Please don't misunderstand my point here. Most of the world has Colorado on their list of places to visit, so I am very lucky to have a backdoor with all of the best that Colorado has to offer, but there is more!

Eat the local foods! It's the heart of any culture.
There is some sort of inexplicable urge in my soul to head south. I know others experience it... hell, I know people that live in Ft. Lauderdale that consider themselves "Northerners" and can't wait till they can get to the islands!

Perhaps it's the laid back island lifestyle that calls to me. I do have a strong lazy streak that does prefer "laid back" to "busy busy busy!"

I think that the thrill of new experiences keeps my spirits high.  As always, I can compare life to beer! And if Life were beer, think how easy it would be to get bored with one bottle. Sure, we all love Pliney... But if you lived Pliney, day-in and day-out for years on end, sooner or later you would crave an ESB!

You could say that a live lived in one place with little outside experience is a success. Take Coors for example. Really successful, really popular, really one sided and really not for me.

Shorts Brewing booth at 2011 GABF
I would rather live like Shorts brewing. Seeing what is available, trying it and moving along to some new experience while still staying grounded with what we know works.

Their display at GABF 2011 was divided into three segments that we should all try to recognize in our lives: Experimental, Traditional and Specialty! Balance is the key! And when you work a normal life, day in and day out, you need some vacation time to add the "Experimental" to the mix to help hold the balance!
Even the trip home is a beautiful thing!

It's kinda like what I say at the end of the video segments. "Expand your palate, try new things, but always drink what you like!"

There are a few things that I know for sure that I like. I like Beer! I like Rum! I like Food! I like to see new places for the first time, and I like to see old places where I've had fun before.  These are the "specialty" parts that also help to keep the balance.

So yeah... Heck Yeah! I vacation at every given opportunity. Because I will never die wishing I'd spent less time having fun!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who's your QB NOW?

Who’s your Quarterback now?
It would appear that Colorado has changed time zones from Mountain Standard to TEBOW TIME. And I suppose I’ve adjusted my clock as well.

I don’t think that anyone who knows me would ever question my warm milk attitude towards NFL football. Everyone knows that I like talking about the game far more than I like sitting through it.
There is some degree of camaraderie that I gain when talking with other Bronco fans. Not unlike listening to baseball on the radio, I think that Dave Logan of KOA Radio does such a masterful job of calling the game that I get more enjoyment out of it than when watching on TV. And now that we have DVR in our lives... I can pause the TV and Que. it up with the radio so the 7 second radio delay is nearly nonexistent!

I actually attended a Broncos game two weeks ago. I know... I know! It was against my better judgment, and I was more than happy to spend the time with my family, but I will never... EVER do that again!

You all know that the stadium is called “Mile High”...Well... Our seats were mile and-a-half high! Top section, five or six rows from the top, one or three seats from the very edge.... Not exactly a good place for someone with an incurable case of acrophobia! That would be the fear of heights.

When the parachute guys jumped from their plane, it was above us... But they were still in free fall and waved as they went by! Not really, but it sure felt that way!
I don’t know why, I was never bothered by it when I was a kid, and I’ve never had any real tragic accidents resulting from being a Looooonnnnngggg way off of the ground. But I don’t even stand in the back of the pickup.... WAY too far off the ground for me!

So as we approached the stadium, I remember making some sort of snide comment that they needed helicopter insertion for folks sitting in the top sections! Apparently I didn’t know that my final destination was a few seats above where I was pointing!

As we climbed the ramps, one after the other, I became more uncomfortable with each step. I was to the point of keeping my head down, using the bill of my cap to keep me from seeing the edges. This, in retrospect, was a bad move.

Once we reached the concession area on the top level, I was able to look up at the people and crowd, and felt a bit better. We wandered about and found our portal to hell, then retreated to pick up some pretzels and nachos!

For whatever new and amazing snack options the mass media and marketing geniuses throw at us every year, nothing beats a tray of hot nachos with jalapenos from a vendor.  Be it at the race track, Gaskill Field or Sports Authority field at Mile High, for my money, you just can’t do better than the nachos.

Feeling slightly better and quite excited about my nachos, we ventured to our seats. Again, I kept my head down concentrating on not spilling my heaping bowl of cheesy goodness, we made our way out of the portal and up quite a few rows to our seats.

When I turned around, the world stopped turning, I quit breathing and I clutched my tray of nachos like it was the last ounce of food on the planet. I yelled at the kids for standing up, and I yelled at my wife for telling me not to yell at the kids! Good times!

You know that feeling you get the instant you realize you are about to tip over in your chair? It was that feeling for nearly 3 hours!

I would have gladly left and waited in the car, but there was no way I was able to get up and walk back to the portal. Fortunately, when the game started, I had something else to concentrate on and was able to relax enough that with six minutes left in the fourth quarter, I was able to get up and hobble to the exit.

Sore from head to toe from the panic response and every muscle in my body cramped from the experience, I suddenly realized I was FROZEN! Completely, utterly chilled-to-the-bone! Apparently being cold was the least of my worries when in the stands, but once I was closer to not dying, my blood turned to ice!

Even through all of that, I was still able to be irritated by our QB running the ball like he was a half back! Had Tebow not decided to try and run the ball, then fumbled it, the outcome against Kansas City could have very well been the opposite of the way that game ended.

So this week when the Broncos played the Steelers, again at Mile High, I was a bit more intrigued to watch. Of course, every time the camera panned out and showed the view from the top seats, I panicked, grabbed hold of the couch arm like a little girl watching a 1980’s thriller movie and may have even tinkled a little in my britches, but I was still a bit irritated every time ‘lil Timmy took off with the dang ball!

I had quite high hopes for the Broncos when they were two goals ahead, but by the time they tied the game and lost possession of the ball, I just figured that this was going to be another heartbreaking loss in Denver sports history, and would eventually become just another lack-luster performance by the Broncos!

Overtime, schmovertime! Who cares! New rules that allow each team possession... Unless the team with first possession scores. DUH! If the first team doesn’t score, the other team gets possession... No? Anyway, Who cares? Tebow will miss 50percent of his passes, run for 30 or 40 yards and turn the ball over.... Right?

Eleven seconds later, everyone on TV is screaming and I’m looking up from my computer wondering just what I’d missed!

Thank God for that little DVR device I spoke of earlier! It is another thing missing from live game action. The ability to rewind saved me from missing a record-setting play by the Denver Broncos!


I wouldn’t even go as far as to say I’m a fair weather fan, and I certainly don’t bleed orange like some in my family, but I will admit, I’m wearing orange undies today with little horses on them!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Perhaps I'm a Homebody!

I don't know if you remember my steak issues from early December, but I have NOT forgotten.
Soured by the scene, I have lived off of salads and hamburgers, Chicken and pasta when we eat out. Steak has NOT been a part of my meal in nearly a month!

But tonight, when I called SWMBO to ask what I should bring home for dinner, she said "I Don't really Care."


Worse than the kiss of death from Al Capone himself! This is dangerous territory!
She is the second most picky eater EVER, and if I screw this up she will be hungry (And thus cranky) till after breakfast tomorrow!

Fortunately for me, after 10 years together, I'm very well aware of the fact that I've married a typical carnivore.

The local grocery had a decent looking pack of NY Strips for under $4 each, so I figured what the hell, I'll eat another steak.

Not the least of my concerns for the evening was my propensity to either over cook steak till it's dead, or under cook it to a point of taking it all back outside, I just stood by the grill and watched them till they were done.

Swell. Now stick some Texas Toast in the oven (Which I was smart enough to pre-heat) and She-Bang I've got dinner!

And what'll ya know? I actually like steak! I was seriously wondering! It has been so long since I've had one that was worth the effort it took to eat, I thought perhaps I was destine to become a vegan!

Thankfully I've just been the victim of a really shitty restaurant scene in Colorado, where apparently, we ship all of our decent beef to the coast... (Or S. Korea)

Perhaps I'm just a homebody and steak, not unlike the wife and beer is just something I prefer to have at home!

Speaking of Beer...Yup! Paired it with a New Belgium Snow Day.... But I'm still waiting to do another New Belgium segment :-)

Thanks everyone for stopping by!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Second Annual Conched in Key West Bar Crawl!

What started off as a group of friends getting together for some fun in Key West has evolved into an exciting and annual event to raise money for local charities.  This year’s benefactor is Reef Relief.  Reef Relief is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to improving and protecting the coral reef ecosystem.

The second annual Conched in Key West Bar Crawl is being hosted by a group of island & rum loving friends: Team Cocktail, RumShopRyan, Shawn Martin, Conch Republic Bikinis, Rum Connection, Shot Doctor World, and Hoffman Publications. Offering plenty of fun and games, not to mention a few cocktails, this Bar Crawl promises to be a good one. Each bar will be sponsored by one of the hosts and will offer drink specials to those participating in the Crawl.

Participating bars include Cork & Stogie, Rum Bar, & Kelly’s to name a few. Visit the Facebook event page for an updated list of participating bars, sponsors and additional even information. 

Facebook Event Page: Conched in Key West Bar Crawl
Twitter: Follow the hashtag #KWCrawl for event updates

With a $30 ticket purchase, crawlers receive a Conched In Key West T-Shirt and drink specials at participating bars.  A portion of all ticket sales will benefit Reef Relief in Key West.

To purchase tickets, visit Team Cocktail's registration page here: Team Cocktail

For questions or more information, contact Lyndsey Higgins at lyndsey@teamcocktail.com

Crawlers take the stage at Virgilio's at the Conched in Key West 2011. Don't miss your opportunity to join us this year!

Photo Courtesy of www.coastlines-tanlines.com

Saturday, January 7, 2012

From The Cellar

Join me as we select and taste a 2008 Stone Smoked Porter from the cellar.
What beers do you have in your cellar?

Thanks for hanging out!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mid week rambling.

Well, first... Thanks for showing up!

I don't have much today, but I do have a few things to mention.

First, the most exciting news of the year is going to be released right here on BigKahunaBrew.com on Monday. That will be an extra for you guys. I won't wuss out and skip Tuesday's post just cause something came out on Monday!

Second, and almost as exciting is that I have potentially tracked down a distiller that may let me write about him. He said that since I am a homebrewer, he would get his still out and fire it up if I made the wash. He is pretty leery, and understandably so, about getting caught, so I have to convince him that although I am a blogger, I also work in traditional media which legally affords me some journalistic protections... That is to say that the cops can't make me tell them my sources for the story.  So with any luck, we'll get to see some real home distillation happen.

Third, I've failed. I was going to brew this weekend while the wife is away, but I've let other things pile into the schedule. I may still get a batch in, but I was hoping that three brews would be made and 2 bottled... along with bottling the "Leap Year Mead" I'm gonna be drinking it right out of the carboy if I don't get on that!

While I have no review today, I did include a picture that I hope helps to console my freezing frends in Florida. They have been hit with a cold spell and I just want them to know that we are not ready to bring the 40's back to Colorado!

(Today's high should be around 63, so I am really trying not to rub it in!)

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seven Seas or Seven'th Heaven?

And here we go! Another review of another IIPA by another jackwagon that thinks he's a beer blogger. But WAIT! This time there's more!

This may be just another beer review, and I may be just another dude looking to stand out in a super crowded market, but Seven Seas Double India Pale Ale is anything but "Another", and stands out quite well. It's certainly NOT going to be overlooked by anyone lucky enough to get a pint!

Brewed in Aurora Colorado, Seven Seas is one of three IPA styles brewed by the small brewpub.
Dry Dock Brewing was started in 2005 when owner Kevin DeLang found enough used equipment and was able to rent space next door to his homebrew shop. When I first visited Dry Dock Brewing, there were seven bar stools, five tables and the boil kettle was in the corner of the room at the end of the bar.

Now expanded in the same strip mall, Dry Dock is a beautiful pub with a nautical theme that really hits my soft spot. It doesn't hurt that The Brew Hut, Kevin's "Other Business," is part of the same building. The Brew Hut is as close as I have to a LHBS, even though they are 100++ miles away! This is the store that I visit when I don't order online.

Seven Seas IIPA is made with Chinook, Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, Crystal, Challenger and Citra hops, and thanks to artful balancing act by the Golden Promise malt, you can almost taste every single cone in the batch.

Not a blow the top of your skull off throat stripping, sinus clearing, flavor busting, taste it three days from now when you sneeze, ridiculous hop bomb, this brew is a pleasure to drink.  Not that I don't enjoy the stupid bitter over the top of the top Hop apples, because I do.  But Seven Seas is the type of beer that I could kick back with a few friends on a pier in the Florida Keys, crack open a few of these things and just let the world go on without us for an afternoon... or a weekend!
Unfortunately for my friends in S. Florida, Dry Dock is currently only available in.... Colorado!

I would hate to call a 9%ABV brew that is only available in bombers a session beer, but I can drink a few of these, and really, they are so good, I'll bet you would too! The nose is sweet and floral, the flavor is hoppy, bitter, crisp and refreshing. The finish is short and sweet.

Unless you are a beer god, or some ass that finds fault with everything you touch, I don't think you will find anything negative to say about this brew.  It's golden, it's hoppy, it's balanced, it's fantastic and it's brewed locally.... As long as you live in Colorado! This is not my favorite beer, but it's damn sure on the short list!

Seven Seas IIPA, Dry Dock Brewing, Kevin DeLang and all that sail with him get a big 'ol "HELL YEAH" on the Kahuna scale of 1-10!


The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
with the Buck Reilly series