Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Colorado Ice Wine

I have met beer snobs. I usually do not care for their company. Too much pissing and moaning about how much better their last beer was than this beer, or how their next beer is going to be so much better and on and on and on.... SHUT UP AND DRINK IT ALREADY! I much prefer “Beer Enthusiasts!”

I have been around wine snobs and again, too much of all that I hate and not enough drinking the wine! If you’re too good to drink wine from a box in a fancy glass, or fancy wine from a mason jar then we probably shouldn’t try and co-host a cheese pairing.

I have spent some time around Rum XP judges. I typically find them to be about as much fun as... you can possibly have! Sure they geek out and talk about copper stills vs. stainless and American Oak vs. French. They get to know blenders and distillers the way Beer Geeks know brewers, and they sample with great attention to every detail of the process.... But then, once the judging is done and we’ve decided it’s good rum, all bets are off! Mix it? Yup! Shoot it? Yessir! Want a glass with a few ice cubes and a slice of lime to sip while smoking a big ‘ol caribbean cigar? Let me pour one for myself!

So, as I expand my palate and try new things, I will be approaching everything like I approach beer and try to work some of the style of the Rum XP into the process as well.

Today, we have Vin De Peche from the Maison La Belle Vie Winery in Palisade, Colorado.
This a true Muscat ice wine, made with fresh Colorado Peaches. I found this little (And I do mean little) gem last summer when we stumbled upon a wine festival at the Northfield Shopping Center in Denver. The head brewer (Vinter?) was on hand to answer every intelligent question I could muster and most of the really stupid ones too! That is refreshing! So as it turns out, he’s one hell of a salesman! I ended up leaving with six bottles of this dandy nectar, and I’m finally getting into one just so I can share it with you!

Packaged in a 375 ml bottle, tall and thin makes optimum use of real estate on the shelf. The bottle is scarcely two inches across, so a lot fit on a shelf!

Golden as honey and water, this wine looks beautiful both in the bottle and in the glass. It swirls in the glass with great viscosity, giving hints to it’s sugar content.

The smell is of white grapes and fresh peaches with a notable alcohol smell.

Sweet and mouth filling, the peach shines in this wine. Just as I remembered from the tasting, but with something I didn’t remember. There is a bitterness that helps bring back some of the sweetness and make this dessert wine very drinkable.

The 16.5% abv is all but hidden behind the sweetness with nearly no throat burn.

According to the Winery’s web page, the wine is aged on leaves from peach trees. That would explain the vegetal notes in the finish and the bitterness.

The finish is the best part of this wine. You can almost see the sun setting over the Monument while Mt. Garfield glows beside you. They have done a great job of  packaging the Palisade wine experience into this one little bottle.

If you have never had an ice wine, you need to try one! If you’ve never had this one, you need to try it!

It’s Colorado Sunshine in a bottle!


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