Saturday, January 21, 2012

Got Rum? Ya do now!

Established in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, Bacardi is the largest privately held spirits company in the world. Chances are good that if you live in any one of the nearly 100 countries where Bacardi is sold, you’ve had one. Either a rum and coke, shots or in some fruity boat drink, you’ve likely had at least a sip from one of the 200 million bottles that they produce every year.

Bacardi has a relatively new offering in the market of spiced rum. As a direct competitor with Captain Morgan, I thought that Oakheart was doomed from the beginning. I figured that with a sticker price less than 4 gallons of gas there had to be something amiss!

I was wrong!

This flavorful treasure from the front of the liquor store was a great surprise to this beer guy! The medium golden amber color looks great in a glass, and it’s way more complex than Captain Morgan. There is creamy vanilla front to it that tastes like it actually comes from oak, instead of a chemical that is supposed to taste like oak and vanilla.

There is a lasting burn that I first attributed to the fact that I was drinking the rum neat and at room temp. But weighing in at only 35% abv I didn't expect too much burn!

Paying a bit closer attention to what my nose was telling me, I quickly recognized pepper as the best descriptor. I once loved Punch Grand Cru Cigars because they absolutely dripped black pepper from every leaf, and this little spiced rum has many of the same attributes. It would go great with a cigar!

The picture is my thousand words today. This rum would be a great candidate for mixing. It’s well priced and should play well with others.

It’s price range means shot range! When things go shit house loco and shots of rum are in order, I’m saving my Vizcaya and breaking out the Oakheart!

Sipping, neat or with ice, this rum is up to both tasks. It doesn’t have that harsh chemical flavor that many cheaper rums have. It is greatly more sophisticated than Bacardi’s typical offerings, which I almost consider to be mixer only quality.

Need a little something in your vest pocket? You can’t take beer with you, but the Oakheart fits nicely in the pocket flask and will serve you well through the evening!

Remember people, we can’t live on beer alone, and when we are due for a change, I’m going for the Oakheart!


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