Thursday, January 26, 2012

Island Summer Ale

Traveling is a learning experience... or at least it should be!

When we travel I have two main objectives. First and foremost, I want to relax. But my style of relaxing is perhaps a bit different than some. Sure, I like to sit on the beach and do a whole lot of nothing. In fact I love it! But it usually doesn’t take long before I’m either in the water or exploring about. Which brings me to my second objective, and that is to experience what the local culture has to offer.

While in St. Thomas with the RumShopRyan Winter Beach Bash, I almost immediately found an island treasure in a brown bottle. Arriving at the Bolongo Bay Resort, we were treated to a rum punch which did little more than remind me that I was starving. Iggies Beach Bar is located a few hundred yards from our room, just a short walk down the beach.

I had but one question for the waitress, “What kind of local beer do you have?”
Without hesitation she said,  “We have Island Summer Ale from St. John Brewing.”
I opted for the Island Hoppin’ IPA that first night, but early the next day I gave in and tried the summer ale.

A filtered blend of wheat beer and pale ale, this little ray of sunshine is smooth and refreshing. The blend is a perfect balance of flavor and refreshment.

There is a certain flavor that beer has in the lower latitudes and I can’t place it’s origin. Usually I would say that water or temperature has the main effect on it, but the label says that this is “Brewed and bottled by Shipyard brewing” so I don’t think it’s the water.

Whatever it is, it makes for a unique profile that I quite enjoy. This summer ale goes great with the scent of salt and suntan oil.

For those who are lucky enough to live in one of the seven states, the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico where St. John Brewers beer is distributed, you are in for a tropical treat with this solid line of craft beer.

My friend Carl Grooms from Coastlines & Tan Lines caught up with the two crazy fellas that started St. John Brewers back in 2011 and made the video at the bottom of this post.

If you are ever in the southern latitudes and find yourself in need of something refreshing, the Island Summer Ale is hard to beat!



Romantic Florida Getaway said...

Sounds interesting. I've been looking for beers that are tilt towards the refreshing side than flavor-y for a perfect summer chiller. I hope they offer this where I stay right now.

Sharon said...

I also love to travel. It's one of my ways to unwind and to relieve stresses after a week of work. Whenever I visit a beach, all I want to do is to lie down on the sand and look at the sky. I also enjoy taking photos of different spots and beautiful places. I'm glad that I'm living in a tropical country where beaches can be found anywhere. Since you love to travel, you can always check several cheap flights to Manila to enjoy another yet exciting part of the world.

Angeline said...

To relax is indeed one of the reasons why I also love to travel. It's good to release stress through traveling. Lat month, I went to Australia to experience an excellent holiday accommodation in place. It was all worth it. I really enjoyed my 3 days stay in that country.

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