Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mid week rambling.

Well, first... Thanks for showing up!

I don't have much today, but I do have a few things to mention.

First, the most exciting news of the year is going to be released right here on on Monday. That will be an extra for you guys. I won't wuss out and skip Tuesday's post just cause something came out on Monday!

Second, and almost as exciting is that I have potentially tracked down a distiller that may let me write about him. He said that since I am a homebrewer, he would get his still out and fire it up if I made the wash. He is pretty leery, and understandably so, about getting caught, so I have to convince him that although I am a blogger, I also work in traditional media which legally affords me some journalistic protections... That is to say that the cops can't make me tell them my sources for the story.  So with any luck, we'll get to see some real home distillation happen.

Third, I've failed. I was going to brew this weekend while the wife is away, but I've let other things pile into the schedule. I may still get a batch in, but I was hoping that three brews would be made and 2 bottled... along with bottling the "Leap Year Mead" I'm gonna be drinking it right out of the carboy if I don't get on that!

While I have no review today, I did include a picture that I hope helps to console my freezing frends in Florida. They have been hit with a cold spell and I just want them to know that we are not ready to bring the 40's back to Colorado!

(Today's high should be around 63, so I am really trying not to rub it in!)

Thanks for stopping by!


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The adventure never stops
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