Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who's your QB NOW?

Who’s your Quarterback now?
It would appear that Colorado has changed time zones from Mountain Standard to TEBOW TIME. And I suppose I’ve adjusted my clock as well.

I don’t think that anyone who knows me would ever question my warm milk attitude towards NFL football. Everyone knows that I like talking about the game far more than I like sitting through it.
There is some degree of camaraderie that I gain when talking with other Bronco fans. Not unlike listening to baseball on the radio, I think that Dave Logan of KOA Radio does such a masterful job of calling the game that I get more enjoyment out of it than when watching on TV. And now that we have DVR in our lives... I can pause the TV and Que. it up with the radio so the 7 second radio delay is nearly nonexistent!

I actually attended a Broncos game two weeks ago. I know... I know! It was against my better judgment, and I was more than happy to spend the time with my family, but I will never... EVER do that again!

You all know that the stadium is called “Mile High”...Well... Our seats were mile and-a-half high! Top section, five or six rows from the top, one or three seats from the very edge.... Not exactly a good place for someone with an incurable case of acrophobia! That would be the fear of heights.

When the parachute guys jumped from their plane, it was above us... But they were still in free fall and waved as they went by! Not really, but it sure felt that way!
I don’t know why, I was never bothered by it when I was a kid, and I’ve never had any real tragic accidents resulting from being a Looooonnnnngggg way off of the ground. But I don’t even stand in the back of the pickup.... WAY too far off the ground for me!

So as we approached the stadium, I remember making some sort of snide comment that they needed helicopter insertion for folks sitting in the top sections! Apparently I didn’t know that my final destination was a few seats above where I was pointing!

As we climbed the ramps, one after the other, I became more uncomfortable with each step. I was to the point of keeping my head down, using the bill of my cap to keep me from seeing the edges. This, in retrospect, was a bad move.

Once we reached the concession area on the top level, I was able to look up at the people and crowd, and felt a bit better. We wandered about and found our portal to hell, then retreated to pick up some pretzels and nachos!

For whatever new and amazing snack options the mass media and marketing geniuses throw at us every year, nothing beats a tray of hot nachos with jalapenos from a vendor.  Be it at the race track, Gaskill Field or Sports Authority field at Mile High, for my money, you just can’t do better than the nachos.

Feeling slightly better and quite excited about my nachos, we ventured to our seats. Again, I kept my head down concentrating on not spilling my heaping bowl of cheesy goodness, we made our way out of the portal and up quite a few rows to our seats.

When I turned around, the world stopped turning, I quit breathing and I clutched my tray of nachos like it was the last ounce of food on the planet. I yelled at the kids for standing up, and I yelled at my wife for telling me not to yell at the kids! Good times!

You know that feeling you get the instant you realize you are about to tip over in your chair? It was that feeling for nearly 3 hours!

I would have gladly left and waited in the car, but there was no way I was able to get up and walk back to the portal. Fortunately, when the game started, I had something else to concentrate on and was able to relax enough that with six minutes left in the fourth quarter, I was able to get up and hobble to the exit.

Sore from head to toe from the panic response and every muscle in my body cramped from the experience, I suddenly realized I was FROZEN! Completely, utterly chilled-to-the-bone! Apparently being cold was the least of my worries when in the stands, but once I was closer to not dying, my blood turned to ice!

Even through all of that, I was still able to be irritated by our QB running the ball like he was a half back! Had Tebow not decided to try and run the ball, then fumbled it, the outcome against Kansas City could have very well been the opposite of the way that game ended.

So this week when the Broncos played the Steelers, again at Mile High, I was a bit more intrigued to watch. Of course, every time the camera panned out and showed the view from the top seats, I panicked, grabbed hold of the couch arm like a little girl watching a 1980’s thriller movie and may have even tinkled a little in my britches, but I was still a bit irritated every time ‘lil Timmy took off with the dang ball!

I had quite high hopes for the Broncos when they were two goals ahead, but by the time they tied the game and lost possession of the ball, I just figured that this was going to be another heartbreaking loss in Denver sports history, and would eventually become just another lack-luster performance by the Broncos!

Overtime, schmovertime! Who cares! New rules that allow each team possession... Unless the team with first possession scores. DUH! If the first team doesn’t score, the other team gets possession... No? Anyway, Who cares? Tebow will miss 50percent of his passes, run for 30 or 40 yards and turn the ball over.... Right?

Eleven seconds later, everyone on TV is screaming and I’m looking up from my computer wondering just what I’d missed!

Thank God for that little DVR device I spoke of earlier! It is another thing missing from live game action. The ability to rewind saved me from missing a record-setting play by the Denver Broncos!


I wouldn’t even go as far as to say I’m a fair weather fan, and I certainly don’t bleed orange like some in my family, but I will admit, I’m wearing orange undies today with little horses on them!

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