Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Perhaps I'm a Homebody!

I don't know if you remember my steak issues from early December, but I have NOT forgotten.
Soured by the scene, I have lived off of salads and hamburgers, Chicken and pasta when we eat out. Steak has NOT been a part of my meal in nearly a month!

But tonight, when I called SWMBO to ask what I should bring home for dinner, she said "I Don't really Care."


Worse than the kiss of death from Al Capone himself! This is dangerous territory!
She is the second most picky eater EVER, and if I screw this up she will be hungry (And thus cranky) till after breakfast tomorrow!

Fortunately for me, after 10 years together, I'm very well aware of the fact that I've married a typical carnivore.

The local grocery had a decent looking pack of NY Strips for under $4 each, so I figured what the hell, I'll eat another steak.

Not the least of my concerns for the evening was my propensity to either over cook steak till it's dead, or under cook it to a point of taking it all back outside, I just stood by the grill and watched them till they were done.

Swell. Now stick some Texas Toast in the oven (Which I was smart enough to pre-heat) and She-Bang I've got dinner!

And what'll ya know? I actually like steak! I was seriously wondering! It has been so long since I've had one that was worth the effort it took to eat, I thought perhaps I was destine to become a vegan!

Thankfully I've just been the victim of a really shitty restaurant scene in Colorado, where apparently, we ship all of our decent beef to the coast... (Or S. Korea)

Perhaps I'm just a homebody and steak, not unlike the wife and beer is just something I prefer to have at home!

Speaking of Beer...Yup! Paired it with a New Belgium Snow Day.... But I'm still waiting to do another New Belgium segment :-)

Thanks everyone for stopping by!



JayZeis said...

I rarely eat steak when we go out to eat. I love it, but I know I can cook a better steak on my own grill, than what I would be getting in a restaurant. Then when it is slightly overcooked, I dont get mad at the waiter.

BigKahuna Brew said...

HA! I am usually too nice to the wait staff.

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The adventure never stops
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