Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seven Seas or Seven'th Heaven?

And here we go! Another review of another IIPA by another jackwagon that thinks he's a beer blogger. But WAIT! This time there's more!

This may be just another beer review, and I may be just another dude looking to stand out in a super crowded market, but Seven Seas Double India Pale Ale is anything but "Another", and stands out quite well. It's certainly NOT going to be overlooked by anyone lucky enough to get a pint!

Brewed in Aurora Colorado, Seven Seas is one of three IPA styles brewed by the small brewpub.
Dry Dock Brewing was started in 2005 when owner Kevin DeLang found enough used equipment and was able to rent space next door to his homebrew shop. When I first visited Dry Dock Brewing, there were seven bar stools, five tables and the boil kettle was in the corner of the room at the end of the bar.

Now expanded in the same strip mall, Dry Dock is a beautiful pub with a nautical theme that really hits my soft spot. It doesn't hurt that The Brew Hut, Kevin's "Other Business," is part of the same building. The Brew Hut is as close as I have to a LHBS, even though they are 100++ miles away! This is the store that I visit when I don't order online.

Seven Seas IIPA is made with Chinook, Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, Crystal, Challenger and Citra hops, and thanks to artful balancing act by the Golden Promise malt, you can almost taste every single cone in the batch.

Not a blow the top of your skull off throat stripping, sinus clearing, flavor busting, taste it three days from now when you sneeze, ridiculous hop bomb, this brew is a pleasure to drink.  Not that I don't enjoy the stupid bitter over the top of the top Hop apples, because I do.  But Seven Seas is the type of beer that I could kick back with a few friends on a pier in the Florida Keys, crack open a few of these things and just let the world go on without us for an afternoon... or a weekend!
Unfortunately for my friends in S. Florida, Dry Dock is currently only available in.... Colorado!

I would hate to call a 9%ABV brew that is only available in bombers a session beer, but I can drink a few of these, and really, they are so good, I'll bet you would too! The nose is sweet and floral, the flavor is hoppy, bitter, crisp and refreshing. The finish is short and sweet.

Unless you are a beer god, or some ass that finds fault with everything you touch, I don't think you will find anything negative to say about this brew.  It's golden, it's hoppy, it's balanced, it's fantastic and it's brewed locally.... As long as you live in Colorado! This is not my favorite beer, but it's damn sure on the short list!

Seven Seas IIPA, Dry Dock Brewing, Kevin DeLang and all that sail with him get a big 'ol "HELL YEAH" on the Kahuna scale of 1-10!


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