Saturday, January 14, 2012

You sure vacation a lot!

When you die, what will your regret be?

Will you be ever so unhappy that you never got to the next level of Super Mario Brothers... or Xcombat or HitMan or what ever the new video game is?

When traveling, catch the sunset!
Do you suppose you'll be thinking "Damn! I never did get that new Lexus!"

Well, I hope that I am never in that boat.... actually when I die I hope I am thinking of boats! I want to remember the good times I've had and the great things I've seen and done. I never want to miss a sunset, or a sunrise, because that is something I will regret.

I travel because I believe that there is a LOT of the world to be seen and experienced that is nowhere near my back door!

Please don't misunderstand my point here. Most of the world has Colorado on their list of places to visit, so I am very lucky to have a backdoor with all of the best that Colorado has to offer, but there is more!

Eat the local foods! It's the heart of any culture.
There is some sort of inexplicable urge in my soul to head south. I know others experience it... hell, I know people that live in Ft. Lauderdale that consider themselves "Northerners" and can't wait till they can get to the islands!

Perhaps it's the laid back island lifestyle that calls to me. I do have a strong lazy streak that does prefer "laid back" to "busy busy busy!"

I think that the thrill of new experiences keeps my spirits high.  As always, I can compare life to beer! And if Life were beer, think how easy it would be to get bored with one bottle. Sure, we all love Pliney... But if you lived Pliney, day-in and day-out for years on end, sooner or later you would crave an ESB!

You could say that a live lived in one place with little outside experience is a success. Take Coors for example. Really successful, really popular, really one sided and really not for me.

Shorts Brewing booth at 2011 GABF
I would rather live like Shorts brewing. Seeing what is available, trying it and moving along to some new experience while still staying grounded with what we know works.

Their display at GABF 2011 was divided into three segments that we should all try to recognize in our lives: Experimental, Traditional and Specialty! Balance is the key! And when you work a normal life, day in and day out, you need some vacation time to add the "Experimental" to the mix to help hold the balance!
Even the trip home is a beautiful thing!

It's kinda like what I say at the end of the video segments. "Expand your palate, try new things, but always drink what you like!"

There are a few things that I know for sure that I like. I like Beer! I like Rum! I like Food! I like to see new places for the first time, and I like to see old places where I've had fun before.  These are the "specialty" parts that also help to keep the balance.

So yeah... Heck Yeah! I vacation at every given opportunity. Because I will never die wishing I'd spent less time having fun!



pimalai said...

I definitely agree. The world is too vast and our lives are too short. We should be living life to the fullest, not perpetually working like machines.

Florida Beach Cottages said...

Is it a coincidence that you featured a photo of a sunset in this article? It is a popular symbolism for a person approaching the end of his/her time. In my deathbed, I want to hear a really good joke that sends me laughing to the afterlife.

Jayden said...

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jamie stint said...

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The adventure never stops
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