Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bud Light Platinum.

I suppose I decided to share this beer with you because everyone else is doing it. Call it peer pressure, call it a desire to fit in, or call it Big Kahuna taking one for the team. I do this crap so you don’t have to.

With a Urine yellow color and  pouring like soda water this beer is like a woman from Afghanistan... Showing no body at all. (That was a joke)

Despite the champagne like carbonation, there is nearly no head at all, and that which was there fell quite quickly.

The nose is clean with a sweet corn aroma and there is no noticeable hop presence

Flavors of cream corn dominate the first sip, although the very thin mouthfeel makes it hard to detect.
There is definitely a flavor that resembles a cream ale... just without the ale character. Still no sign of any hops.

There is a slight banana ester and a mild sulfur finish that is not very pleasant at all. I took another sip just to wash that one away. Didn’t work so well.

I suppose that I could see this beer as a winter time hit for the normal Bud Light fan... which I must admit that I am not.

I don’t consider myself to hold a bias against light American Lagers, but rather a long held distaste for Bud. I grew up on Coors original, and have consumed enough of the silver bullet to float a silver boat. There are a lot of light lagers that I very much enjoy, but Bud has never been one of them.
Many of the online beer reviews say that Platinum is nearly indiscernible from traditional Bud Light, but honestly... I don’t think that the Platinum is anywhere near as repulsive.

I could see myself choosing this beer over several of it’s direct competitors during a Barbecue or even a good O’l fashion Oyster Fry.

The corn flavor and carbonation seem to be loading up in my belly as I drink, which completely prevents me from using the adjective “Refreshing” to describe this beer.

Some fans and critics will boast that at 6% abv, this is jut a ploy to get people drunker faster, but as a Craft Beer guy that drinks some rum and whiskey, I’m over it.

For the cost and bulk in your belly of this beer, it would be faster and cheaper to drink a pint of cheap vodka and still be able to eat dinner. That argument simply doesn’t fly with me.

As this brew warms up, I’m still mystified by the beautiful blue bottle. I simply wish it was not a twist top. I could see a few of my homemade meads making their way into these babies!

I concentrate on the color of the bottle because as the ice cold shock wears off, I’m left with too many memories of stale beer soaked ashtrays cluttering the tables of the bar as the bouncers heard us out the door after closing. The flavor becomes quite metallic and the corn flavor starts to resemble a sour mash that is intended to be distilled into whiskey.

My final thought on this beer is that it is probably going to be a hit with the college crowd. It’s not going to impress Craft Beer drinkers, and I don’t think that it was intended to. I see it becoming the Zima of 2012.

The best we can hope for is that the hipsters will take Bud Platinum under their berets and wool coats and let us rednecks have our PBR back!


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Resie Rae said...

We've taken to calling it EPW- Extra Piss Water. Triple Horse Filtered. LOL

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