Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Quest for Younger!

“For once per year the beer travelers of the world shall make a pilgrimage to the chosen dispensaries, and there will be beer!”

Ok, so we gather all the time, I’m not a prophet, and even though Pliny the Younger is limited, it’s still an attainable brew. Mysterious as it may be, Pliny the Younger is not impossible to get in your glass, you’ve just got to be willing to work for it.

Wakin’ with the rooster, our day started as the sun cracked the horizon. With things to do and beer to drink, there was no time to waste.

Unfortunately, real life takes it’s toll, and we hadn’t even packed yet.

As I headed outside to take care of chores, Jessica feverishly packed bags and finished up the last of the inside chores. By 9:30, we were turning dollars into exhaust and headed down the highway! It’s the weekend and nothing can stop us now!

Arriving at the Falling Rock Taphouse somewhere around 11:30 a.m. we were pleased to see the place not yet packed! We might even get a stab at a table... but first things first! We must figure out how we get that beer that we’ve traveled so many miles to sample!

Greeted at the door by an angle; a real life hoppy goddess who, with her fist full of golden tickets, ensures orderly conduct on our quest for the Younger!  We were told to get in line when called, “You’ve got your beer!”

WOOOHOOOOO! That’s what I wanted to hear!

You don't often see a lineup like that!
But CRAP! What are the wife and I going to do for 2 hours in a bar where we don’t know anyone?

Well.... Drink beer of course!

Starting off with a Tank 7, perhaps SWMBO’s favorite “Not La Folie” beer, and I with a fine chocolate flavored sampling from Crooked Stave, we made our way to the basement and found an empty table behind the last pool table.

It didn’t take long to learn that we had eaten too little too late for breakfast, and decided on a pile of the fried mushrooms for a lunch time snack.

I am sorry (Happy) to say that you’ll never find better bar food than at the Falling Rock! It’s simply the best beer paired with the best bar food you’ll find.

When I went to order our little snack, they had served the final Tank 7! Great! Now what?
This is the Falling Rock, and I’d expect nothing less that Craft Beer Mecca! And  I wasn’t disappointed.

Boulevard Brewing Chocolate Ale came on to replace the Tank 7.

Not my favorite beer in town, but the Chocolate Ale has been hard to get and caused a frenzy in Kansas City where friends of ours waited for over 2 hours to purchase 1 bottle.

While I was up... I figured I should get a Cocoa Mole from New Belgium as well. I know that I’ve got one at home, but this will be a good comparison between tap and bottle.

A secondary migration.

Pliny the Younger In Glass!
Just as fermentation doesn’t really change chemically after racking to secondary fermentation, the relaxed mood stayed pleasantly calm as we lined up for our Pliny!

The Yellow ticketed patrons were guaranteed a beer and were first in line, and then the Red tickets. These are the folks that showed up late but still might have a chance.

With this system, there was no pushing or shoving, and the beer flowed at a controlled pace.
Not long after the Pliny was gone, there was a second prize for Russian River fans.

We bid adieu fair Younger! Till next year!

We just happened to be lucky enough to get a heads up that Supplication would be coming on soon.

As luck would have it, I got the opportunity to stick my head into the cave of high hopes.... that is to say the beer cooler, and grab a picture of Chris changing out the Pliny the Younger for the Supplication. I swear I heard angles singing in there!

Never failing to impress, Chris taps the Supplication

This gem of sour mystery took about 15 minutes to kick... OK. MAYBE 20 minutes, but I’m not sure I ever saw the tap close. I certainly wouldn’t say that it out-shined the Pliny tapping, but I would take a Supplication over nearly any beer on the market most days, so I was fully happy!

This is the long way to say that Falling Rock puts on one hell of a show, and I couldn’t be happier with my “Birthday Present” from Vinnie, Chris and every person who had a hand in my glass of Pliny the Younger... and that is not to mention my wonderful wife who made the whole trip possible!

And to top it all off, I got a lot of Birthday wishes from Twitter pals and fans of the blog. THANK YOU! One and all, I sure appreciate your friendship!

Don't forget to check out the Video below!

Great Times!


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