Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Colorado Cracks down on DUI!

As the craft beer and spirit business booms in Colorado, so does the bad judgement of some folks enjoying the craft industry!

As most of you know, craft beer is typically much higher in alcohol than the average can of BMC (Bud Miller or Coors) and critics like to think that this can lead drinkers of this fine art into driving when they shouldn't!

None of us want our craft beer hobby to endanger anyone else, nor do we want to shine a bad light on the craft beer industry, so I post this news alert for you to read as a reminder to make your plans before you are feeling 10 feet tall and bullet proof!

Drink safe people!


Denver, CO –Luck ran out for more than 424 Colorado drivers who got behind the wheel after too much green beer over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday weekend. As these individuals learn about the consequences of a DUI, the state’s Persistent Drunk Driver (PDD) Committee has released the top ten counties for DUI cases filed in 2011.

Image courtesy of www.mutineermagazine.com

Among the top ten counties for DUI offenses in 2011 are Denver (3,123), El Paso (2,902), Adams (2,892), Arapahoe/Aurora (2,603), Jefferson (2,023), Weld (1,334), Larimer (1,083), Boulder (1,073), Mesa (886), and Douglas (847). Other county data is available on the www.NODUIColorado.org website, which was launched in December. The website, developed by state agencies on the PDD Committee, serves as a resource to help Coloradans make safer choices before getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or other drugs.

“We have identified these areas as hot spots for DUIs. Law enforcement agencies in these areas are committed to increased enforcement,” said Glenn Davis, PDD Committee member and manager of Impaired Driving Programs at the Colorado Department of Transportation.

A record 114 law enforcement agencies around the state took part in ‘The Heat is On’ enforcement for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend resulting in 424 arrests. The highest arrests occurred in Denver (48), Colorado Springs (36) and Aurora (29). There were four traffic fatalities over the holiday weekend, three were alcohol-related. For arrest numbers of other agencies, visit www.HeatIsOnColorado.com.

“We had a record number of officers on our roads looking for impaired drivers over the holiday weekend, and more than 400 people were caught drinking and driving,” said Colonel James Wolfinbarger, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “Despite all of our efforts, unfortunately three people were killed due to impaired driving. No matter what time of the year impaired driving will not be tolerated and you will be arrested.”

In addition to the DUI filings, the website aims to provide a wealth of information and DUI-related resources for at-risk individuals, family members and friends needing support, professionals working in alcohol and drug prevention and even policymakers who need to get up-to-speed on DUI topics. Other useful features include downloadable Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) phone apps, brochures and a step-by-step healthy habits plan to help avoid future alcohol and drug-related impairment problems.

Image from pjmedia.com
 “Our goal is to educate the public before a DUI arrest even occurs - to give them information on alternative transportation options and to encourage them to plan ahead with a sober designated driver,” continued Davis. “But unfortunately that’s not always the case. Another portion of the website provides information on what happens after a DUI arrest, with information on court costs, fines and steps someone must take to get their license back after a DUI conviction.”

The PDD Committee was formed as part of the Persistent Drunk Driver Act of 1998. Several state agencies make up the Committee, including the Colorado Department of Human Services, State
Judicial Branch, Department of Transportation and the Department of Revenue. The committee is charged with developing and implementing programs to deter persistent drunk and drug-related driving, as well as provide public education. A persistent drunk driver is defined as someone with two or more alcohol or drug related driving violations or someone with a BAC of .17 or higher, even if it’s their first offense.


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Laura said...

Prevention is always better than cure. Kudos to Colorado for making such an initiative. Each car accident could cost lives, aside from vehicles and public property. It doesn't matter if the car was from a used cars derby or brand new from a dealership.

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