Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Disorderly Conduct!

Unfortunately, not everything in the Kahuna world is all organized and well thought out.... especially over the last few days!

For whatever reason, Jessica decided that it was time to kick the bedroom remodel into overdrive. That is to say begin it.

Some time ago perhaps 2008 or so, we decided that our bedroom would be our tropical oasis in Colorado.

Unfortunately, my overzealous angst to “Get it done” and Jessica’s lack of understanding what I had in mind, we ended up with a room with Canary Yellow and electric teal walls. Not exactly what either of us had in mind! It was more of a “Bahamas Rum Bar” than “Quaint Love shack in the keys”

So we’ve been collecting nicknacks and treasures from all over, you know, for when we “re-do” our bedroom.

Well it has all come to a head and with Jessica working day and night getting the room ready to paint, catching up on 100% of the laundry and all the other great stuff she does.... I’m kinda feeling a bit like an invalid watching her work.

So, what do we drink during all of this crazyness? Well, in honor of our tropical beach themed  project and the end of our Jamaican flag room... Red Stripe! And a damn big bottle at that.

It seems like everyone has a Red Stripe story to tell. Either you’ve never had it... and your story is pretty short, or you’ve got some sort of wild night in Jamaica, a holly tear in the south of Texas or maybe it’s just a lazy afternoon on the beach.

My story begins in Jamaica. For the longest time, that was the only place I’d seen it. But where this plot thickens is when I admit that I was a lad of just 13 years old.

Red Strip appeared to my youthful and inexperienced eye, as perhaps the quintessential experience for travelers visiting the beautiful island.

After a day or two of haggling with the parental unit, I talked my way into my very first Red Stripe beer with dinner. I’ll never forget it!

The meal consisted of curried goat, jerked chicken and my glorious bottle of the nectar of the caribbean.

Well, we are far from Jamaica and I’m even farther from 13 years-old, but I still enjoy the stubby bottled brew.

When I need a beer, not a high-falut’n craft brew that only comes in a 4 pack or bomber, but a good o’l fashion barley pop, I very often enjoy Red Stripe.

The crisp grainy flavor of this fairly full bodied lager is always refreshing and still tasty enough to satisfy my high-Falut’n taste buds!

There is that “Caribbean Twang” that I’ve made mention of in other brews such as Banks from Barbados, Carib, and even the beers from St.Thomas Brewers. I don’t know what it is, and you could easily call it an imperfection, but it’s something I’ve come to expect and enjoy!

Either way, I dig Red Stripe! If you’ve never had it, try it! If you’ve had it and like it.... Cheers!

If you have your own Red Stripe Story, I’d LOVE to hear about it in the comments!

Now... Off to see if I can help with some heavy lifting.... OR I could just go look for a bottle of Reggae Rum!


Gimme a woot woot if you can get behind the Reggae and Red Stripe!

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Anonymous said...

In less than a month I will be drinking Red Stripe
from a chair on 7 mile Negril!

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The adventure never stops
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