Saturday, March 24, 2012

Family Vacation?

As I was perusing the internet for vacation tips (You can never have too many) I stumbled across the tips in today's post.

 I tend to write like a guy that is always taking a couples vacations and don’t much pay any mind to the kids. But the fact is, I’ve got two kids, and so do a LOT of you! If you want to get the most enjoyment out of them, you've got to show them the world!

Beer guys tend to have three things in common. We all like beer (Pretty Obvious!) and we all have hot wives! But the tendency with hot wives.... Is that eventually... You’re gonna have some kids come along!

So if you’ve got a few bundles of joy and you think that your vacation fun is over, think again!

Regardless of the fun that I’ve had partying it up in Key West or chilling on the beach with Craft Beer and Rum in St. Thomas, nothing compares to the joys of watching my kids discover what the ocean has to offer!

So when you take off for the family vacation this summer, keep these following tips in mind!

Survival tips for your family vacation:
Keep a snack stash. Hunger is the happy traveler's kryptonite, as moods can go south quickly when you're in need of a snack. The type of snacks you choose is also important, as snacks overloaded with sugar might not help you feel satisfied for long - and sugary snacks can also leave your kids with lots of energy and nowhere to burn it off. Try stocking up on healthier snacks that are convenient for on-the-go situations like pretzels. They come in a wide variety of shapes and flavors, including 100-calorie packs and gluten-free varieties, offering something for everyone on board.
Pretzel Pieces, which range in flavor from Buffalo Ranch to the new Bacon Cheddar are an especially good option for crumb- and mess-free snacking.
* Take a clean-up kit. Hand sanitizer, napkins and hand wipes can help keep everyone - and the inside of your car - clean during your trip. If you have younger children, keeping a bag with a change of clothes easily accessible can help you weather any bad spills or accidents.
* Don't forget the fun. Car games can make the time fly by for children. If you're driving, games like car bingo and the license plate game are fun ways to help your child discover the scenery. To combine food and fun, use pretzel bits as bingo pieces or a tasty game of tic-tac-toe. Bringing pads for doodling is never a bad idea either, and washable markers are always a good option since they won't easily break like crayons or colored pencils might.
* Make it easy to get some shut-eye. If you have a longer trip planned, bringing smaller travel pillows and blankets to help your passengers rest when they get sleepy can help keep everyone happy. You may also want to consider sun-blocking screens that still allow the driver to see out the window - although a comfortable pair of sunglasses for the little ones can also help.
*Keep travel-friendly technology handy. Smartphones and tablets make great travel companions for adults, giving you access to helpful maps, restaurant reviews, tourism sites, twitter and You can also scan the Web for travel-related games for the kids.

I hope you all have some sort of trip planned for the summer, and if not, I hope that this will inspire you to plan one!

Remember... Nobody ever dies wishing that they’d traveled less, and the memories you create with your kids will last them a lifetime!!



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