Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's go a bit mad!

Today I want to talk to you all about a “Green Drink” that’s got nothing to do with food coloring in a cheap beer, nor does it have to do with homebrew that hasn’t been in the bottle long enough.
Today, after several requests, I want to share with you my method for making Absinthe.

Since it’s invention in 1797, Absinthe has enjoyed a grand reputation for making people go insane. It is even said that Absinthe was what drove Van Gogh mad and made him cut off his ear!

 I would argue that point, but since I’ve been making and drinking this stuff for a few years now.... and some of you have met me in person... I’ll pass on that argument.

I will say that in the 1800’s, people had a very dangerous problem called ignorance.

There were folks drinking Absinthe at a rate of a bottle per day.... That’s likely to make you insane even if it were just vodka.

For people who indulge that way, there is a saying that hold true. Stupidity has it’s own reward!

You have all heard the stories of seeing Pixies and other wild hallucinations from the psychotropic properties of the wormwood. I am here to tell you that it’s possible.... Maybe.

I seriously doubt that you’d manage to experience any psychedelic influence with the quantities you could consume. We are talking about an alcohol that is going to run 67% ABV in the final product, and you just can’t drink that much of it!

There are several bottles of Absinthe on the shelf at the local bottle shop, but all of them are in the $40 range, and none of them have very good reviews online.

Because of the USDA restrictions on Artemisia Absinthium... commonly known as wormwood, it is illegal to sell products for consumption that contain the herb, therefore, you are assured that the $40 bottles do not contain the wormwood. *** Please Note that this herb is NOT controlled by the FDA***

The workaround? Make your own with a Green Devil Absinthe Kit.

Green Devil Absinthe Kit and a Liter each of Everclear and Vodka
The only thing the kit doesn’t come with is a 1 ltr bottle of Everclear and 1 ltr of Vodka... and a big enough jar to make it in.

I suppose a purest would point out that this kit does not produce true Absinthe because it is not distilled after the maceration. I will point out that it’s cost effective, fun to make, and tastes wonderful!

There are a few things we need to talk about before we begin.

Safety First! This shit is more flammable than Coleman Lantern Fuel... So BE CAREFUL!

Also, I need you all to take an oath. Raise your right hand and pledge to Kahuna... “I will never let plastic of any sort touch my Absinthe!”

This means glass or stoneware ONLY people. And remove the gaskets on the jars! Everclear is 95% ABV, and that is enough to very quickly leach nasty chemicals out of plastics, so don’t even chance it!

NO PLASTIC! EVER! That means take off the gaskets on your jars!
The kit comes with two big tea bag looking sacks full of herbs. Leave them closed.
One is about twice the size of the other and that’s the one you’ll need first.

The kit recommends soaking the first bag for five days and the second bag for three, but that’s not the Kahuna Way!

I split the batch into two jars. One bag in each jar for 4 days. This gives the same damn results, a few days faster.

Splitting the batch allows for faster completion.
It’s that simple. Just squeeze the bags when you take them out and you are good to go!

When you bottle, just line a funnel (Metal please) with a coffee filter and that will take out the flakes of herbs that are left in the mixture.

Come on back and see me on Saturday when I will share with you the “Kahuna Method” for drinking your newest addition to the liquor cabinet!



Anonymous said...

Does splitting up the two into separate jars make it weaker thujone?
I would think that soaking the first part with the full two liters would absorb more thujone from the wormwood. Also I was wondering if you've had King gold absinthe or king platinum absinthe. If so how has does it compare? Or have u ever had any european absinthe? And how does that compare on a scale of 1-10?

BigKahuna Brew said...

First of all, I can tell you that following directions and soaking bag 1 then bag 2 makes a smoother, more attractive product. The fast method I described, ended up a tad bit "Muddy" and really didn't look as nice as other batches.
I have had King Gold, and I prefer this. Perhaps because it's what I've grown to like, perhaps because it is better... Guess it doesn't really matter why.

Phrench said...

Does this Absinthe tastes really bitter and like arse? I've read several review of people saying this stuff tasted pretty awful.

Charles Hoffman said...

Absinthe is VERY bitter and quite strong. That is why it's traditional to add sugar and water. If you don't like Annice and Mint, you might compare it to ass, but not in my book. I actually enjoy the flavor, like a big green black jelly bean with a very strong alcohol burn.

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