Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The Time Changed!

Now I’m all messed up! The sun hasn’t made it’s way up from the east when my alarm starts going off, the day seems to take FOREVER... and I’m tired like none other!

Normally, I’d call it Jet Lag and a slight hangover, but this week it’s all due to Daylight Saving Time.
I’m not the type to want it removed from our lives forever! If that happened, what would I have to bitch about to open this blog post?

No, I look at this as more of an opportunity! The evenings are useful again, the weather is changing and believe it or not, the grass is starting to get a green tinge.... Maybe it’s just excited about St. Patrick's Day! (Don't forget to check in on Saturday for the special GREEN POST)

No doubt about it, summer is well on it’s way and I can’t say a bad thing about it! Come’on Baby!

So today I’ve got a decidedly summer brew to share with you guys.

Dogfish Head Tweason’Ale

It’s gluten-free, made with honey and has strawberries in it! What else could you ask for?
At 6% ABV and pouring light and fizzy, I could definitely call this a session ale. I can tell right away that it’s not going to be weighing me down or filling me up. 

It’s got a deep copper color that certainly reflects it’s strawberry heritage.
The head is bright white and dissipates quickly to a subtle layer of constant white that just coats the top of the beer.

The smell is of honey and strawberries... DUH!

Tasting this beer is a bit of a surprise. It’s got a VERY light mouthfeel, more like a hard cider than beer. The Buckwheat gives a strange tangy malt character but it’s pretty well hidden behind the strange strawberry cider character.
The honey and strawberry are a pair that I’ve had in my glass before. The thing I didn’t really like about my Strawberry mead was that the strawberry took on that cidery funky musty flavor and totally skipped the taste-bud popping, mouthwatering fresh juicy flavor of a strawberry.
I am tasting that same flavor in this beer, and while it’s not particularly bad, it’s just a bit of a letdown.
Perhaps I was expecting a miracle from the only man I’m 100% sure my wife would leave me for.
I know how strawberry turns out when you mix it with alcohol, I’ve been doing it for years! But somehow I expected this to be better!
The unfortunate thing for me, is I expect sweet things to be sweet. Simple as that. And when you mix something like a strawberry (Sweet), with Honey (Sweet and thick), and present my palate with those flavors in a thin dry fizzy medium... I’m just not impressed.
There is nothing wrong with this brew for sure, and I’m betting that a LOT of people will rave about it. In fact, some of you may be calling me dirty names right now..... (I like comments.... even if you’re calling me names.)
I will not be throwing the rest of the bottles out, and actually, I am looking forward to sucking one down in about 4 months when it’s 105 degrees out and I’ve been sweating and mowing for an hour... But not today.
For me, for now, I’m actually giving this one to the wife and headed for a big glass of ice water.


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