Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oh Mio!

What happens when a Big Kahuna decides to reduce a bit?

Well... The first thing that happens, is remembering what it’s like to be hungry!

The second thing, is you just sorta quit drinking pop... Unless it’s got rum in it of course.

The third thing, water. LOTS and LOTS of water. But it gets old pretty quick, so I started searching out the newest gimmicky junk that I could use to spice things up.

Having tried vinegar and deciding its going to eat the enamel off my teeth if I keep that up, trying Chocolate Syrup and deciding that defeats the point of a diet, and Tabasco Sauce... Which is actually worse than you’d think... I picked up a bottle of Mio at the checkout counter at the local gas-n-go.

In true Big Kahuna Style, I grabbed the red flavor... Of energy drops.

Also in true Big Kahuna Style... I promptly squirted it all over the window and side of the pickup while trying to figure out how the bottle worked!

With no calories, lots of flavor, warnings on the side that say NOT to mix it with alcohol... I’m thinking this has got to be a bottle full of voodoo!

I don’t know what is in it, or how it’s going to kill me, but for now... I don’t care. It’s helping make the water tolerable, and the caffeine helps to offset the lack of tobacco in my system.

With the crap ton of flavors available in the non energy version of Mio, I’m thinking there is some experimentation in my near future.

Can anyone say “Energy Shots” and not have a smile just thinking about it? I certainly can't, and think there is a possibility that if the drinks and shooters are as good as this bottle of water, MiO might have a place on My-o Bar shelf for some time to come!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brazilian... Go all the way!

Is there anything that the Brazilians don’t do better? From their steaks an sunsets to the crystal clear waters. From their bikini’s and wax jobs to the Margarita-one-upped cocktail called the Caipirinha... The Brazilians just have more fun... they go all-the-way!

That’s why, I believe, the restaurant style of the Churrasco style steak houses have caught on so quickly around these parts.

Let’s face it. Colorado builds some seriously great beef. Quite honestly, some of the best in the world. But, and I'm not sure why... maybe it's just one of those things that are dictated by world markets and politics... we DO NOT have the best steak houses!

Well... Maybe, thanks to the Brazilian theme joints, we do.

I’ve been a fan of the Texas De Brazil in Denver for quite a few years. I tell my friends, take them there, then I sit back, relax, and watch the servers bring us food! MMMM Meat!

This weekend was all about a trip to Colorado Springs. A double date if you will. With some friends that we’ve quite literally been friends with forever.

I have been friends with my best friends wife since Kindergarten, and him since I could drive. Trust me when I say we’ve shared a LOT of food together... But Tucanos, another one of those Brazilian joints... Was the most enjoyable in recent memory.

Newly opened, and still experiencing some of those fun little “New Restaurant” quirks, Tucanos is a delight despite it’s flaws.

The first and biggest, flaws was the lack of beer!
Try One: Bristol Laughing Lab..... OUT!
Try Two: Breckenridge Avalanche..... OUT!
Try Three: Bristol’s Beehive Honey Wheat....OUT!

“It’s a new restaurant, less than a month old.” I tell myself. “They are bound to have these issues.”

Well, if this is my only complaint, we are doing well. But I see this as the most grievous,  is that they are in Colorado, and we expect BEER! CRAFT BEER, and we want SELECTION!

Maybe they didn’t see that they are no further than exactly across the street from ROCK BOTTOM.... Where I CAN get a COLORADO BEER and GREAT food! There will be times that I will choose not to eat at Tucanos because of their lack of craft beer selection. Perhaps they should shout across the street and see if Rock Bottom has a few kegs they could tap!

Should their management ever see this blog: 
Let’s see some real support of Colorado Craft Beer here! You, and your customers, (Namely ME!) are missing out on one hell of an opportunity here!

Ok, I get the new restaurant thing, and their having a few dry taps. But their beer list, in a state like Colorado... Really, truly, shameful!

Ok. Done complaining. EVERYTHING else was great.

Service? Not quite up to the levels of the best of the Brazilian Steak joints I’ve eaten at, but damn sure the best today! And I suspect that the servers will continue to improve. I don't see this place having a lot of turnover... judging by the Texas de Brazil that we eat at... which has had mostly the same staff since our first visit.

Quality of food? Right up there! Certainly in the top 10 percent of the best I’ve had from any restaurant, not just the ones that serve steak on a sword! Definitely nothing to complain about. Seriously, the only problem we had with the food was when a slice of Picanha (Fire Roasted Top Sirloin, sliced from the sword at your table) was so rare that a really good Vet could have probably saved it.

BUT, when Brad, our server / Gaucho... Saw us trading slices with the wives, he asked if it was too rare, and soon returned with a sword of much more cooked beef! EXCELLENT!

If you’ve never been to a Brazilian style Churrasco, let me give you the Kahuna tips:

1. Don’t freak out about the price!!!! Not that there is any freaking out to be done at Tucanos... $21 Per person base.... Our bill broke out to less than $40 each INCLUDING DRINKS... Sadly NOT Beer! And their Lunch starts at $13! I spend that at McDonalds!

2. Don’t fill up on the salad bar. I usually figure the meat is free... Because these places have such a GREAT salad bar area.

3. Don’t forget to order a Caipirinha! It’s Brazilian. It’s good, and this may be the ONLY place you ever find a bartender that knows what the hell you’re talking about! Hopefully that will change, especially now that the Gub-Ment recognizes Cachaca as a new and separate kind of rum!

4. TRY EVERYTHING! It’s a chore! Especially the first time in. But you’ll soon find your favorites. And when you do, don’t be afraid to ask the Gaucho (Dude with meat on a stick) to serve you a good size portion.

5. Do Not Save Room For Dessert! But do order one! Every one of these places will put it in a box for you... And six hours later... You’re going to be wanting a snack. You wont’ be sorry.... Unless your forget about it and find it in the fridge a week later!

Really, unless you’re a vegetarian, there is no reason to keep denying yourself the joys of a Brazilian!

And even if you are a Vegetarian... I’ll bet you can find a Brazilian you’ll enjoy!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kombucha Please

What the hell happened? Have I turned into some funny smelling, vegetable eating, scruffy looking hippie with some sort of damn mold on top of the fridge?

Two of my batches with my new bottles of "Factory" Kombucha
Ugh... I do feel bad for my wife, because part of that question is an easy YES! I’ve always smelled a little funny, and shaving has never been my favorite, but she really does live right in and amongst the science experiment of a life time.

Between the fermentation... Both intentional.... And not (I’ll do the dishes tomorrow I PROMISE!!!!!) Vinegar growing in bottles and carboys and jars strung about the house, the projects that I keep starting with the kids, including the girl’s new Black Powder Rifle... That has the table, half the couch and a portion of the living room floor occupied, and the cat that seems to think the world is her oyster, it’s a small wonder she abandons us for her corner of the bed and disappears into her phone for hours at a time.

But anyway, We’ve been down the road to vinegar together. We, that is to say that I, made some friggen awesome peach vinegar that is still serving it’s duty on salads two or three times per week.

I wish I could say my malt vinegar was coming along like that, but its’ not.

As I’ve decided, recently, to try and become a bit less of a “Big” kahuna, we went in search of gimmicky health food crap at one of those “Hippie” grocery stores. The whole damn place smells like you fell into a jar of spices, they have juice made from dope in the refrigerator and granola in those funny dispensers that the Brew Hut uses to dispense grains.

After a few minutes, it struck me... “This place might have Kombucha!”

A product I first became interested in about a year and a half ago, Kombucha is sometimes referred to as “fermented tea.”  I wouldn’t call it fermented, but I suppose it technically qualifies.

The SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) chews up sugar and makes alcohol... Which the bacteria immediately gobbles up and turns into acetic acid.

Healthy SCOBY in a 2 1/2 gallon batch with Black Tea
It’s pretty much that simple, at least from a Kanuna level view. The folks at Kombucha Kamp, get really into the whole deal, selling jugs to brew it in, warmers, flavors, so-on and on and on.

I was tempted to go that rout, and probably should have, but decided I could do it! So I used a vinegar mother that I’d grown, a recipe I found on the interwebz, and just sorta did it.

I’d never tasted Kombucha before, so when mine was ready, I had NO IDEA what to expect!

Dry, vinegar and tea... That pretty much covers it. Better over ice, and really goes down nice in the morning. Really wakes your ass up!

My 3 gallon batch of Acai Berry Green Tea.
So I did find Kombucha in the hippy market, and I can’t wait to try it.

I have some 2 gallon batches that are right at a year old now, and guess what... Just like Beer, Wine, Cheese, Rum, and McDonalds French Fries... It gets better with age.

I’m dig’n it right now, so I’m bottling the old stuff, getting new batches going, and cant’ wait to see where this leads! The best I can tell, is that you're only limited by the kid of teas that you can find to brew. And even that is not very limiting because you can blend this stuff with anything!

Let me know if you give it a go!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time To Plant

Well, It's April 19.  That means that some people, the lucky people, the chosen few... are seeing their hop vines poking through the soil and starting their epic journey to the sky where they will produce lupulin wonders for the world to share.

But not mine. Mine died last year, and need to be re-planted.

Kahuna Hops are in a sad state this spring!

I understand that had the old ones lived, they would still be in the ground, freeze or not. But the new little rhizomes seem like they should have the benefit of being planted in some warm and cozy soil to ensure the best chance of survival!

I admit, I'm not a gardener. Also, I admit that I'm not very good at timing! SO... If there are any rhizomes left by the time I get around to it, I'll be trying again this year, and hopping for the best!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How do you enjoy it?

Trying to be a more accepting person is hard for someone like me. I tend to be very opinionated and I like things the way I like them.... That's IT!

I have told you what I think of drinking craft beer from a shaker pint, and I've told you what I think about drinking mass produced piss water brews!

I have decided that the reasons I feel so strongly about these things, is that I want everyone to enjoy craft beer the same as I do.

I have a tendency to be very passionate about things that I like. Just ask my wife. She is so sick of hearing about beer and rum and airplanes and beaches and.... well, not really beaches... She loves them too. But you get the point.

I do enjoy the things that I enjoy with all my being. I sip, savor and enjoy life for all it's worth.

Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

I was quite encouraged by Bahama Bob Leonard the other day, as he wrote about how he enjoys his rum.

    A  snifter of fine quality rum is to be savored by the nose, palate and throat in it journey through your senses.    The aroma must lead you to the palate and then to the throat as the nectar passes it's way through your tasting and smelling receptors.    A snifter of premium rum should take 45 minutes to an hour to finish if you are going to be able to extract all of the pleasure and enjoyment from these nectar's of the spirit god's.

Bahama Bob approaches things much like I do. With the attitude that you must "Just enjoy it."

Check out more of Bahama Bob at his Blog HERE!

So if you find yourself rushing through life, saving time for nothing but getting through till the next day, I would encourage you to slow down!

Take your time and enjoy life. Get a bottle of rum, or some craft beer. And get the good stuff. It's going to take some time to drink it, so that $30 will go a lot further than it would if you spent it on cheap beer! So I make the argument that It's actually more cost effective. 

Pour a glass and enjoy it. It doesn't matter if it's premium rum, craft beer, or even a glass of plain 'ol sweet tea. Enjoy your self. Find the things in your day that make you smile and think of ways to get more of that.

I hope that reading here at BKB is one thing that helps make you smile! If it is, the good news is that you can get more of that on Thursday.

See ya then!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Worth Checking Out

I have a confession to make.... then an explanation.

I don't read a lot of beer blogs. But I have, what I consider to be, a good reason. I don't want BKB to ever become another cardboard cutout, redressing the same old stuff, in the same old way.

There are a few that I read pretty religiously, and I read a LOT of rum and travel blogs. I figure that if I pick up some nuances from those sights, it will be OK because not every beer blogger is writing like a rum guy!

I am all about fun, and that's what I aim to bring to your day. I don't really care if it's taking you along on a beach vacation or a trip to the liquor store. I don't care if we share a rum punch or a dozen different styles of Craft Beer. I don't care if we are in Colorado, Florida or the Caribbean! We're going to have us a reel good 'ol time!

So, for your Saturday reading pleasure, Here are a few things that brought a smile to my face this week:

This little creation, called a TICKLED PINK was spotted by Team Cocktail on their facebook page. It consists of:
1 oz captain Morgan’s spiced rum
1 oz gin
1 oz vodka
1 oz tequila
1 oz cointreau or triple sec
2 oz guava nectar (such as Kearns)
2 oz club soda (or to taste)
lime wedges as garnish
1 oz fresh lime juice

Team Cocktail is the charging force behind the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl that you have heard me promoting at every turn. I don't say "You Should Be There" as a matter of political correctness. I truly believe that this event will be the highlight of your September!  We had a great time last year! We learned a lot, and we are going to be bigger and better this year. Live bands, drink specials, and plenty of fun to be had by all!

One of the Beer blogs that I really do enjoy, written by my Twitter Pal, @Goats_Udder and located at much to my surprise has ventured into the distillation world. You all know that I'm seriously supporting the effort to legalize hobby scale home distillation, so I was certainly excited to see another beer blogger dabbling in the dark arts! 
Check her video out, then head on over and check the rest of FugglyBrew out!

I must admit that I've got a serious weakness for Wood Aged and sour beers. That's why Lee Williams new project, Fascinating Ales, appeals to me so much. 
If You have any desire to learn more about these great beer styles, check out Fascinating Ales on Facebook and Twitter @FascinatingAles:

If Lee's other projects, like Hoptopia, are any indication, you'll want to be in on the ride with Fascinating Ales. Lee also has a book coming out before the end of the year, so check in on him and score some details!

If you like Rum, and let's be honest... who doesn't like Rum... Check out Coastlines & Tanlines as Carlton gets ready for his first Miami Rum Renaissance as a Rum XP judge. 

The festival promises to be a great time for those that can make it. Think GABF for Rum. I don't think you could possibly go and NOT have a great time!

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend!

Remember to have FUN with it! That's what it's all about!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Booze Update

Well did any of you try making fruited vodka?

I thought that I’d give everyone a quick update on the progress of my fruit maceration.

The Raspberry version is rocking like an 80’s hair band!

It cleared very quickly, took on a wonderful color and smells and tastes like summer in a shot glass.

So far, I have tried this one mixed with ginger ale, Mtn Dew, coconut water and as a shooter. I have not been let down yet. The flavor is just awesome, and it mixes with everything you think Raspberry should mix with.

The Peach version.... That’s another story all together.

As you can see, I’m cold crashing it in the refrigerator with hopes that it will eventually settle all of it’s cloudy, murky gook to the bottom.

 The peach color is more of a urine yellow rather than a beautiful peach color. I suppose a drop of food coloring would fix this right up... If it ever clears.

The flavor is of peaches, but it’s not a pleasing peach flavor. It’s muddy, it’s harsh and it has no appealing quality to me at all.

I have not given up on the peach, as I’m hoping that the suspended solids are causing the muddy flavors, and I think that with enough added sugar the flavor will come back in line with what I was hoping for.

I will keep you all abreast of any changes in this project as they develop.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I’ve long held a single belief about craft beer.

I like the carbonation of a canned beer better than a bottled beer.

I like the way it opens gently, pours softly and is a better overall experience.

When I decided to test this theory, there just happened to be a subject staring me in the face. There was a bottle of Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA sitting right next to a can in the fridge.

Not sure exactly when either were made, but I do remember ending up with both in the cart at the same time, so I know that they were purchased on the same day.

I had the wife pour them into identical glasses and bring them to me blind. After tasting, I begged to know which one  was which!

Results were:

Beer 1- slightly more dense head. Very slightly more hop nose. The initial sip revealed caramel, then bitter, then malt.

After a sip of water, I noticed some mango and perhaps apple notes just as the beer traveled over the back of the tongue.

The finish was slightly more bitter on the finish than beer 2, with very little more malt on the back end.

This beer has a much nicer carb level. It feels the same on the palate, but looks like beer 2 carbonation on sedatives! It’s much more mellow, and holding a good 1/8 more head in the glass.

Beer 2- slightly less dense head, but looks about the same. The hop nose isn’t as pronounced, but pretty well the same.

The initial taste reveals Malt, Bitter, then caramel. Same flavors as beer 1, but in a different order.

After water, the fruity compounds are there, but different. Much less complex and not the same fruit! Maybe... Pineapple and grass?

The finish is certainly more dry, and crisp, but less bitter. There is not the “thirst inducing bitter” I usually get with big IPA style beer.

Overall, I decided that beer 1 had a smooth, drinkable quality with a more noticeable hop nose. The bitterness seemed a bit more assertive on the finish, leaving me wanting a sip of water.

Beer 2, was just as smooth, drinkable and enjoyable, but with slightly less mouthfeel, a tad more bitter on the front, but less bitter on the finish. It seemed slightly more fruity, but the fruit was very simple. It seemed to finish a bit softer, not leaving me with a parched palate and in need of water.
So, Which Brew is Which? Beer 1 is the bottle.

So much for my theory about carb levels!

Also, I must say, the photos were taken about 6 hours earlier with canned beer. And this isn't the glass I used for the blind test! I used a tulip style wine glass for the test, because I had 2 and they were polished clean!

I don’t know what contributed to the difference of the two, but there were, in-fact, differences!
Nothing major, but ever so slight differences that lead me to want to try this again in six weeks or so!

I could certainly get behind the cans if I were planning a night out where an extra glass of water were not directly at hand.

But the bottles... I love bottles! Simple as that! I hate shelling out the cash for cans, knowing that I can never refill them!

I don’t brew as much as I’d like, and I don’t re-use bottles as much as I should. But the fact is, Sierra Nevada bottles kick ass for a homebrewer, and I feel better about spending my money on something that not only CAN be recycled... But something that I CAN recycle!

So after my blind experiment... With a subp-par palate, I guess I’m left with something that I’ve been saying at the end of the videos... Expand your palate! Try new things, but ALWAYS drink what you like!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Label your wares!

I am a homebrewer! I make beer and wine and mead. I put a ton of time and effort into making the best products that I can. Recipe development, equipment and personal skills all come into play and contribute to the final product.

Many of you can relate to these statements. I figure about half of you are homebrewers of one kind or another. And for those of you that don’t actually make beer and wine, there is a portion of you that make liqueurs from vodka or whatever and plenty of you that make simple syrup of many varieties.

The one thing we all have in common is the mass of bottles with no labels on them.

Another thing that you may be able to relate to is the mountain of bottles that eventually accumulate. First, they are full, and you need to know what is in them, then they are empty and you need to be able to get that damn label off without spending an hour doing it!

Today, I’m going to show you how I label a bottle. It’s fast, cost effective, and gives you a great looking product that isn’t going to plague you in the future. That is to say, the labels stick fast, but are easily removed when it’s time for the next batch!

I wish I could take credit as the brainchild behind this idea, but it's another great tip that I picked up a few years ago, at

I use this method exclusively, and the only downside is that you can’t dunk your bottles in a cooler full of ice and expect to have any labels left when you pull them out.

The first thing I do is create a label on the computer. I use Illustrator most of the time, but before I owned a publishing company, I used Microsoft word, Print shop or whatever other  program I could find.

I print the labels on regular typing paper with a regular inkjet printer, and I cut them out with regular old scissors!

Then I stick them on the bottles with regular old milk!

That’s right, MILK. After all, it does a body good!

It’s simple as it gets.

You just pour some milk on a plate, dredge the label and stick it to the bottle.

No need for glue sticks, and honestly, no need for paintbrushes and the countless other things people use to complicate the process.

These labels look good, even with my extremely limited design skills and imagination. There is just something about a batch of bottles with fresh labels that makes my heart melt. It completes the process of homebrewing, and gives me the ultimate feeling of satisfaction and pride in my products.

Carefully slide the label across the surface of the milk.

Shake off the excess and apply to the bottle. Be careful, the edges curl a bit!

Using whatever dry fingers you have, smooth the edges.

Even when it's not perfect, the finished product always brings a smile to my face!
I don’t label everything I make, in fact lots just get marked up with a sharpie. But the ones that make the label, are the ones I like best!

When you’re finished, let the bottles dry for an hour or so, then box them up, stick them on the rack in the cellar, or on the shelf in the fridge!

If you get the chance to share them with someone, you can hand them a bottle that, even with the least bit of care and effort, will look like a million bucks!

If you happen to be part of the... Say... 25% of my readers that don’t brew or mix, now is the time to get to it!

If you have questions about getting started, I’m here for you! There is nothing to fear, and nothing I can’t talk you through for your first batch! (You’ll probably be a better brewer than me after your second or third.... Then you’ll need more help!)

Hope I’ve either helped or inspired you!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

The New Velvet

Well Happy Thursday everyone!

The weekend is here and I think it’s time for some tunes!

Normally, I’m not a huge music fan.  That’s not to say that I don’t like music, I just don’t normally like music for the sake of music. I tend to like music that speaks to me.

Jimmy Buffett, of course, is my favorite. He sings about drinking margaritas and enjoying the good life. That speaks to me.

Reggae is a genre that I tend to like more than most, because it takes me away to some of the best times in my life. One modern Reggae artist, Mishka, rarely falls off the “Recently Played” list on my iTunes.
80’s Rock... Oh Hell Yeah!

Some country music really gets my toes tapping, but I do hate that soggy, poor me, my dog died and the woman left and I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!

Life is rough enough, I certainly don’t need reminded of it when I listen to music!

I like happy music, something I can sing along with. Musical talent, not just noise!

Pop Rock is more often than not, like fingernails on the chalkboard to me. That’s why I feel so compelled to share with you all my newest music find.

The New Velvet is a band consisting of four friends, who've been playing and performing together since high school. That speaks to me! Who didn’t want to be in a band in high school?
Their self-titled album, released in September 2011, has already received attention from popular industry websites such as, Sonicscoop, Gobbler, and

The band is now setting up shows around the US, and solidifying their presence in the music industry.

Their 4 part harmony and musical talent is pretty well demonstrated in the video Bigger Than Love.

Their music is available on iTunes, so it’s pretty easy to check them out!

They are also on FaceBook at
Or on Twitter at @TheNewVelvet

Give it a listen and let me know what you think of these guys.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wildly Refined!

For those of you that do not know about Crooked Stave Brewing, now located in Denver Colo., let me introduce you!

A brewery, started by, run with, and successful because of, Pure Unbridled Passion!

They don’t claim to be main stream, in fact, I’m not sure I’d call them “Craft,” but I think the term CULT fits pretty well.

I’m not talking about the weird, follow me to the space craft and meet your maker type of cult, but the kind of cult following that line up each year to buy into the “Cellar Reserve” program for $300 per person.

Crooked Stave doesn’t even list the word “Brewery” in their name or logo. They consider their undertaking to be the “Artisan Beer Project”! And I’m certainly good with that!

What it means to us, as cult followers of his High Royal Greatness, Chad Yacobson, head brewer and founder of Crooked Stave, is that we will be treated to an ever changing evolution of a project... As opposed to a million cans of the same old stuff!

Don’t think that Yacobson just jumped right in on his own and started a brewery. Yacobson is actually the man behind my favorite beer from one of my favorite breweries. During his stint at Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, Yacobson began working over the idea for, and finally produced, Saboteur! An Excellent beer with plenty of tang and Brett Splendor.

Speaking to their credentials, Crooked Stave has brewed a “Proprietary” beer for Euclid Hall in Denver, was featured on New Brew Thursday, was named on Draft Magazine’s list of the 25 Best Beers in 2011, and countless other blogs.... And now, here on Big Kahuna Brew!

In My Glass: WWBY (Wild Wild Brett Yellow)

The label says that it’s brewed with Honey, Turmeric, Mango and “Spices” This is going to be good... I just know it!

The pour is thin and fizzy, with nice off white head that dissipated reasonably slowly for a Brett Beer.

You can smell the tropical fruits right away. This beer smells like everything wonderful about the tropics! It’s got the smell of a bar that cuts fresh mangos, and there is that earthy, sour, funky Brett nose. There is no malt or hops. I’m honestly as excited to sip this beer as I’ve ever been about a brew!

The first sip reveals Cardamom, Turmeric and tropical fruit. The second sip is where your brain finally gets wrapped around the sourness.

It’s definitely a Brett sour. It’s not lactic or acidic at all.... And maybe I’d like to see more of that....
But maybe not! I have to believe that Chad took all of the flavors and potential flavors and produced this particular profile with great care and purpose.

The tart, dry finish has only one purpose... To make you damn glad it’s a 750!

If and when you see a beer on the shelf that bears the distinct logo of Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, I’d recommend that you snatch up at least 2! The small, hand crafted batches sell quickly, and have very limited distribution, so don’t dilly dally! Get yours right away!


The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
with the Buck Reilly series