Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brazilian... Go all the way!

Is there anything that the Brazilians don’t do better? From their steaks an sunsets to the crystal clear waters. From their bikini’s and wax jobs to the Margarita-one-upped cocktail called the Caipirinha... The Brazilians just have more fun... they go all-the-way!

That’s why, I believe, the restaurant style of the Churrasco style steak houses have caught on so quickly around these parts.

Let’s face it. Colorado builds some seriously great beef. Quite honestly, some of the best in the world. But, and I'm not sure why... maybe it's just one of those things that are dictated by world markets and politics... we DO NOT have the best steak houses!

Well... Maybe, thanks to the Brazilian theme joints, we do.

I’ve been a fan of the Texas De Brazil in Denver for quite a few years. I tell my friends, take them there, then I sit back, relax, and watch the servers bring us food! MMMM Meat!

This weekend was all about a trip to Colorado Springs. A double date if you will. With some friends that we’ve quite literally been friends with forever.

I have been friends with my best friends wife since Kindergarten, and him since I could drive. Trust me when I say we’ve shared a LOT of food together... But Tucanos, another one of those Brazilian joints... Was the most enjoyable in recent memory.

Newly opened, and still experiencing some of those fun little “New Restaurant” quirks, Tucanos is a delight despite it’s flaws.

The first and biggest, flaws was the lack of beer!
Try One: Bristol Laughing Lab..... OUT!
Try Two: Breckenridge Avalanche..... OUT!
Try Three: Bristol’s Beehive Honey Wheat....OUT!

“It’s a new restaurant, less than a month old.” I tell myself. “They are bound to have these issues.”

Well, if this is my only complaint, we are doing well. But I see this as the most grievous,  is that they are in Colorado, and we expect BEER! CRAFT BEER, and we want SELECTION!

Maybe they didn’t see that they are no further than exactly across the street from ROCK BOTTOM.... Where I CAN get a COLORADO BEER and GREAT food! There will be times that I will choose not to eat at Tucanos because of their lack of craft beer selection. Perhaps they should shout across the street and see if Rock Bottom has a few kegs they could tap!

Should their management ever see this blog: 
Let’s see some real support of Colorado Craft Beer here! You, and your customers, (Namely ME!) are missing out on one hell of an opportunity here!

Ok, I get the new restaurant thing, and their having a few dry taps. But their beer list, in a state like Colorado... Really, truly, shameful!

Ok. Done complaining. EVERYTHING else was great.

Service? Not quite up to the levels of the best of the Brazilian Steak joints I’ve eaten at, but damn sure the best today! And I suspect that the servers will continue to improve. I don't see this place having a lot of turnover... judging by the Texas de Brazil that we eat at... which has had mostly the same staff since our first visit.

Quality of food? Right up there! Certainly in the top 10 percent of the best I’ve had from any restaurant, not just the ones that serve steak on a sword! Definitely nothing to complain about. Seriously, the only problem we had with the food was when a slice of Picanha (Fire Roasted Top Sirloin, sliced from the sword at your table) was so rare that a really good Vet could have probably saved it.

BUT, when Brad, our server / Gaucho... Saw us trading slices with the wives, he asked if it was too rare, and soon returned with a sword of much more cooked beef! EXCELLENT!

If you’ve never been to a Brazilian style Churrasco, let me give you the Kahuna tips:

1. Don’t freak out about the price!!!! Not that there is any freaking out to be done at Tucanos... $21 Per person base.... Our bill broke out to less than $40 each INCLUDING DRINKS... Sadly NOT Beer! And their Lunch starts at $13! I spend that at McDonalds!

2. Don’t fill up on the salad bar. I usually figure the meat is free... Because these places have such a GREAT salad bar area.

3. Don’t forget to order a Caipirinha! It’s Brazilian. It’s good, and this may be the ONLY place you ever find a bartender that knows what the hell you’re talking about! Hopefully that will change, especially now that the Gub-Ment recognizes Cachaca as a new and separate kind of rum!

4. TRY EVERYTHING! It’s a chore! Especially the first time in. But you’ll soon find your favorites. And when you do, don’t be afraid to ask the Gaucho (Dude with meat on a stick) to serve you a good size portion.

5. Do Not Save Room For Dessert! But do order one! Every one of these places will put it in a box for you... And six hours later... You’re going to be wanting a snack. You wont’ be sorry.... Unless your forget about it and find it in the fridge a week later!

Really, unless you’re a vegetarian, there is no reason to keep denying yourself the joys of a Brazilian!

And even if you are a Vegetarian... I’ll bet you can find a Brazilian you’ll enjoy!


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