Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oh Mio!

What happens when a Big Kahuna decides to reduce a bit?

Well... The first thing that happens, is remembering what it’s like to be hungry!

The second thing, is you just sorta quit drinking pop... Unless it’s got rum in it of course.

The third thing, water. LOTS and LOTS of water. But it gets old pretty quick, so I started searching out the newest gimmicky junk that I could use to spice things up.

Having tried vinegar and deciding its going to eat the enamel off my teeth if I keep that up, trying Chocolate Syrup and deciding that defeats the point of a diet, and Tabasco Sauce... Which is actually worse than you’d think... I picked up a bottle of Mio at the checkout counter at the local gas-n-go.

In true Big Kahuna Style, I grabbed the red flavor... Of energy drops.

Also in true Big Kahuna Style... I promptly squirted it all over the window and side of the pickup while trying to figure out how the bottle worked!

With no calories, lots of flavor, warnings on the side that say NOT to mix it with alcohol... I’m thinking this has got to be a bottle full of voodoo!

I don’t know what is in it, or how it’s going to kill me, but for now... I don’t care. It’s helping make the water tolerable, and the caffeine helps to offset the lack of tobacco in my system.

With the crap ton of flavors available in the non energy version of Mio, I’m thinking there is some experimentation in my near future.

Can anyone say “Energy Shots” and not have a smile just thinking about it? I certainly can't, and think there is a possibility that if the drinks and shooters are as good as this bottle of water, MiO might have a place on My-o Bar shelf for some time to come!


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