Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wildly Refined!

For those of you that do not know about Crooked Stave Brewing, now located in Denver Colo., let me introduce you!

A brewery, started by, run with, and successful because of, Pure Unbridled Passion!

They don’t claim to be main stream, in fact, I’m not sure I’d call them “Craft,” but I think the term CULT fits pretty well.

I’m not talking about the weird, follow me to the space craft and meet your maker type of cult, but the kind of cult following that line up each year to buy into the “Cellar Reserve” program for $300 per person.

Crooked Stave doesn’t even list the word “Brewery” in their name or logo. They consider their undertaking to be the “Artisan Beer Project”! And I’m certainly good with that!

What it means to us, as cult followers of his High Royal Greatness, Chad Yacobson, head brewer and founder of Crooked Stave, is that we will be treated to an ever changing evolution of a project... As opposed to a million cans of the same old stuff!

Don’t think that Yacobson just jumped right in on his own and started a brewery. Yacobson is actually the man behind my favorite beer from one of my favorite breweries. During his stint at Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, Yacobson began working over the idea for, and finally produced, Saboteur! An Excellent beer with plenty of tang and Brett Splendor.

Speaking to their credentials, Crooked Stave has brewed a “Proprietary” beer for Euclid Hall in Denver, was featured on New Brew Thursday, was named on Draft Magazine’s list of the 25 Best Beers in 2011, and countless other blogs.... And now, here on Big Kahuna Brew!

In My Glass: WWBY (Wild Wild Brett Yellow)

The label says that it’s brewed with Honey, Turmeric, Mango and “Spices” This is going to be good... I just know it!

The pour is thin and fizzy, with nice off white head that dissipated reasonably slowly for a Brett Beer.

You can smell the tropical fruits right away. This beer smells like everything wonderful about the tropics! It’s got the smell of a bar that cuts fresh mangos, and there is that earthy, sour, funky Brett nose. There is no malt or hops. I’m honestly as excited to sip this beer as I’ve ever been about a brew!

The first sip reveals Cardamom, Turmeric and tropical fruit. The second sip is where your brain finally gets wrapped around the sourness.

It’s definitely a Brett sour. It’s not lactic or acidic at all.... And maybe I’d like to see more of that....
But maybe not! I have to believe that Chad took all of the flavors and potential flavors and produced this particular profile with great care and purpose.

The tart, dry finish has only one purpose... To make you damn glad it’s a 750!

If and when you see a beer on the shelf that bears the distinct logo of Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, I’d recommend that you snatch up at least 2! The small, hand crafted batches sell quickly, and have very limited distribution, so don’t dilly dally! Get yours right away!


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Dave Butler said...

Love their beers. I just picked up a bottle of the Cellar Reserve - Blackberry Petite Sour from them and it was wonderful. Can't wait to see how their next one is.

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