Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ready for the weekend

 I’m pretty sure everyone has grilled chicken at some point or another, and most people like it just fine. But something I’ve never done, is left the chicken whole.

I normally buy whole chickens. For the little extra work that cutting the bird up takes, the price difference is usually well worth it. Plus I get a kick out of cutting up the chicken. Kinda reminds me of my childhood.

Of course, cutting up a chicken is much more enjoyable than butchering the darn things! Whew! Scald your first chicken and you’ll know why they call them FOUL!

On a whim I decided to leave the bird whole. I thoroughly washed it, then rubbed it down with a light coat of BBQ sauce and then sprinkled on some french onion soup mix.

This whole thing sat for about an hour while I dickered around getting the grill lit and screwing around watering the flowers.

I chose to break out the charcoal grill in lieu of the propane grill.

We cook on the propane grill nearly every night during this time of year. If it’s not too windy... it’s just a better option for us.

Obviously grilled foods tend to be a bit healthier for us, and grilled vegetables are one of my favorite things in the world. Even some fruits go really well on the grill. Ever grilled a pineapple?

Grilled Pineapple! A Kahuna Favorite!
It’s pretty easy. Cut the skin off, roll it in brown sugar and cook till golden brown and yummy!
You just can’t do that in a frying pan!

We also benefit from NOT making fire in the house. Anything we can do during the summer to help keep the house cool is well worth the effort to me!

Living in the country presents some challenges, and this is no exception.

Sure, everyone has to deal with the wind. But at our house it gets a running start! In-fact, I think the wind that hits the north side of my house has been building speed and power since Nebraska. And any good CU fan knows what we think of Nebraska!

Solution: Put the grill inside the stock trailer!

So, we pretty much live on grilled zucchini, squash, onions, burgers, brats, hotdogs, pork chops, and the occasional steak or chicken breast during the summer.

The grill is fast and easy. With nothing but tongs or a spatula to clean, it even helps cut down the dishes that we have in the sink. You just can’t beat it!

Well... Yes! Yes, you can!

Enter the charcoal grill!

Our charcoal grill isn’t nearly as fancy as I’d like it to be. It’s got no gadgets, no auto light, no grilling light. The thing has wheels, but since neither one of them turn, I’m not sure why. One of the wooden slats on the tray in front of it is loose and it’s not big enough to cook for guests. The fire box on the side does a terrible job of smoking food, as it just doesn’t get hot enough to finish the job, and quite honestly, the thing is about as ugly as a Chinese Crested Hairless dog!

But it’s my favorite way to cook food in the whole world!

After five years of fighting with it, I can now control the heat well enough that I don’t burn my veggies, I get the kids steaks fairly well done and mine fairly well raw.

I’ve learned that when I want to smoke with the thing, I use wood chips in the side box for a few hours, but when it’s time to finish things up... that’s right friends and neighbors, I do it on the charcoal!

The flavor that comes from cooking on charcoal is unmatched with any gas fired grill anywhere in the world. Sure, the propane is fast and easy, but for my tastes, you just can’t beat this primitive method of cooking!

So on the grill, just above the bed of perfectly prepared coals went my whole chicken, basted in sauce and rubbed with onion mix.

The smell.... Absolutely amazing.

I wasn’t even remotely sure how this would turn out, mostly because I’ve never cooked a whole bird anywhere but the oven.

I suppose I spent more time fussing over it than I will next time, but somewhere between one-and-a-half to two hours later the breast temp was a nice 171 degrees and we were ready to eat!

That poor chicken was like the ball in a pinball machine as I kept flipping, rolling, rotating and moving it back and forth between the “hot” and the “Cool” sides of the grill.

Sadly, the wings were nearly burnt clean off by the time the breasts were done, but the leg quarters were so juicy and succulent that I’m actually drooling a little just writing about it.

The crust that the sauce and onion mix created out of the skin was flaky and crisp, but just beneath laid white meat so tasty that I had to ask myself why I’ve ever wasted any time screwing around cutting up a chicken!

Hope you get to do a bunch of grilling this summer... Know that I'm right there with you!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kriek Tuesday #3

What a week to celebrate the Kriek!

Acting on my own wishes from last week, I decided to pair this weeks example of the Kriek with a bit of pork from the grill... I must say that it was a fine idea!

This week we look at the St. Louis Kriek Lambic by Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck!

Weighing in at a whopping 4% abv, this is no heavyweight to be sure.

Proudly wearing the “Belgian” badge of honor, I expect greatness from this beer.

Pouring a bright ruby red with a substantial head for the style. The head even managed to hold on through about 2/3 of the beer before fruit flies infested it and I had to sacrifice the final swallows.

I’m greeted with a sweet cherry nose that is noticeable even while standing beside the grill.

The first sip is overwhelmingly “cherry!” This thing is like a piece of cherry hard candy!

A mildly earthy note reminds me of dried fruit is backed by an overwhelmingly sweet cherry “Beer” flavor.

There is not a lot of depth or complexity to this beer, and all I can say is “WOW This is sweet!”

I was hoping for a nice tart lambic character to this beer, which would definitely help out the sweetness... But I was also hoping for my pork loins to be succulent and moist!

I didn’t get either!

The sourness of this beer is lost somewhere between little and none!

I don’t think that this is the ultimate Kriek for me. I liked it, but more along the lines of a fruit beer that could be produced in a matter of weeks or months, rather than a sour “Lambic” that takes years.

The simplicity of this brew isn’t lost on me. Sometimes things just are as they are. St. Louis Kriek is no exception. It’s sweet. It’s definitely cherry. It’s easy to drink and it is certainly NOT the worst example I’ve tried.

Sadly, the single-sidedness of the beer leaves me wanting to crack open another bottle of a different brand hoping for a little of the “Pucker Factor” that I love so much.

Is this the best Kriek out there? NO! Is it rich and complex? NO! Is it tart and refreshing? Well... NO!

But the good news is that I really did enjoy this beer. As I said, sometimes things just are what they are.

Take a Jolly Rancher candy for example. It’s sugary, it’s sweet and it’s flavored just like the wrapper says! Not that much different from St. Louis Kriek.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Taking it to the street.

When a plan falls through, you have to think on your feet. And when you’re me, plans usually fall through.

I had Jessica drop me off  near a few bars that I wanted to check out on Broadway street in Denver. I had big plans to hit the Tiki Bar called Adrift at 218 S. Broadway. But, as is typical, they were closed.

Apparently nobody in Denver wants a Mai Tai at 2 p.m. On a Saturday afternoon.

Of the other two bars that I wanted to visit, one was packed with an obnoxious Karaoke crowd, and the other was too creepy to enter with a camera and no gun. So what to do?  Street Photography!

A few challenges, like the occasional bum making you wonder if he’s going to kill you for that camera, and the “Special” people that seem to come out on Saturdays that have to stop and tell you “dat a nise camoera mistor!” made me a bit uneasy. I certainly came to be pretty well aware of my surroundings, and that helped.

Gang activity in this part of town is pretty slim, but the homeless population is huge and I must admit, the dude in the hoodie that walked by me no less than 15 times in the hour that I stood on the corner taking pictures had me more than a little nervous. But with no car, no keys and no way out of there, I had no choice but to power on!

IF you like this feature here on BKB, let me know in the comments. This was enough fun that I could do this once in a while.

First: The walk back.

The walk down Broadway is filled with strange things for a country kid like me. I was inspired to take this photo because it instantly reminded me of Key West and the freaky freaky things you’ll see there. Although I will say that I’m far less uncomfortable with the Key West style of sexual deviancy than Denver’s. In Key West, it’s all about letting loose and having a good time. In Denver, it’s all about keeping your guard up and not getting mugged!

Some of the “Street art” around this city is simply amazing. There are artists that have more talent in their index finger than I have in ten life times. Unfortunately, most of them are reduced to simply hoodlum graffiti, but occasionally, they get to do something BIG! These people look like they sorta fit right into the mural.

Speaking of Key West, I just can’t get over my love of a good corner pizzeria! In Key West, the folks at Mr. Z’s Pizza saved my life! Nearly too much beer and nearly too much rum was consumed, but that Pizza was there to keep me going! I wish I could add a “Sniffer App” to this site so you could smell this unsuspecting little pizza joint on the corner!

Someone put some time and effort to make this little spot of grass in the concrete jungle of Denver. There are no weeds, no crab grass, and it’s the only green thing for blocks! That’s why I was so shocked to see a couple of guys stop, whip down their trousers and piss on the brick wall just feet from passing traffic. I was so shocked that I was unable to take a picture of it! I guess a good street photographer needs to be ready for anything!

Dude laughing at some fool carrying his blowup doll on his shoulders. That is All!

Denver has history and beauty running out it’s sewers. There is more to see and do here than in any other city I’ve seen. Coloradans usually overlook most of it, at least I do, and how sad is that!
There is plenty to be seen in this crazy city, and if you’re interested, I’ll try and stop in from time to time and share a bit of it with you.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Its a gamble

Do you ever gamble? We all gamble on things all the time!  Heck, just getting a burrito from the food truck is a gamble. But I mean really gamble. Going to a casino, with a pocket full of cash, hoping to leave with enough to get home and have a burger on  the way?

I thought I had. We have been to Vegas a few times... where I walked around slack jawed and shocked for two day before heading home. We have been to the casino’s in Colorado, where I’ve won as much as $400 and lost at least half that in a night.

It's always fun, so I decided to take the wife to the Isle of Capri for the evening while the kids were off with their Grandma! We stayed in the hotel attached to the casino, and I'll tell you about that some day.. but not now!

Slot machines seem to rake in my money pretty quickly. You see the little old ladies that can play for hours on $20. Sitting there drinking a gin fizz from the cocktail waitress. (Which I have NO IDEA how you tip, because the slot machines don’t kick out coins any more)

BUT NOT ME! $20 in, 10 minutes... GONE!

Table games tend to be pretty intimidating to me. Blackjack, much fun as it is on the little digital game that sits on our coffee table is, tends to run about three times faster than I can keep up with. I just don’t add that fast, and I like to run my mouth at the tables. I also tend to become fairly animated, which drives the dealers insane when you’re playing blackjack. I once had a dealer tell me to quit waving my hands around, or go find somewhere else to gamble. OUCH!

I love the thought of a roulette table or craps, but the only craps I understand is the kind we played in the locker rooms for dollars. Roulette... beyond red and black, and I get lost pretty quickly!

So the three card poker table suites me just fine. When you get a good table of people, it’s just a lot of fun. You laugh and joke and kid them about their hands... then you clap and holler for them when they win.

With a $5 min bet and $100 max, we certainly have plenty of opportunity for the casino to take some of your money. But unlike my luck at the slot machines, there is an ebb and flow to the games. In-fact... A LOT of ebb and flow.

I honestly estimate that over $20K came into my purse in the five hours I spent playing that silly game. And believe me... I didn’t leave with any!

But that doesn’t mean you have to have a ton of money to have fun in the casinos. Cash in your penny collection, before pennies are outdated and worth no more than their zinc content, and head up the hill from Denver! Gamble slow, and smart, and you can have a lot of fun on $50! (And I do remember the first $50 I lost, when I was 21, and it nearly killed me)

You’ll pass the Coors Brewery... which is another blog post altogether.  You’ll see beautiful canons and you follow Clear Creek all the way. It’s simply a gorgeous drive. Take time to stop along the way!

As long as you’re playing, you drink for free. And that’s not a bad thing! Unfortunately, like I said, the machines only take cash... They don’t spit any out! So keep a pocket full of $1bills to tip your server... Or you won’t be getting a second!

I chose to stick with DIG from New Belgium since it was on tap. Not anywhere near as good as from the bottle, but I suppose the plastic cup and stinky people had something to do with that.... Also, a little lesson learned, DIG is not really something you want to drink when at the tables. You’ll do plenty of “Digging” in your wallet!

Even though I’m on the “Kahuna Reduction Plan,” I opted to go balls out at the buffet! It’s called the Calypso, it’s got good crab, fair Chinese food, and no line... This night! I have seen this buffet with a 2 1/2 hour wait! It is so close to Denver, and so well priced, people that DON’T gamble come up and eat at the buffet. So planning you trip, and your eating schedule is a pretty good idea!

If you find yourself in need of something to do, and you’ve got a casino close by... Or an airport that can fly you to one, I say give it a shot!

Did I mention you drink free?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kriek 2

Welcome to Kriek Tuesday #2

On this fine Tuesday, I’d like to share with you a 750ml bottle of ECHT KRIEKENBIER from Brouwerij Verhaeghe.

I must begin by telling you that I’ve had this beer before. About a year ago, I purchased a 4 pack of this beer in 12 oz bottles. I didn’t care for it as much as the Kriek and other sour beers that I was drinking at the time, so I’m excited about trying it again. I’ve been more of a pale / IPA kick lately, and have certainly expanded my palate by investigating RUM as a premium beverage in the last year.

When I opened the bottle and made the initial pour, I thought, “Well there is the smell I’ve been looking for!”

A cherry funk with some serious grain background. Not really a malt, but just grain Twang! The aroma is reminiscent of a cherry urinal cake... But in a good way!

Color is red. I love the color of a Kriek. They just look so warm and inviting. This is so much better than last week’s bottle! 

The pour, and consequently the mouthfeel is thin. I don’t know why I need to say that, because it is so typical of the style, and not a flaw at all!  The head barely poured and dissipated very quickly due to the thin body.

The initial sip is tangy and mildly astringent but cleansing. I wish I were eating something greasy with this. Duck or pulled pork... And bread. A slice of thin, crusty italian bread with some salty, mildly greasy Luau Pig? Oh Hell Yes.

Mildly sour, not really puckering, but much stronger than the Sam Adams. The fruit is solid and forward, but has none of that crappy canned cherry juice flavor. You couldn’t simulate this with a Blue Moon and a packet of cherry juice concentrate. This is good. Much better than I remembered. This is not the most complex of sour beers, but enjoyable none the less!

There is a mild floral character... Lavender maybe??? that is barely noticeable as the beer pours over the back of the tongue on it’s way down.

There really is no finish to this beer. It’s really crisp and tasty, almost like an apple cider but it leaves your mouth all cleaned out and ready for either more beer OR food.

I LOVE what I do!
Life crept in right in on the middle of my tasting session, and 2/3 of the beer sat in front of my computer for 2 hours before I could return to it. Normally this would put a beer in the sink for me, but I figured “What the Hell!” and I poured another glass!  Guess what! It’s still pretty damn good! Actually, it didn’t hurt it at all. The finish is now a bit more tart! The cherry lingers on the roof of the mouth for a swallow or two, and flavor now crawls up the from the back of your nose and gets right into your nasal passage where you do most of your tasting anyway!

I would give this beer to anyone looking to try a fruit beer, and I’d give it to anyone looking to try a sour beer. I would serve this to wine drinkers, and I would serve this to wine COOLER drinkers.

I must admit, I didn’t like this the first time I had it in a smaller bottle. But this particular 750 really came through. I will be getting another, if it’s like this one... I’ve got a keeper!

You may love it, you may hate it, but it certainly ranks “Worth a try” on the Kahuna Scale of 1-10!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Endless Search

Today, I’m off seeking content.

I am scouring the liquor stores of Colorado in search of something unique to share with you.

I am in search of the restaurants, bars and drinks that may spark your interest.

With any luck, I won’t get run over by an angry mob of 4-year-old hoodlums while I’m trying to take photographs in public... Or worse yet, in front of the line of hungry people while photographing the buffet!

One way or the other, I’m here for you! Seeking content, entertainment for you!

Well, actually... NO! That’s all BS! (Except the danger of photographing a buffet in public. Use Caution People!)

I took the wife to Black Hawk for a little gambling and seafood buffet without the kids!

Check in on Tuesday to see if I got killed by the kids, and to share a Kriek with me. Check in on
Thursday to see if I found you any content in the casinos!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taking Stock!

Most of you know by now that we raise beer.... Uh...  Make that BEEF here at the Casa de Kahuna. The ‘ol phrase 
“Taking Stock” is pretty well a real thing. It means count the cows.

But, I also take stock in a more surreal way.

I often take for granted the place where I live. It seems like I either hate it, or forget how great it is. But this week, a few things have come together to make for an eye-opening experience.

I have been thinking a lot, and writing a little about a guest blog post over at Coastlines and Tan Lines about how I keep the ‘ol gills wet while living in the Colorado Dust-bowl. That simple question by
Shawn has really caused me to look around and say, “What the hell am I doing here?”

What I see over my evening beer!
 Well, the answer is simple... Even if the reasons are complicated! I love it here!

In the real world, I am half owner in a publishing company. You may have noticed that this blog is owned and operated by Hoffman Publications, LLC.   That is our publishing company that puts out two weekly papers and funds this here little beer fantasy!

Fortunately (Some days more than others) my business partner is my wife! But either way, we get to publish, every week, a newspaper chronicling the community that raised me. We get to cover the sports teams that I played for in High School. We get to cover the town board that sets our mill levy. In essence, we get to scrap book our community for generations to come.

The importance of what we do is illustrated by the people that fill our little 900 square foot office on Thursdays and Fridays trying to sort through the books of newspapers that we have trying to tag that one little bit of information that they are searching for.

Home Sweet Home!
The super small cattle ranch that we live on, has provided my family with an income since 1940, when my family purchased it from the church, who could not afford to pay the taxes on it.

Fortunately, the newspaper business between 1914 and 1940 was lucrative enough to facilitate the purchase of “The Farm.”

Not a steady business, as the family started the papers in 1914, but sold the business in the ‘30s, the two newspapers that we currently publish are directly linked to the two papers my great grandparents published in the ‘20s.  Essentially meaning that we are keeping up two family businesses.

My son, now seven-years-old, looks like he belongs on the old T.V. Show Dallas when he wears a western shirt and cowboy hat. My daughter, fresh from her sixth grade formal dance, shows that she is as beautiful as any ranch wife or oil queen that '80s TV can provide... and then some!

They are, quite obviously, the future of this family farm. All I have to do, is keep from screwing it up before they get to take over!

Our kids are generation five to work this land. And that means something to me. Even if it isn’t anywhere near the sea!

Where we live is part of who we are. It’s beautiful, it provides us with the opportunity to visit the ocean, brew the beer and it is home.

That’s all there is to it!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kriek Tuesday 1

It’s finally here! I suppose I got a bit off my game for a week and didn’t get this ball rolling like I should have. But it’s here now, and we’re going to celebrate!

First Kriek to the table: Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection, American Kriek.

 An ale aged on oak, with Balaton Cherries and weighing in at 7% ABV, I think this could be good!

American Kriek pours fairly effervescent and with a nice pink creamy head that, as expected, turned rocky and fell in a matter of moments.

Color is that of a strong iced tea. Missing the pink color that I associate with some Kriek beers.

Aroma from the bottle and glass while I was shooting the photographs was amazing! Grains and maraschino cherry dominated with a stale sour sort of note that reminded me of a bar.

In the glass, the grain aroma has disappeared, as has most of the cherry aroma. That’s too bad! But what is left is not unpleasant. Mild dried fruit and a crisp tartness give way to, well, actually noting. That’s it.

Initial taste reveals more of the dried fruit. Almost like a mixed berry fruit strip from Safeway. Very light mouthfeel and very little tartness.

The finish is introduced with a muddy “Dish Water” flavor that ends in the most cherry you’ll find in this beer... And it isn’t much. I would call the flavor more Pomegranate and white grape than cherry... Sweet OR tart!

As I continue to drink, the sour character all but completely disappears as my mouth adjusts, and I’m basically left with a very light bodied indiscernible fruit beer that’s really light on fruit. The good news, is that as the beer warms, a wheat like flavor starts to appear and add some complexity.

By the time I hit the bottom of the first pour, the beer has let go of every shred of carbonation, and I’m
basically left with a mildly grainy version of a juice wine I once made from Welches.

Pour number two got a pinch of salt! Who the hell puts salt in their beer? Anyone looking for that last bit of flavor from an American Kriek I’d guess!
It helped... A little. The salt helped to bring out a little of the tartness, but I’m left wanting more.

I want this beer to have a serious lactic sour, or a big Brett character, and it’s not there! I want it to have a nice solid vanilla from the oak aging, and that’s not there either.  I want this beer to have enough cherry that I know it’s a Kriek.

If I got this beer blind, I doubt I’d identify it as a Kriek. A tart Wheat beer with some sort of fruit... But not a Kriek!

I wouldn’t recommend this beer to any lovers of the style, but I won’t say you shouldn’t buy it either.

For me it’s just OK... But barely!

If you’re just looking for something different and you’ve not had a Kriek before, this may be a fair introduction. There certainly isn’t much there to offend anyone's palate, and it’s pretty well available in big liquor stores. But I seriously doubt you’ll be finding one in my shopping cart any time soon.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pressure moments

As parents, there are a few moments during your children’s lives that cause a bit of stress. For my wife, yesterday, when our daughter went to her first formal dance, was one of them.

To compound the the issues, she was going with the son of one of our top advertisers, and we had been invited to spend the evening at their house having... “A few beers.”

Words that strike fear in my heart!

How many is a few beers? How much do these people drink? I didn’t want to show up with something they hated, and I certainly didn’t want to show up without enough fun to get us through the evening.
But what if I take too much and they just see us as a couple of lushes?

Did I mention that these people are my “Primary” beer mongers? I don’t always buy liquor in my home town, but when I do, I get it from them. And the only direction I got from them was “Bring something you didn’t get from us.”

The girl will be fine! We all lived through our first formal dances... But this little social gathering of the parents... May get the better of me!

When you’re socializing with the business leaders of a small town, you probably need to be careful. They will either befriend you and work with you, or they wont... Which isn’t really a very good thing when you are also a business owner in the same small town.

So, I settled on a variety that actually worked out very well.

First, we opened a 2010 bottle of Avery’s Salvation Ale. This Belgian Strong, weighing in at 9% was a nice way to start the evening. The light color was very approachable for the novice and the lighter flavor of the Avery version is light enough for non craft beer drinkers and still flavorful enough to make a great beer.

I opened up a 750 of Lindemans Framboise for the wives, as I know that my wife isn’t fond of strong ales. God only knows how old it was, but it had been in my cellar since 2010.

This Raspberry Lambic has been a proven success with any wine drinker looking to get into better beer, and it didn’t disappoint this time either.

By this point, our hosts had loosened up, dirty jokes had been told, and I knew we were going to be OK!

Next on the block, we opened a 2011 bottle of Old Guardian Barley Wine. Perhaps a gamble, not knowing much about our hosts palates, but they simply loved it.

When our host poured a snifter of Crown XR for me, I was, again, assured that things were going well.
When the beer ran out, I poured a bottle of Cherries and Honey Mead from Meadery of the Rockies. As you might suspect, this was our hosts first experience with Mead. A good choice for sure. The mellow flavor with no off notes is tasty and easy drinking. But by this point, almost everything was easy drinking.

I had brought along two bottles of my home made mead for them to keep, but we ended up drinking those too!

The Wildberry & Shiraz mead even had my wife smiling and drinking it up, and she usually doesn’t care for my mead. The local honey that I usually use tends to be a bit strong for her, and she simply prefers to drink meads with a less assertive character.

Then I broke out my Sweet Show mead. 14% of nothing but local honey and nothing to hide behind, except the gravity! This mead finished with a gravity of 1.040 and tasted great, so I let it clear for a year and bottled it. Turns out... That was the right decision.

So, I guess we lived through our first social event with our new drinking buddies!

It was a good evening and I think I only made an ass of myself three or four times... But the beer and wine was good!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Day in the air!

Hi all!

Thanks for checking in today!

Sorry I've got noting beer, food or drink related today!

I went flying instead!

I do want to remind everyone that the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl, benefiting Reef Relief, is on September 22 in Key West, FL! BOOK NOW! We would certainly love to have you there, and even if you can't come... the $30 registration gets you a cool T-Shirt and helps out the charity! You get to look cool AND do something good!

Also, stop by and "Like" the crawl on Facebook


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let’s share a cocktail shall we?

Sometimes you get guests that show up at your event that are either full of beer or just don't like beer. As the hostess with the most'est, You've got something for them... right?

You do now!

Your Bar!
I told you that we’ve been playing with MiO flavorings here at BKB, and I’m not the only one! From what I hear on the Twittah, in response from the Energy Drink post a few days ago, some of you have been holding out on me!

You’ve been using MiO to make “Skinny” cocktails.

So, confession time. I’ve been trying to cut back the belly a bit. Noting extreme, I AM the BIG Kahuna... but but every bit helps! IF that means devising a tasty cocktail to take the place of a few beers, cool!

But I have some rules for a cocktail! A Truly useful cocktail must have 3 qualities.

First, it must look nice! This one could qualify! But it’s BBQ Season! That’s why I need the damn “Skinny Cocktail!” So, A mason jar it is!

It must be easy to make!

This, I accomplish by measuring by terms we all understand! Five fingers, a squirt and a splash.... ummm.... Maybe I should reconsider my terminology... if it's a "Family BBQ!"

But... you never know! You might have guests show up to your shindig after you’ve had a few! So I have kept it simple! Looking out for you!  Even if you’re NOT Bahama Bob, world famous Rum Slinger from Key West Fl.,  you’ll still be able to slush this one together!

The fewer ingredients... The better! Trust me, when it comes to my afternoon cocktails, 5 is pushing it!  Day drinking can lead to terrible drinks before the sun goes down, but I think you’ll be able to handle this one!

Ready? 5 ingredients, 5 fingers! Coincidence? I think NOT! You can remember this... even with a whole bottle of rum in your belly! Just think of it as the HIGH FIVE!

IN your mason jar, mix: 2 finger RUM! White or dark... It matters very little... After the first few.
2 fingers of Coconut Water.
1 Finger Apple Soda (Sparkling water if you must)
Splash in some sweet and sour mix... Lime Juice will work if your party exceeds your stash.
Give the drink a healthy squirt of MiO Strawberry Watermelon Water Enhancer and set that bad boy on the table for your guests!

If you remember to stick some ice in the glass, even better! But if not... What the hell! Ice just takes up room in the glass!

Hope you have a great week, and I hope you have great plans for the weekend! If not.... GET TO IT... and take this cocktail with ya! Tell 'em Kahuna Sent Ya!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Just enjoy it!

Ok. So, I’ve done a LOT of spouting about “glass ware this,” and “serving temp that!” And today, while nobody is looking, I’m going to drink some of my own words!

I’ve been pretty excited about the nice weather lately. Working on the yard, mowing grass, puttering about... Drinking beer OUTSIDE!

AHHH The Joys of Summer!

I’ve been desperately seeking the sun lately, and today I found it... WOW Did I find it! I’m so burnt that I can’t even think about a shower! I’ll be bathing in the stock tank for the foreseeable future!

Sometimes... You just want a beer. Sometimes, the thought of washing and polishing a glass, going through the motions and pretentious rituals common to me when drinking a nice craft beer... Just seems like too much effort.

I’m cold, my sunburn hurts, and I want a Beer!

Enter New Belgium Shift.

A “Pale Lager” in a can. And a big boy can at that!

ICE COLD From the “Food Fridge” and drank strait from the can! I’m feeling so “Red Neck” that I even used my new BE:ER Koozie from Team Cocktail! I’m actually really red neck... Really really really red! Why didn’t I use sunscreen?

An you know what? Despite my assertion that craft beer has to be drank from the finest crystal stemware that Swarovski can make... A good Beer from a can, with a koosie. Tastes just fine!

My wish to you all for this weekend:

Get some sun! It’s good for you! It’s God’s Vitamin D, and it’s a great mood enhancer! Use Sunscreen! This is one time when you really...REALLY don’t want to be like the Big Dumbass...err....Kahuna! Buy a can of beer and enjoy it!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

There is an elephant in the room!

Thank goodness for friends, family and food!

Am I right?

Nothing makes a day complete like a good meal, and nothing makes a meal complete like friends!

Eating alone is something akin to drinking alone... Or smoking in the dark! If you can’t see the smoke, and enjoy it with friends... What’s the point?

So weekend in the city, Saturday after the trip to Tucanos, we hit a favorite of ours. The Elephant Bar!

With an ever-changing menu... Well... At least seasonally, the Elephant Bar has something for everyone!

The menu has a little bit of everything from burgers served with sweet potato fries to Pan-Asian dishes to Mediterranean salads and sides.

Simply put... If you can’t find something to eat here... you’re not hungry!

We always order the sampler platter. Consisting of two trays, one with Chicken strips, that the kids love. Coconut Shrimp, that they also love, Bruschetta that we all love, and the other plate with chips and Spinach dip.

They say that women are genetically programed to like Spinach dip. Call me Kahunacita and give me a Muumuu for the party, because I can’t keep my fingers out of this stuff!

But hold on! I’m on a diet! Better have just a few and call it good! I’ll even split a shrimp with the boy... Yes, they are big enough to split!

To drink? How about a Mai Tai? But not just ANY Mai tai... A genuine, real life, good-to-go, fill your glass and power your party, Olu Passion Mai Tai... That’s only $4!

I don’t know what makes it special, but it’s damn sure tasty! And you know... That’s what counts around here!

Dinner? Well, diet or not, I had to try two different specialties!

First... the Macau Shrimp and noodle soup was calling to me. From the picture, I simply can’t imagine NOT ordering it. It looks like a shrimp paradise... And that’s just what it is!

As a fan of soup to begin with, I lit into this bowl with the highest of hopes. Simply put... I was not let down! The shrimp was perfectly cooked. Usually when I order soup, the shrimp is boiled to death and
rubbery as it could be. Not the case here.

The broth is a wonderful vegetable base and the noodles provide a little something... A backbone if you will,  for the veggies and shrimp to ride.

My entree was the Ahi Tuna.

There is something quite unnerving about ordering basically raw fish in Colorado. But... I say... If they are willing to serve it raw, I’m willing to eat it!

Tender and flavorful, the tuna was amazing. The sides are wonderfully fitting. The slivers of sea weed provide a salty, fishy side note for the meal, and the fresh vegetables and salad that the tuna is served on provides a spectacular summer flair for the meal.

The kids meals come with an ice cream dessert, so parents beware! The adult meals don’t come with a dessert... But that is more than fine with me, because you REALLY are not going to leave hungry anyway.

I do remember finding something at the Elephant Bar that I didn’t like... And it wasn’t because it wasn’t good, it was just something I don’t like. But I’ll be dammed if I can remember what it was.

If you like food, and you have the opportunity, hit up an Elephant Bar! You won’t be sorry!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome to the second hundred!

Well, I’d just like to start by saying “Thank You!”

This is the 100th post here at BKB, and I want very much to let you all know how much I appreciate your hanging out! Sharing a few beers. Talking rum and beaches and food and serious amounts of BS!

I don’t know why you all stop in, but I’m glad you do!

Strangely enough... 99% Of the help I’ve  received here at BKB has not been from other beer bloggers, but from Rum and Travel bloggers!  I just want to shout to them as we get this party started!

Rum Shop Ryan.... And his ‘ol Lady for that matter! Cheers guys! You’ve been an inspiration! If we share sunsets and boat drinks till we’re old and grey... I’ll regret every evening we don’t spend together!

Team Cocktail! Anyone know how I feel about TC and their approach to life? Fun. Fashionable, and ready to help any way they can! Team Cocktail has a super plan for attacking the crap that life throws at ya! Even if they do like.... The Rum of the north! (I just can’t type it.... Sorry Lyndsey and Harv!) As the lead sponsor of the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl, and nearly always raising money for this or that... TC Kicks ass and helps others! Can’t beat that!

Coastlines and Tan Lines.... And Conch Republic Bikinis... I have been this way for a long.... Long time! But till I met Carl and Shawn, I wasn’t sure that I had company! You guys are my brothers! Like it, or not!

Rum Connection. This is the blog that I hope to become! If I had a magic wand, and could wave it around and be whatever I wanted... BKB would be Rum Connection... But with beer! Thanks Mike! I appreciate all that you’ve done for me!

All of you! Every person that has checked in to see what the hell is on my mind or what I’m up to! THANK YOU!

The inspiration and drive to find new topics, to keep things fresh and to bring you features and commentary that you may not be finding other places on the web, comes from you!

I can’t say it enough! Thanks to the readers here at BKB! You Guys ROCK!

So, all of that said, I’m giving you a sneak preview of what is on tap (Yes, that was a pun!) here at BKB!

We have Kriek Beer!

Samuel Adams American Kriek, Lindeman’s Kriek... Even though it’s a Frambroise in the picture.... (Beer moment) and Echt Kriekenbier!

There is a special guest in this lineup... that didn’t make the picture!

 New Belgium Trans Atlantic Kriek!

Here is the kicker. The Lindeman’s and the New Belgium... Have been chilling in my cellar for 4 and 2 years respectively!

We are going to crack them open, side by side. We are going to taste them, and we are going to share them all with you! Cause that’s how we roll at BKB!

I think we should share one each Tuesday for the next four weeks? Anyone see a problem with that?


Okay then! It’s on!

See ya on Thursday... And seriously.... Thank You!


The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
with the Buck Reilly series