Thursday, May 24, 2012

Its a gamble

Do you ever gamble? We all gamble on things all the time!  Heck, just getting a burrito from the food truck is a gamble. But I mean really gamble. Going to a casino, with a pocket full of cash, hoping to leave with enough to get home and have a burger on  the way?

I thought I had. We have been to Vegas a few times... where I walked around slack jawed and shocked for two day before heading home. We have been to the casino’s in Colorado, where I’ve won as much as $400 and lost at least half that in a night.

It's always fun, so I decided to take the wife to the Isle of Capri for the evening while the kids were off with their Grandma! We stayed in the hotel attached to the casino, and I'll tell you about that some day.. but not now!

Slot machines seem to rake in my money pretty quickly. You see the little old ladies that can play for hours on $20. Sitting there drinking a gin fizz from the cocktail waitress. (Which I have NO IDEA how you tip, because the slot machines don’t kick out coins any more)

BUT NOT ME! $20 in, 10 minutes... GONE!

Table games tend to be pretty intimidating to me. Blackjack, much fun as it is on the little digital game that sits on our coffee table is, tends to run about three times faster than I can keep up with. I just don’t add that fast, and I like to run my mouth at the tables. I also tend to become fairly animated, which drives the dealers insane when you’re playing blackjack. I once had a dealer tell me to quit waving my hands around, or go find somewhere else to gamble. OUCH!

I love the thought of a roulette table or craps, but the only craps I understand is the kind we played in the locker rooms for dollars. Roulette... beyond red and black, and I get lost pretty quickly!

So the three card poker table suites me just fine. When you get a good table of people, it’s just a lot of fun. You laugh and joke and kid them about their hands... then you clap and holler for them when they win.

With a $5 min bet and $100 max, we certainly have plenty of opportunity for the casino to take some of your money. But unlike my luck at the slot machines, there is an ebb and flow to the games. In-fact... A LOT of ebb and flow.

I honestly estimate that over $20K came into my purse in the five hours I spent playing that silly game. And believe me... I didn’t leave with any!

But that doesn’t mean you have to have a ton of money to have fun in the casinos. Cash in your penny collection, before pennies are outdated and worth no more than their zinc content, and head up the hill from Denver! Gamble slow, and smart, and you can have a lot of fun on $50! (And I do remember the first $50 I lost, when I was 21, and it nearly killed me)

You’ll pass the Coors Brewery... which is another blog post altogether.  You’ll see beautiful canons and you follow Clear Creek all the way. It’s simply a gorgeous drive. Take time to stop along the way!

As long as you’re playing, you drink for free. And that’s not a bad thing! Unfortunately, like I said, the machines only take cash... They don’t spit any out! So keep a pocket full of $1bills to tip your server... Or you won’t be getting a second!

I chose to stick with DIG from New Belgium since it was on tap. Not anywhere near as good as from the bottle, but I suppose the plastic cup and stinky people had something to do with that.... Also, a little lesson learned, DIG is not really something you want to drink when at the tables. You’ll do plenty of “Digging” in your wallet!

Even though I’m on the “Kahuna Reduction Plan,” I opted to go balls out at the buffet! It’s called the Calypso, it’s got good crab, fair Chinese food, and no line... This night! I have seen this buffet with a 2 1/2 hour wait! It is so close to Denver, and so well priced, people that DON’T gamble come up and eat at the buffet. So planning you trip, and your eating schedule is a pretty good idea!

If you find yourself in need of something to do, and you’ve got a casino close by... Or an airport that can fly you to one, I say give it a shot!

Did I mention you drink free?


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