Friday, May 4, 2012

Just enjoy it!

Ok. So, I’ve done a LOT of spouting about “glass ware this,” and “serving temp that!” And today, while nobody is looking, I’m going to drink some of my own words!

I’ve been pretty excited about the nice weather lately. Working on the yard, mowing grass, puttering about... Drinking beer OUTSIDE!

AHHH The Joys of Summer!

I’ve been desperately seeking the sun lately, and today I found it... WOW Did I find it! I’m so burnt that I can’t even think about a shower! I’ll be bathing in the stock tank for the foreseeable future!

Sometimes... You just want a beer. Sometimes, the thought of washing and polishing a glass, going through the motions and pretentious rituals common to me when drinking a nice craft beer... Just seems like too much effort.

I’m cold, my sunburn hurts, and I want a Beer!

Enter New Belgium Shift.

A “Pale Lager” in a can. And a big boy can at that!

ICE COLD From the “Food Fridge” and drank strait from the can! I’m feeling so “Red Neck” that I even used my new BE:ER Koozie from Team Cocktail! I’m actually really red neck... Really really really red! Why didn’t I use sunscreen?

An you know what? Despite my assertion that craft beer has to be drank from the finest crystal stemware that Swarovski can make... A good Beer from a can, with a koosie. Tastes just fine!

My wish to you all for this weekend:

Get some sun! It’s good for you! It’s God’s Vitamin D, and it’s a great mood enhancer! Use Sunscreen! This is one time when you really...REALLY don’t want to be like the Big Dumbass...err....Kahuna! Buy a can of beer and enjoy it!


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