Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kriek Tuesday #3

What a week to celebrate the Kriek!

Acting on my own wishes from last week, I decided to pair this weeks example of the Kriek with a bit of pork from the grill... I must say that it was a fine idea!

This week we look at the St. Louis Kriek Lambic by Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck!

Weighing in at a whopping 4% abv, this is no heavyweight to be sure.

Proudly wearing the “Belgian” badge of honor, I expect greatness from this beer.

Pouring a bright ruby red with a substantial head for the style. The head even managed to hold on through about 2/3 of the beer before fruit flies infested it and I had to sacrifice the final swallows.

I’m greeted with a sweet cherry nose that is noticeable even while standing beside the grill.

The first sip is overwhelmingly “cherry!” This thing is like a piece of cherry hard candy!

A mildly earthy note reminds me of dried fruit is backed by an overwhelmingly sweet cherry “Beer” flavor.

There is not a lot of depth or complexity to this beer, and all I can say is “WOW This is sweet!”

I was hoping for a nice tart lambic character to this beer, which would definitely help out the sweetness... But I was also hoping for my pork loins to be succulent and moist!

I didn’t get either!

The sourness of this beer is lost somewhere between little and none!

I don’t think that this is the ultimate Kriek for me. I liked it, but more along the lines of a fruit beer that could be produced in a matter of weeks or months, rather than a sour “Lambic” that takes years.

The simplicity of this brew isn’t lost on me. Sometimes things just are as they are. St. Louis Kriek is no exception. It’s sweet. It’s definitely cherry. It’s easy to drink and it is certainly NOT the worst example I’ve tried.

Sadly, the single-sidedness of the beer leaves me wanting to crack open another bottle of a different brand hoping for a little of the “Pucker Factor” that I love so much.

Is this the best Kriek out there? NO! Is it rich and complex? NO! Is it tart and refreshing? Well... NO!

But the good news is that I really did enjoy this beer. As I said, sometimes things just are what they are.

Take a Jolly Rancher candy for example. It’s sugary, it’s sweet and it’s flavored just like the wrapper says! Not that much different from St. Louis Kriek.


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