Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let’s share a cocktail shall we?

Sometimes you get guests that show up at your event that are either full of beer or just don't like beer. As the hostess with the most'est, You've got something for them... right?

You do now!

Your Bar!
I told you that we’ve been playing with MiO flavorings here at BKB, and I’m not the only one! From what I hear on the Twittah, in response from the Energy Drink post a few days ago, some of you have been holding out on me!

You’ve been using MiO to make “Skinny” cocktails.

So, confession time. I’ve been trying to cut back the belly a bit. Noting extreme, I AM the BIG Kahuna... but but every bit helps! IF that means devising a tasty cocktail to take the place of a few beers, cool!

But I have some rules for a cocktail! A Truly useful cocktail must have 3 qualities.

First, it must look nice! This one could qualify! But it’s BBQ Season! That’s why I need the damn “Skinny Cocktail!” So, A mason jar it is!

It must be easy to make!

This, I accomplish by measuring by terms we all understand! Five fingers, a squirt and a splash.... ummm.... Maybe I should reconsider my terminology... if it's a "Family BBQ!"

But... you never know! You might have guests show up to your shindig after you’ve had a few! So I have kept it simple! Looking out for you!  Even if you’re NOT Bahama Bob, world famous Rum Slinger from Key West Fl.,  you’ll still be able to slush this one together!

The fewer ingredients... The better! Trust me, when it comes to my afternoon cocktails, 5 is pushing it!  Day drinking can lead to terrible drinks before the sun goes down, but I think you’ll be able to handle this one!

Ready? 5 ingredients, 5 fingers! Coincidence? I think NOT! You can remember this... even with a whole bottle of rum in your belly! Just think of it as the HIGH FIVE!

IN your mason jar, mix: 2 finger RUM! White or dark... It matters very little... After the first few.
2 fingers of Coconut Water.
1 Finger Apple Soda (Sparkling water if you must)
Splash in some sweet and sour mix... Lime Juice will work if your party exceeds your stash.
Give the drink a healthy squirt of MiO Strawberry Watermelon Water Enhancer and set that bad boy on the table for your guests!

If you remember to stick some ice in the glass, even better! But if not... What the hell! Ice just takes up room in the glass!

Hope you have a great week, and I hope you have great plans for the weekend! If not.... GET TO IT... and take this cocktail with ya! Tell 'em Kahuna Sent Ya!


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Melissa Maher, writer said...

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