Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pressure moments

As parents, there are a few moments during your children’s lives that cause a bit of stress. For my wife, yesterday, when our daughter went to her first formal dance, was one of them.

To compound the the issues, she was going with the son of one of our top advertisers, and we had been invited to spend the evening at their house having... “A few beers.”

Words that strike fear in my heart!

How many is a few beers? How much do these people drink? I didn’t want to show up with something they hated, and I certainly didn’t want to show up without enough fun to get us through the evening.
But what if I take too much and they just see us as a couple of lushes?

Did I mention that these people are my “Primary” beer mongers? I don’t always buy liquor in my home town, but when I do, I get it from them. And the only direction I got from them was “Bring something you didn’t get from us.”

The girl will be fine! We all lived through our first formal dances... But this little social gathering of the parents... May get the better of me!

When you’re socializing with the business leaders of a small town, you probably need to be careful. They will either befriend you and work with you, or they wont... Which isn’t really a very good thing when you are also a business owner in the same small town.

So, I settled on a variety that actually worked out very well.

First, we opened a 2010 bottle of Avery’s Salvation Ale. This Belgian Strong, weighing in at 9% was a nice way to start the evening. The light color was very approachable for the novice and the lighter flavor of the Avery version is light enough for non craft beer drinkers and still flavorful enough to make a great beer.

I opened up a 750 of Lindemans Framboise for the wives, as I know that my wife isn’t fond of strong ales. God only knows how old it was, but it had been in my cellar since 2010.

This Raspberry Lambic has been a proven success with any wine drinker looking to get into better beer, and it didn’t disappoint this time either.

By this point, our hosts had loosened up, dirty jokes had been told, and I knew we were going to be OK!

Next on the block, we opened a 2011 bottle of Old Guardian Barley Wine. Perhaps a gamble, not knowing much about our hosts palates, but they simply loved it.

When our host poured a snifter of Crown XR for me, I was, again, assured that things were going well.
When the beer ran out, I poured a bottle of Cherries and Honey Mead from Meadery of the Rockies. As you might suspect, this was our hosts first experience with Mead. A good choice for sure. The mellow flavor with no off notes is tasty and easy drinking. But by this point, almost everything was easy drinking.

I had brought along two bottles of my home made mead for them to keep, but we ended up drinking those too!

The Wildberry & Shiraz mead even had my wife smiling and drinking it up, and she usually doesn’t care for my mead. The local honey that I usually use tends to be a bit strong for her, and she simply prefers to drink meads with a less assertive character.

Then I broke out my Sweet Show mead. 14% of nothing but local honey and nothing to hide behind, except the gravity! This mead finished with a gravity of 1.040 and tasted great, so I let it clear for a year and bottled it. Turns out... That was the right decision.

So, I guess we lived through our first social event with our new drinking buddies!

It was a good evening and I think I only made an ass of myself three or four times... But the beer and wine was good!


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