Saturday, May 26, 2012

Taking it to the street.

When a plan falls through, you have to think on your feet. And when you’re me, plans usually fall through.

I had Jessica drop me off  near a few bars that I wanted to check out on Broadway street in Denver. I had big plans to hit the Tiki Bar called Adrift at 218 S. Broadway. But, as is typical, they were closed.

Apparently nobody in Denver wants a Mai Tai at 2 p.m. On a Saturday afternoon.

Of the other two bars that I wanted to visit, one was packed with an obnoxious Karaoke crowd, and the other was too creepy to enter with a camera and no gun. So what to do?  Street Photography!

A few challenges, like the occasional bum making you wonder if he’s going to kill you for that camera, and the “Special” people that seem to come out on Saturdays that have to stop and tell you “dat a nise camoera mistor!” made me a bit uneasy. I certainly came to be pretty well aware of my surroundings, and that helped.

Gang activity in this part of town is pretty slim, but the homeless population is huge and I must admit, the dude in the hoodie that walked by me no less than 15 times in the hour that I stood on the corner taking pictures had me more than a little nervous. But with no car, no keys and no way out of there, I had no choice but to power on!

IF you like this feature here on BKB, let me know in the comments. This was enough fun that I could do this once in a while.

First: The walk back.

The walk down Broadway is filled with strange things for a country kid like me. I was inspired to take this photo because it instantly reminded me of Key West and the freaky freaky things you’ll see there. Although I will say that I’m far less uncomfortable with the Key West style of sexual deviancy than Denver’s. In Key West, it’s all about letting loose and having a good time. In Denver, it’s all about keeping your guard up and not getting mugged!

Some of the “Street art” around this city is simply amazing. There are artists that have more talent in their index finger than I have in ten life times. Unfortunately, most of them are reduced to simply hoodlum graffiti, but occasionally, they get to do something BIG! These people look like they sorta fit right into the mural.

Speaking of Key West, I just can’t get over my love of a good corner pizzeria! In Key West, the folks at Mr. Z’s Pizza saved my life! Nearly too much beer and nearly too much rum was consumed, but that Pizza was there to keep me going! I wish I could add a “Sniffer App” to this site so you could smell this unsuspecting little pizza joint on the corner!

Someone put some time and effort to make this little spot of grass in the concrete jungle of Denver. There are no weeds, no crab grass, and it’s the only green thing for blocks! That’s why I was so shocked to see a couple of guys stop, whip down their trousers and piss on the brick wall just feet from passing traffic. I was so shocked that I was unable to take a picture of it! I guess a good street photographer needs to be ready for anything!

Dude laughing at some fool carrying his blowup doll on his shoulders. That is All!

Denver has history and beauty running out it’s sewers. There is more to see and do here than in any other city I’ve seen. Coloradans usually overlook most of it, at least I do, and how sad is that!
There is plenty to be seen in this crazy city, and if you’re interested, I’ll try and stop in from time to time and share a bit of it with you.


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