Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taking Stock!

Most of you know by now that we raise beer.... Uh...  Make that BEEF here at the Casa de Kahuna. The ‘ol phrase 
“Taking Stock” is pretty well a real thing. It means count the cows.

But, I also take stock in a more surreal way.

I often take for granted the place where I live. It seems like I either hate it, or forget how great it is. But this week, a few things have come together to make for an eye-opening experience.

I have been thinking a lot, and writing a little about a guest blog post over at Coastlines and Tan Lines about how I keep the ‘ol gills wet while living in the Colorado Dust-bowl. That simple question by
Shawn has really caused me to look around and say, “What the hell am I doing here?”

What I see over my evening beer!
 Well, the answer is simple... Even if the reasons are complicated! I love it here!

In the real world, I am half owner in a publishing company. You may have noticed that this blog is owned and operated by Hoffman Publications, LLC.   That is our publishing company that puts out two weekly papers and funds this here little beer fantasy!

Fortunately (Some days more than others) my business partner is my wife! But either way, we get to publish, every week, a newspaper chronicling the community that raised me. We get to cover the sports teams that I played for in High School. We get to cover the town board that sets our mill levy. In essence, we get to scrap book our community for generations to come.

The importance of what we do is illustrated by the people that fill our little 900 square foot office on Thursdays and Fridays trying to sort through the books of newspapers that we have trying to tag that one little bit of information that they are searching for.

Home Sweet Home!
The super small cattle ranch that we live on, has provided my family with an income since 1940, when my family purchased it from the church, who could not afford to pay the taxes on it.

Fortunately, the newspaper business between 1914 and 1940 was lucrative enough to facilitate the purchase of “The Farm.”

Not a steady business, as the family started the papers in 1914, but sold the business in the ‘30s, the two newspapers that we currently publish are directly linked to the two papers my great grandparents published in the ‘20s.  Essentially meaning that we are keeping up two family businesses.

My son, now seven-years-old, looks like he belongs on the old T.V. Show Dallas when he wears a western shirt and cowboy hat. My daughter, fresh from her sixth grade formal dance, shows that she is as beautiful as any ranch wife or oil queen that '80s TV can provide... and then some!

They are, quite obviously, the future of this family farm. All I have to do, is keep from screwing it up before they get to take over!

Our kids are generation five to work this land. And that means something to me. Even if it isn’t anywhere near the sea!

Where we live is part of who we are. It’s beautiful, it provides us with the opportunity to visit the ocean, brew the beer and it is home.

That’s all there is to it!


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