Thursday, May 3, 2012

There is an elephant in the room!

Thank goodness for friends, family and food!

Am I right?

Nothing makes a day complete like a good meal, and nothing makes a meal complete like friends!

Eating alone is something akin to drinking alone... Or smoking in the dark! If you can’t see the smoke, and enjoy it with friends... What’s the point?

So weekend in the city, Saturday after the trip to Tucanos, we hit a favorite of ours. The Elephant Bar!

With an ever-changing menu... Well... At least seasonally, the Elephant Bar has something for everyone!

The menu has a little bit of everything from burgers served with sweet potato fries to Pan-Asian dishes to Mediterranean salads and sides.

Simply put... If you can’t find something to eat here... you’re not hungry!

We always order the sampler platter. Consisting of two trays, one with Chicken strips, that the kids love. Coconut Shrimp, that they also love, Bruschetta that we all love, and the other plate with chips and Spinach dip.

They say that women are genetically programed to like Spinach dip. Call me Kahunacita and give me a Muumuu for the party, because I can’t keep my fingers out of this stuff!

But hold on! I’m on a diet! Better have just a few and call it good! I’ll even split a shrimp with the boy... Yes, they are big enough to split!

To drink? How about a Mai Tai? But not just ANY Mai tai... A genuine, real life, good-to-go, fill your glass and power your party, Olu Passion Mai Tai... That’s only $4!

I don’t know what makes it special, but it’s damn sure tasty! And you know... That’s what counts around here!

Dinner? Well, diet or not, I had to try two different specialties!

First... the Macau Shrimp and noodle soup was calling to me. From the picture, I simply can’t imagine NOT ordering it. It looks like a shrimp paradise... And that’s just what it is!

As a fan of soup to begin with, I lit into this bowl with the highest of hopes. Simply put... I was not let down! The shrimp was perfectly cooked. Usually when I order soup, the shrimp is boiled to death and
rubbery as it could be. Not the case here.

The broth is a wonderful vegetable base and the noodles provide a little something... A backbone if you will,  for the veggies and shrimp to ride.

My entree was the Ahi Tuna.

There is something quite unnerving about ordering basically raw fish in Colorado. But... I say... If they are willing to serve it raw, I’m willing to eat it!

Tender and flavorful, the tuna was amazing. The sides are wonderfully fitting. The slivers of sea weed provide a salty, fishy side note for the meal, and the fresh vegetables and salad that the tuna is served on provides a spectacular summer flair for the meal.

The kids meals come with an ice cream dessert, so parents beware! The adult meals don’t come with a dessert... But that is more than fine with me, because you REALLY are not going to leave hungry anyway.

I do remember finding something at the Elephant Bar that I didn’t like... And it wasn’t because it wasn’t good, it was just something I don’t like. But I’ll be dammed if I can remember what it was.

If you like food, and you have the opportunity, hit up an Elephant Bar! You won’t be sorry!


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