Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome to the second hundred!

Well, I’d just like to start by saying “Thank You!”

This is the 100th post here at BKB, and I want very much to let you all know how much I appreciate your hanging out! Sharing a few beers. Talking rum and beaches and food and serious amounts of BS!

I don’t know why you all stop in, but I’m glad you do!

Strangely enough... 99% Of the help I’ve  received here at BKB has not been from other beer bloggers, but from Rum and Travel bloggers!  I just want to shout to them as we get this party started!

Rum Shop Ryan.... And his ‘ol Lady for that matter! Cheers guys! You’ve been an inspiration! If we share sunsets and boat drinks till we’re old and grey... I’ll regret every evening we don’t spend together!

Team Cocktail! Anyone know how I feel about TC and their approach to life? Fun. Fashionable, and ready to help any way they can! Team Cocktail has a super plan for attacking the crap that life throws at ya! Even if they do like.... The Rum of the north! (I just can’t type it.... Sorry Lyndsey and Harv!) As the lead sponsor of the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl, and nearly always raising money for this or that... TC Kicks ass and helps others! Can’t beat that!

Coastlines and Tan Lines.... And Conch Republic Bikinis... I have been this way for a long.... Long time! But till I met Carl and Shawn, I wasn’t sure that I had company! You guys are my brothers! Like it, or not!

Rum Connection. This is the blog that I hope to become! If I had a magic wand, and could wave it around and be whatever I wanted... BKB would be Rum Connection... But with beer! Thanks Mike! I appreciate all that you’ve done for me!

All of you! Every person that has checked in to see what the hell is on my mind or what I’m up to! THANK YOU!

The inspiration and drive to find new topics, to keep things fresh and to bring you features and commentary that you may not be finding other places on the web, comes from you!

I can’t say it enough! Thanks to the readers here at BKB! You Guys ROCK!

So, all of that said, I’m giving you a sneak preview of what is on tap (Yes, that was a pun!) here at BKB!

We have Kriek Beer!

Samuel Adams American Kriek, Lindeman’s Kriek... Even though it’s a Frambroise in the picture.... (Beer moment) and Echt Kriekenbier!

There is a special guest in this lineup... that didn’t make the picture!

 New Belgium Trans Atlantic Kriek!

Here is the kicker. The Lindeman’s and the New Belgium... Have been chilling in my cellar for 4 and 2 years respectively!

We are going to crack them open, side by side. We are going to taste them, and we are going to share them all with you! Cause that’s how we roll at BKB!

I think we should share one each Tuesday for the next four weeks? Anyone see a problem with that?


Okay then! It’s on!

See ya on Thursday... And seriously.... Thank You!


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Team Cocktail said...

Congrats on your 100th blog man! Will drink a Rum of the North in your honor today! We're so happy to call you our friend. Keep up the great work! TC

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The adventure never stops
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