Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cayman Reef

Well isn’t this a pickle!

I am so far from qualified to “Review” a rum that it is not even funny. So, I guess, just like beer... I’m just going to have to crack open this bottle and “Share” instead of “Review!”

Today we have a bottle of Cayman Reef Rum from Barbados. The bottle seems to be pretty self explanatory! 80 Proof, aged for 5 years, made in Barbados, imported by a company in Minnesota.... And It’s PRETTY! What else could you want in a bottle of Rum?

The nose of this rum is pretty generically... Rum. It’s noting special, nothing distinct, yet still warm and inviting.

I always like to try new spirits in a specific order. I start with them neat. That is to say strait out of the bottle. Then I’ll add an ice cube or two, then I add about 50% water. This gives me a nice overview of the spirit without really breaking my senses by overloading with anything that’s really going to change them.

The neat sip is a bit spicy, mostly because of the alcohol burn. The ice cubes didn’t do much for that, but did revile a bit of the sugary roots from which this beautiful liquid came. The water really opened up a chocolate covered cherry character that I wasn’t expecting. There is a woody note that I believe comes from aging in either fresh oak barrels (Unlikely) or whiskey barrels of some type. Certainly not wine barrels.

The oak comes through more as woody than vanilla, which isn’t bad, it’s just a bit strange for me at the moment.

The finish as it rolls down the back of your throat is a strange combination of Cinnamon and leather. This stuff drinks like Whiskey made from Sugar.... Oh.... Wait...

Some things about Rum are just intangible. Take for example the fact that I can buy a bottle of this rum and a 12 pack of Red Stripe for under $40 makes it taste a whole lot better than my tasting notes show.

I’m not going to say that this is in the top 10 rums in my collection, I’m not even going to say it’s my favorite Five-Year-Old Rum from Barbados, but I’m certainly not pouring it out either. It has a few different things going on that I find confusing to my palate when drinking with ice. It will likely serve well relegated to Rum-N-Coke duty or in something frozen, but it is definitely worth the experience and a step up from the plastic bottle, bottom shelf rot-gut that we loved so much in high school and college.

Guess not every bottle is going to be my new favorite!


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