Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do The Voodoo

Hey everyone! Hope your week is kicking ass!

Today I’ve got a serious challenge to my palate and I’m going to attempt to share with you!

We are tackling the big pink bottle of Rogue VOODOO Doughnut Bacon and Maple Ale.

They are so proud of the “Baker's Dozen” ingredients in this brew that they list all 13 on the back of the bottle... Including three different smoked malts! And just in case you had wondered.... YES! Yes it does actually have bacon!

Pouring a light amber color, I’m thinking that by appearance and ingredients... This is perhaps the worlds most perfect “Breakfast Beer.”

The nose is wonderfully sweet and smokey. The maple flavor is quite evident and as I’ve noted with other beers made with Rogue’s “Packman Yeast” there is a nice fresh bread aroma. No apparent hop aroma, although I know it’s there somewhere.  IF this beer tastes 1% as good as it smells, it's going to be ROCKING!

The first sip is sweet and smokey. The hop bitterness (30 IBU) is really pairing with the smokey character to make for quite a bite!

Due to the fairly strong smoke character of this beer, I’m not sure I’d really call it a “Brown” ale, but rather a smoked ale. It’s really strong smokey.

The maple doesn’t really kick you in the teeth, but it slowly builds on the back of the throat and tongue until it’s actually fairly strong about half way through.

As for a “Doughnut” flavor, I’m not sure I’m picking that up, but I could certainly draw some parallels to a cheap truck stop waffle. There is a caramelized sugar and bread that instantly reminds me of the Waffle House.

I also don’t get any “Bacon” but I suppose that is because I’m so overwhelmed by the smoke.... Which I must say is growing on me as the beer warms and the maple builds on the palate.

The finish of this beer takes me right back to the yellowed flickering fluorescent lights of the doughnut houses and truck stops of my youth. Unless you’ve ever, in a drunken stupor, eaten a plate of waffles and bacon drenched in $1 a 5-gallon bucket maple syrup trying to wash it down with burnt coffee that resembles the oil draining from the Semi-Trucks in the parking lot while smoking a pack of Camel unfiltered cigarettes... The only way you’re going to fully understand the finish of this beer is to try it.

And try it you should. It’s not great beer that I’m going to keep at the front of the top shelf in the beer fridge, but I’m not going to take anything away from this venturously crafted brew either! Sometimes you just have to take an idea and run with it, and I think that more often than not, Rogue does that!

Rogue produces some truly great beers and spirits. I suppose I’d have to call Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple more inspirational than great, but either way, I’m pouring another glass and going to watch some TV!

This beer was a true example of what I say in the videos. Expand your palate, try new things and drink what you like!



Unknown said...

It grew on me as it warmed too, the smoke wasn't as pronounced and the maple came through more. Not sure I'd have it again but I was happy to try it. :)

Unknown said...
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whopTbird said...

OMG it's whopTbird. This thing hates me LOL

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