Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kriek Tuesday #5

Welcome back to Kriek Tuesday!

This week we investigate perhaps my first Kriek, and certainly the most consumed at the Kahuna House.

Lindeman’s Kriek Lambic is pretty easy to find in most large stores and has a noteable market share in the Belgian Beer Market in the United States.

While a lot of my nerdier beer friends will poo-poo Lindeman’s because of their use of synthetic sweeteners, this green bottle has been the source of many hours of fine drinking pleasure for the wife and I.

The Lindeman’s version pours with a bright pink head and ruby red body. The nose is decidedly funky and surprisingly complex for such a commercial version of the style.

The first sip is strangely wine-like yet sweet as candy. The cherry flavor is slightly synthetic and you can certainly tell that there is some sort of sweetener that is adding to the body of the beer.

While the pucker factor is only around 2, the acidity of the Lindeman’s often leads me to heartburn... But I keep drinking and drinking and drinking.

The authentic (Bu my estimation) sour wheat flavor that is hidden behind this cherry bomb is very Gueuze-like and adds a nice complexity that is missing from a lot of the Kriek beers that we’ve tried here.

The carbonation is aggressive enough to keep the sugars from building on the palate, but subdued enough that it isn’t going to come gushing out of your nose.

More like a wine cooler than a beer, the Lindeman’s Kriek is a genuine, brewed in Belgium treat that I dearly love. It’s not the most complex beer you’ll ever try. It’s not the most sophisticated or sought after.

It’s just plain ‘ol good drinking fruit sour beer that will ALWAYS have a place in both my cellar and my beer fridge!

Have you had it? Has it converted anyone for you? Let me know what you thought!


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