Saturday, June 30, 2012

Okay! Here’s the deal:

You choose to travel by air, deal with it!

I know some of you travel, some don't. But I  know some of you travel a LOT! Either way, I've got some words for all of you!

My wife and I tend to disagree on quite literally everything! We are the perfect example of the old phrase “Opposites attract!”  But one time that we DO agree.... even though we totally disagree... Is when it comes to air travel.

We only agree on one part of this issue, but it’s something to hold onto!

Simply put, “If you don’t like it, DRIVE!”

I’m venturing a guess that not a single one of you are so ignorant as to think that you can take knives, guns and gallon jugs of gasoline through the security check point at the airport! That’s because YOU... The readers of this blog... Tend to be quite a bit smarter than the average traveler. Whether you travel or not.

You know that you’ll be frisked and fondled, you know your drinks and finger nail clippers will be confiscated and you know that your flight will NOT leave on time!

You understand that it would be a better idea to load a plane from the back to the front, and you don’t understand why people are allowed to drag a carry-on bags, that quite obviously will NOT fit in the overhead bin, through the checkpoint! Send those jerks back to ticketing and make them check that shit!

So, that part put right out there, why do people have to play the fool when they travel?

I complain... A LOT about TSA. When we travel, my poor wife gets to hear all of my grievances. From the fact that they have a budget that’s $800 million higher than the FBI, to the part where I don’t like them looking at my wiener as I  go through the lookie-loo test! But the fact is, regardless of how much of an ass she claims I make of myself, I don’t abuse the poor employees! (I may possibly be miserable to travel with?)

My flight attendant, irritating as it is that she has to run into my shoulder EVERY DAMN TIME she walks by me, doesn’t take the brunt of my anger.

As the story hits the news that a flight attendant finally let lose on passengers, I just wanted to cheer!  Really people, it’s just a delay.

If you’ve never considered the logistic nightmare that it must be to get hundreds of flights safely through our skies every hour, you should. You should also consider that your pilot is responsible for YOUR LIFE!

IF he decides not to go... for any reason.... you should respect that! So stop freaking out about a weather delay!

It's better to be late than make the evening news!

So, while I have less than no respect for the job that the TSA does, and I HATE everything they stand for... Don’t take your travel frustrations out on your flight attendants!

The poor sap that’s making $12 an hour to fondle your junk at the security checkpoint, or the dude running the baggage carousel... they hate their jobs just like the poor folks flipping burgers at the local greasy spoon, so give them a break!

Be a gracious traveler while traveling! It makes things easier on all of us!
Be an active complainer when you hit the ground! It may help change the system some day!

To quote Forest Gump.... “That’s all I’ve got to say about that!”

Happy Saturday Peeps!


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